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  • -Introduce self/explain problem-Give a brief overview of the topics covered -Show, not tell that this is something that is not only affecting me, but others as well
  • -Took a survey of the students living in south hall -Overall satisfaction was poor or very poor quality -90% of students were very unsatisfied with the wireless internet -100% of students believe that it should be improved (based on survey in south hall) -Wireless internet is important to students – especially in south hall -Many places around the doom have an extremely poor signal or you might not be able to get a signal at all -After you get a connection, you often will be unable to stay connected -Frustrating for students
  • -Gives an overview of why this is a problem to south hall residents -Lists issues that are relevant to students work -EIT Majors aka major users of internet tend to dorm here -Creates a negative experience for students living here -If you want a decent connection you will need ethernetcables -Some people prefer wireless and don’t want to induce extra cost-If you want reliable internet – Comcast, you will be spending more money you didn’t plan to spend -Router/Modem will cost even more money (40-100 dollars for a decent one) -When you lose connection to the internet, you can lose part of the work you have done -Disconnecting from Virtual Machine can result in total loss of your work -If your connection is dropped while you have good workflow, it can interrupt this and you may not be as willing to work at another time
  • -This slide is for the comparison of speed tests to give an example of why this environment is unable to be worked in -The dorm speeds are both unstable and not as fast as other internet -It would take hours to download things on the dorm wireless internet -The wireless internet may have good upload, but without good download speeds you can’t do anything -Wired internet is more reliable but for wireless devices wired is useless -Dorm wireless can’t be accessed in certain areas -Wireless pales in comparison to wired -It was difficult to even perform the speed test on wireless -How can others work if I can’t do a simple speed test?
  • -Further explains why this issue is something that needs to be solved ASAP -Defines WHY this issue is meaningful -Blackboard courses require internet access – without this, students can’t do assignments -South hall includes many of the computer majors, many require access to Virtual Machines to use software -If you don’t have access to the VM’s then you are unable to access programs sometimes required for your work -With the costs of college, it is important to provide students with the necessity of good wireless internet in these days and times -If students want good wireless internet, they will have to spend additional money or go elsewhere to obtain it -Students on a strict budget may be unable to do so -Can negatively impact a students ability to learn and acquire an education -Bad-rep for the college
  • -Slide will propose a couple of solutions and respond to possible counter-arguments -Explains why this solution is the best idea and why it would be more desirable to be implemented -The wireless bandwidth shouldn’t cost the college a large amount of additional money -Upgrading the bandwidth is as simple as pushing a button, with the technology UALR has it should be easy to manage -Installing more routers in south hall will allow rooms between the current routers installed to have a much better connection (such as myself) -The cost of this would be an one time cost and would be a comparatively low cost compared to any other solution -Very easy to install more routers in the halls
  • -This slide helps give background information on how internet has changed over time -Shows that internet is more widely used now than ever before -In 2002, 74% of students surveyed used the internet more than 4 hours a week -% of internet usage for students to do various things online is higher than the general population -Compared to now, this is most likely 90%+ -Elaborates on why it is important to students -Internet is an important part of college life and staying connected to each other -Internet is pretty much a necessity for doing upper level work -82-99% of people own a cell phone – which needs a wireless signal for many functions
  • -In conclusion, the wireless internet in south hall desperately needs to be fixed. It is unsuitable for general student use. -Student satisfaction is low, causes more problems due to being unable to connect-Upgrade the bandwidth or install more routers -Neither of these should be too costly -Plan of action: map out places to place routers/test higher bandwidths to see if it helps problem -Offer assistance if available-Finish off by asking if there are questions/thoughts/concerns -Respond to any further counter-arguments-Thank IT department for their time
  • Proposal

    1. 1. •Problem with wireless internet in south hall •How it affects students •Statistics on college student internet usage •Wi-fi vs. Wired + Speed Tests •Why it’s important for this to be fixed •Workflow •Education •Solution •Side effects of solution •Counter-Arguments •Conclusion
    2. 2. The Problem  Wireless internet in South Hall  Very slow speeds  Low student satisfaction ○ South Hall residents  Wireless internet is a necessity  Dead Zones ○ Signal Strength ○ Low connectivity  Unstable connections
    3. 3. How it affects students  Online work is often inaccessible  Blackboard  EIT Majors often dorm here  Ethernet cables required  Expenses  Comcast Internet  Dropped connections  Interrupts workflow  Frustrates students  Creates feeling of unreliability
    4. 4. Comparison Dorm Wired Dorm Wireless Comcast Wired My home wireless Speedtests courtesy of Ookla
    5. 5. Importance of Solution  College students work  Blackboard  South hall ○ Technology oriented  Costs ○ College students budget ○ Unintended expenses  Education ○ Utmost importance in college
    6. 6. Solutions to problem  Solution 1  Upgrade the wireless bandwidth ○ Cost vs. Usability ○ Easy to upgrade and manage  Solution 2  Install more routers in South Hall ○ Fairly Inexpensive compared to other options ○ Creates a stronger connection to rooms
    7. 7. Graphs Table of device usage in 2011 Graph of usage statistics 2011
    8. 8. Conclusion  Wrap-Up  Re-Identify possible solutions  Propose steps for setting up solutions ○ Assistance?  Questions/Thoughts/Concerns THANK YOU!