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Facebook is all about Likes, Shares, and Comments. This is all ENGAGEMENT. The more engagement, the more people learn about your fan page, have option to visit your fan page and the more the post from your page are in their news feed. Learn how a sweepstakes can be run as a way to increase reach and engagement.

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  • “Boost Your Facebook Marketing” with social apps from www.TabSite.comApps for contests, deals, drawings, and more.
  • People engage with promotions by Liking, Sharing, and commenting. This is engagement. It offers your page a connecting point with your community.
  • Pros of using a sweepstakes:Low barrier to entry (simple form completion)Can work for a wide variety of industriesSweepstakes can gather key user information, such as email or location, important for future marketingCons:Because little is required for entry, there may be more entries that are outside of the target customer profileUsers can potentially enter more than once by using different email addressesThere is often limited additional engagement tied to the promotion once a visitor has entered
  • Sweepstakes PLUS overview:Viral & tracking Fan enters, gets 1 additional entry for sharing, & 1 if the friend clicks the link and comes back. No limits! All sharing is tracked. Winner Generator tool.
  • Pros of using a contest:More opportunity for engagement—Entrants are one segment of those participating, while those coming to view entries and vote are another participating group. Together, this can add more overall reach, exposure and interaction to the Page.Entrants are motivated to share with friends—Entrants want votes, so they extend the reach of the contest to their network of friends asking for their vote. This social sharing by entrants to their friends increases the overall reach of the contest. In addition, this friend-to-friend introduction of a Page by an entrant can be a positive referral mechanism. It can add trust and credibility to the Page and its products and services via the friend’s invitation to vote.
  • Pros of using a multi-network social promo:Extend the brand to more social locations—This type of promotion can work well for a company whose audience is active on more than one social network or for a company seeking to continue gaining Facebook traction along with expanding and enlarging visibility on Pinterest, for example.Image-driven—Images are powerful in social media and a multi-network social promo using images can capture the attention of viewers and invite engagement such as sharing and comments, all of which can serve to boost visibility and drive referral traffic.Suitable for a wide variety of businesses—A multi-network social promotion can work for apparel firms to credit unions, venues to radio stations and more.
  • Majority of user time is spent in the news feed!
  • During a promotion or contest you must find creative ways to post 1-2 times a day about the promotion. Do NOT use the same post each time.
  • Announce the winner on your tab or the blog and direct users to this via a news feed post.
  • No magic pill for when to post. It depends on when your audience is mostly likely to be on Facebook and most likely to engage.
  • No magic pill for when to post. It depends on when your audience is mostly likely to be on Facebook and most likely to engage.
  • How to Run a Successful Sweepstakes on Facebook - A TabSite ebook

    1. 1. How to Run a SuccessfulSweepstakes on Facebook
    2. 2. Webinar: July 27, www.TabSite.comWebinarByMike GingerichTabSite Co-founderHow to Run a Successful Sweepstakes on FacebookA quick guide to setup, details : Sweepstakes PLUS appThanks for downloading and viewing this simple quick guide ebook.This quick guide was compiled from a webinar by TabSite. View thefull Webinar by the same title at:
    3. 3. Table of Contents:Introduction……………………………………………………….2Why a Contest on Facebook..................................44 Primary Types of Facebook Promotion Apps…….7Sweepstakes PLUS app……………………………………….8Best Practices / Mobile Users …………………………..13Tools & Tips for Posting on Facebook…………………22Sneak Peek of Website ReSizer App....................24Webinar: July 27,
    4. 4. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarWhy run a contest or promotionon Facebook?• ANSWER:EngagementINCREASES!
    5. 5. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarWhy Promotions?• Promotions lend themselves to Like’s,Comments, and Shares. ENGAGEMENT+• Promotions are social. Promotions are
    6. 6. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarWhy Promotionsfor Facebook Pages?• 79% of Facebook fans are more likely topurchase from a brand they have Liked• Promotions and Game tools draw people into a page. It’s a reason to
    7. 7. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarThe 4 PrimaryTypesofFacebook Promotions1. Sweepstakes2. DealsandOffers3. Contests4. Multi-Social NetworkRead about each
    8. 8. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarSweepstakes•Chance-Based•Random winner•Simple Entry Process•Great Lead Capture• Can work for
    9. 9. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarSweepstakesPLUSoverview:• Increase viral sharing byfansbyincentivizingthemtoshare• Nolimitsonhowmanytotal timesa fancanshare!• All sharingistrackedinTabSite Manager, andWinner Generator tool
    10. 10. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarSweepstakes
    11. 11. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarTabSite Engagement
    12. 12. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarHow to Select•What is your Goal?•Capture Email address info?- Use Deals, Sweepstakes•Get fan image content with your product?- Use Photo Contest•Build following on other social network?- Use Pin Deal or Instagram Contestthe Right
    13. 13. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarBest
    14. 14. Webinar: July 27, 2011Twitter Hashtag: #TabSite www.TabSite.comWebinarWebinarWhere do Facebook users spend time?Majority of usertime is spent in the…..SO POSTING Is VITAL.This is how you “get seen”
    15. 15. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarBest Practice Pinthe
    16. 16. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarUse Smart URL that is Mobile FriendlyFacebook does not give mobile users native access to tab apps. However, if usingthe TabSite Smart URL this situation is overcome and any user on any device canaccess the tab. View details:
    17. 17. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarSmart URL that is Mobile FriendlyPromotional Tools
    18. 18. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarSchedule Posts for Prime TimesUse Facebook’s Page Scheduler orTools within
    19. 19. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarSchedule Posts for Prime TimesPromotional Tools areaUse Facebook’s Page Scheduler orTools within TabSiteBuffer, Sendible, HootSuite,
    20. 20. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarBEST PRACTICE OUTLINE:1. Announce Upcoming Promotionvia Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+, Email2. Then announce the launch of Promo3. Repeat Launch
    21. 21. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarBEST PRACTICES cont.4. Daily Reminder Posts5. Update Status of Promotion Post6. Nearing End Reminder Posts7. Announce Winners
    22. 22. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarWhentoPost isCritical toSuccessLinks posted from 1pm to 4pmresult in the highest clicksPeak time of the week is…..Wednesday at 3pmSource Bitly, May
    23. 23. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarWhentoPost isCritical toSuccessHowever. This can vary by industry andpage.It depends on when your audience is (1)On Facebook, and (2) Most likely toengage.Plus, the type of post (image, text, call toaction, can impact engagement.)
    24. 24. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarHave youseenthe Website Resizer App? www.TabSite.comAddANYwebpage or website toyour FacebookpageThismakesE-commerce onFacebookavailable toallRestaurantsandHotelscanaddtheir
    25. 25. Webinar: July 27, 2011WebinarWebinarWebsite Resizer AppAnywebpageE-commerce onFacebook!LandingPagesfromyour websiteReservationpages.
    26. 26. Webinar: July 27, www.TabSite.comTabSite offers contest, deal, and promotionapps for Facebook Pages.Plus, with the Website ReSizer App, any webpage can be added to a Facebook page.14 Day Free Trial on any Plan. Try today!