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US and NC Geog Notes US and NC Geog Notes Presentation Transcript

  • North Carolinaand the United States Geography
  • Vocabulary Region: A specific area where the lay of the land and the habits of the people are much the same. Climate: A characteristic of a region used to describe its long- term atmospheric conditions. Tidewater Region: A North Carolina region that has sandy soil, barrier islands, sounds, and its main economy is dependent on tourism and fishing. Coastal Plain Region: A North Carolina region that has flat fertile soil, sandhills, and its main economy dependent on military bases, golfing, and agriculture. Piedmont Region: A North Carolina region that has clay soil, pine tree forests, hilly land, the fall line, and its main economy dependent on technology, banking, and education.
  • Vocabulary Mountain Region: A North Carolina region that has rocky soil, the Appalachian Mountain Range, Blue Ridge Mountains, Smoky Mountains and its main economy dependent on tourism and the Christmas tree industry. Gulf Stream: The ocean current that runs northward along the North Carolina coast; it carries warm water from the Gulf of Mexico across the Atlantic Ocean. Sandhills: Rolling sand ridges where little grows. Sound: An inland body of mixed water.
  • Climate Zones of USA
  • Regions of the USA Midwest West Southwest Northeast Southeast
  • 4 Regions of North Carolina
  • Tidewater Region
  • Tidewater Region Borders Atlantic Ocean Barrier Islands-Long chain of islands off the coast of NC include the most famous, Outer Banks. The barrier islands are ever shifting and vary in size due to tides and wind patterns.
  •  Among the barrier islands are some famous Capes in North Carolina Cape-a pointed piece of landthat sticks out into a sea, ocean lake, or river.North Carolina Capes:Cape Fear and Cape Hatteras
  •  A sound is a wide inlet of the  Climate of the Tidewater sea or ocean that is parallel Region: to the coastline; it often separates a coastline from a  Mild Winters and Moderate nearby island and is usually Summers make the climate a mixture of salt and fresh of this area welcoming to water visitors. Major Sounds in North Carolina: Currituck Sound, Albemarle Sound, Pamlico Sound, Core Sound and Bogue Sound. The largest and deepest sound is the Pamlico Sound
  • Coastal PlainSandhills Fertile Soil
  • Coastal Plain Region Has some of the best farmland in NC due to rich sandy soil. Sandhills, an area of flat rolling hills part of Coastal Plain. Poorest soil in the state. Pinehurst is a popular part of the Sandhills due to the golf courses, which is important industry in Sandhills.
  • Piedmont Clay Soil
  • Piedmont Region Known for the red clay. Portion of NC that we live in Fall Line separates the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain Distinct landform in Piedmont is the monadnocks. Monadnocks- a point of land that stands out because all the land around it has been eroded around it. Pilot Mountain is the most famous of these
  • Mountains
  • Mountains Mountain Region is the region furthest west in NC. Blue Ridge Mountains form the eastern boundary of the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachian Mountains contain Mt.Mitchell, which is the tallest Mountain east of the Rocky Mountains. Great Smoky Mountains another famous mountain range in NC
  • North CarolinaNeuse River Atlantic Ocean New Bern GreensboroCape Fear River Pamlico Sound WilmingtonTar River Albemarle Sound Raleigh
  • North CarolinaAppalachian MountainsCharlotteAshville
  • North CarolinaTennessee VirginiaSouth Carolina Georgia
  • The United StatesAtlantic Ocean Gulf of Mexico MexicoPacific Ocean Great Lakes Canada
  • The United StatesHouston New York Boston San Francisco Colorado RiverChicago Miami New Orleans Raleigh Rio Grande River
  • Other Major US RiversOhio RiverMissouri RiverMississippi River