Early european exploration

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Early European Exploration Notes from Class. Used July 25-29th.

Early European Exploration Notes from Class. Used July 25-29th.

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  • 1. Early European Exploration
  • 2. Causes and Effects of Exploration
    • Causes
    • Desire for new trade routes
    • Growing power and wealth of European Nations
    • Competion for trade
    • Missionaries desire to convert others to Christianity
    • Effects
    • Knowledge about other regions
    • Europeans and Native Americans clash
    • Enslavement of Africans
    • Rivalry in America grows
  • 3. Portugal
    • Portugal took lead in exploring what they knew as the “world”
    • Wanted to find new trade routes to India and China
    • Wanted to find a more direct route to Western Africa for gold
    • West Africa becomes known as the “Gold Coast”
  • 4.
    • Vasco da Gama-First European to sail around Africa to India
    • Portugal becomes an extremely wealthy nation with their new trade routes
  • 5.  
  • 6. Christopher Columbus
    • Columbus thought you could get to India by sailing west from Europe and it would be shorter.
    • Thought it would take about two months to make it to Asia from Europe by sailing west
    • King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella backed Columbus with the promise he would spread Christianity and make Spain the wealthiest European country.
  • 7.  
  • 8. Columbus Continued
    • Columbus left Spain in August of 1492
    • He arrived in what he thought was India in October
    • Columbus had in fact landed in what we know today as the Bahamas
    • Area is also called West Indies
  • 9.
    • Columbus makes 4 Voyages in total exploring: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica.
    • Sailed along coasts of Central America and the Northern part of South America
  • 10. Line of Demarcation
    • Imaginary Line running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean drawn by Pope Alexander VI
    • Spain controlled all lands west
    • Portugal controlled all lands east
  • 11. Line of Demarcation
  • 12. Magellan
    • Ferdinand Magellan-first European to circumnavigate the world. He was looking for a faster way around South America to Asia
    • Circumnavigate-sail around