TabSite Webinar: Integrating Offline and Online Marketing


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TabSite webinar where we interview Houston Agency, Lewis & Partners, to showcase examples on how to best integrate offline and online marketing. Includes case studies and practical tips for using Facebook Fan Page tabs, web, social media, print, and more.

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TabSite Webinar: Integrating Offline and Online Marketing

  1. 1. Webinar Integrating Offline and Online (Facebook) Marketing With Renee Lewis & Julie Thomas Lewis & Partners - www.LandPMarketing.comTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  2. 2. Webinar Tweet: #TabSite REMINDER: 1 Attendee will be drawn to win a Free for Life TabSite Gold Plan!Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  3. 3. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Webinar Webinar Agenda: • How has Facebook Changed Marketing? • Case 1: Highland Village Center • Case 2: Uptown Park • Key Integrated Marketing Tips • 2012 Anticipated Trends • TabSite’s Newest FeaturesTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  4. 4. Webinar Integrating Offline and Online (Facebook) Marketing With Renee Lewis & Julie Thomas Lewis & Partners - www.LandPMarketing.comTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  5. 5. Integrating Facebook & Offline Marketing December 8, 2011
  6. 6. FacebookFacebook has burst onto the scene in the past 2 years, how has marketing changed because of Facebook?
  7. 7. FactsAs of September 2011, there were800 million+ total active users of Facebook.While Facebook is becoming the biggest relationshipmarketing tool for brands, it seems like that instead ofincreasing traffic to the company website, Facebook isabsorbing it. • Coca Cola – 22 million Facebook fans • Starbucks – 19+ million Facebook fans • Oreo – 8 million Facebook fans Source: Edward Yang / Firecracker PR
  8. 8. MarketingYesterday, the message from B to C was 1-sided. Businesses are no longer limited totheir corporate offices and 3rd partyinformation from customer service and PRteams.Today, Facebook allows a 2-sidedconversation with the customer, creating areal identity for the businesses and a direct,personal connection.
  9. 9. Retail Case Study - SituationHIGHLAND VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER • Distinctive, infill retail venue with national retailers and restaurants • Holiday shopping message • Target market: affluent local and international
  10. 10. Reference Links for this Case:
  11. 11. Online • Virtual personal shopper “Chloe” • Insider tips • Blog • Email newsletters • Giveaways • Event
  12. 12. CustomFacebook
  13. 13. Highland Village, Blog, Chloe/ eNewsletter Sign
  14. 14. Banner
  15. 15. Offline - Print
  16. 16. Offline – Direct
  17. 17. Offline – Events Highland Village Farmers Market Ferrari Festival 1 Year Anniversary Event 3000+ attendees 500+
  18. 18. Results for Highland VillageWithin 30 days… Facebook: • Increased “likes” from 300 to 8,000 Twitter • Gained 4,650 followers Newsletter • Gained 600+ new opt in emails
  19. 19. Testimonials from Retailers Our Mary Frances trunk show was a big hitI just wanted to let you know that we and… we ended up selling 12 Mary Franceshad a great Holiday Card this year. We handbags on Thursday and had a greatwere up 16% in sales and 14% in traffic increase over last year and I really believe thefor the 11 day promotion. Thank you for great business carried over because we had a really fantastic day on Friday as well! Just toall of your work in getting the word out let you know, we are still getting lots of newabout this great event. customers coming in from the PaperCity Brian, Store Manager-Cole Haan insert! Yea Highland Village and yea Lewis & Partners! Have a great Thanksgiving! TJ, Store Manager-Marmi
  20. 20. Retail Case Study 2 UPTOWN PARK SHOPPING CENTER • Luxury, outdoor shopping center located at one of the nation’s busiest intersections • Needed help re-branding as the “place” to shop and be seen on the ground and online. • No central destination within center • Limited national
  21. 21. Reference Links:
  22. 22. Online Fully integrated online marketing program • Website • Database building program/ email newsletters • Monthly prizes/giveaways • Blog • External communication strategy • Environmental signage program • Strategic media planning • Print ad campaign series • Lifestyle photography • Collateral •
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Offline• Environmental signage program• Strategic media planning• Print ad campaign series• Lifestyle photography• Collateral• Events
  26. 26. Lifestyle photography / Environmental signage
  27. 27. Print ad campaign
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Results at Uptown ParkSince inception… Website • Unique visits increased from 1,200/mo. to over 6,000/mo. Facebook • Increased “likes” from 0 to 13,111 Twitter • Gained 8,502 followers Newsletter • Gained 2,000 new opt in emails
  30. 30. Important Considerations:• Consistency• Directing people online• Capturing Opt-in
  31. 31. Tips for retail locations:1. Use Facebook to drive traffic to website & blog2. Link to other online properties such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn3. Create a Facebook competition which requires finding information on your website or blog Source: Edward Yang / Firecracker PR
  32. 32. Tips to drive traffic to my website4. Tell your Facebook Fans and in store about a special offer they can download from the website5. Integrate e-mail marketing with social media to increase your brands own customer database and reach.6. Offer specials on Facebook that take users to your own eCommerce store Source: Edward Yang / Firecracker PR
  33. 33. Components of a integrated marketing plan: 1.A strong online presence 2.Register your store contact info as many places online as possible 3.Website 4.Blog 5.Events 6.PR 7.Media evaluation 8.Offline
  34. 34. 2012 Anticipated Trends:1. GROWTH: Mobile + local = personal marketing2. Sales Funnel Acceleration3. Multi-channel marketing continues to grow4. SaaS Customization – One tool, multiple uses5. Hands-Free Marketing Intelligence Source:
  35. 35. Final Lewis & Partner Tips For Fan Page Admins:• Be authentic• Be consistent• Make the investment• Make a commitment• Have fun with it!
  36. 36. QUESTION & ANSWER TIMEVisit us on © Copyright Lewis & Partners LLC
  37. 37. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Latest New TabSite Features Unlisted Sub-Pages Editable Form WidgetTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  38. 38. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Latest Features – Unlisted Sub-PagesTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  39. 39. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Latest Features Editable Form WidgetTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  40. 40. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Editable Form WidgetTwitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  41. 41. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Video Replay Available in 6-8 hours Slides see link on our fan page!Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite
  42. 42. Webinar: July 27, 2011 TabSite Gold Winner to be Announced Friday! Watch our fan page! Hashtag: #TabSite
  43. 43. Webinar: July 27, 2011 Thanks for Attending! Still have questions? Post at: Hashtag: #TabSite