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  • 1. The Specialist for Welding Training, Technology and Production Center
  • 2. Milestones DINSEDinse GmbH founded in 1954 by Mr. Wilhelm Dinse in Hamburg and is today one of the leadingcompanies for welding systems in Europe for over 50 years . Dinse systems leads in technologicalinnovation in welding in automotive, aircrafts, agriculture machineries, construction and thetraditional shipbuilding industry.Dinse, the specialist in Welding guns for general & special purpose kept developing new &innovative ways to weld in new ways over a period of 50 years. It is Dinse’s fundamental interest tohave a close co-operationand a continuous exchange with their customers. Only in a close co-operation with our customersthe engineers of The Dinse R&D are in the position to optimize the welding technologies to thecustomers requirements and offer Technological advancements.Besides traditional welding products for manual welding Dinse is developing systems forautomation and robot application since many years. For instance wire feeding systems with PushPush and Push Pull Technology, compact welding torch sets and weldingtorches for best accessibility & helping shortening cycle times, maximising productivity.Basing on standard components Dinse builds a wide variation of solutions for the different weldingapplications such as MIG/MAG-, TIG-, Plasma- or Laser-Welding and BrazingDinse has got customers demanding highest technology coupled with years of experience.For TIG systems Dinse has developed solutions especially for small components with problematicaccessibility & Automation in TIG welding. These systems being used in the industries: automotive,pipe, chemical, food, apparatus engineering as well as construction.The well Engineered solution for welding guns for automation is the key offerings of Dinse.
  • 3. Milestones DINSE 1954 Set up of DINSE company today 170 employees Development and production of welding cable couplings – Original Dinse connector 1971 Manual MIG welding torch 1979 Robot and automatic MIG welding torches 1989 Wire feeders for manual welding 1998 Cold wire feeding systems for laser welding and brazing 2000 Flat wire feeding systems 2001 Robot TIG welding systems including wire feeding solutions 2002 Micro processor controlled wire feeding systems 2006 REVO MIG - unique liquid cooled torch for endless rotation for hollow wrist robots
  • 4. DINSE G.m.b.H. 3D - CAD3 D CAD construction Welding laboratory Tool and mould making Quality control
  • 5. OEM‘s and Robot Manufactureres
  • 6. Key Accounts Heavy Industry
  • 7. Key Accounts Car Manufacturers
  • 8. Key Accounts Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive
  • 9. Key Accounts Shipyards Norway: • Aker Portugal: • ENVC Italy: • Fincantieri • Saipem – Magneti (Offshore)
  • 10. Key Accounts Shipyards Germany: • Blohm & Voss • HDW Howaldtswerke AG • Meyer • Flensburger Schiffsbau GmbH • Lürssen / Bremen • Aker MTW / Wismar • Hamburger Schiffbau • Kvaerner Warnow • Marine Test Center / Eckernförde
  • 11. MIG/MAG manual welding, gasand liquid cooled • gas nozzles with trapezodial thread • reduced number of consumablesDIX MG 1 - 230DIX MS 1 - 230Load under CO2 250A / 60% EDLoad under mixedgas 200A / 60% EDwire diameter 0,8 - 1,0 mm DIX MG 1 - 230 DIX MG 21- -330 DIX MS 230DIX MG 2 - 330DIX MS 2 - 330Load under CO2 300A / 60% EDLoad under mixedgas 270A / 60% EDwire diameter 0,9 - 1,2 mm DIX MG 1 - 230 MS 2 330 DIX MS 2 - 330
  • 12. MIG/MAG manual welding, gas and liquid cooled • gas nozzles with trapezodial thread • reduced number of consumablesDIX MGZ 2 - 330DIX MSZ 2 - 330Load under CO2 400A / 60% EDLoad under mixedgas 320A / 60% ED DIX MGZ 2 - 330 DIX MSZ 2 - 330wire diameter 0,9 - 1,2 mmDIX MSZ 2 - 304Load under CO2 500A / 60% EDLoad under mixedgas 450A / 60% EDwire diameter 1,0 - 1,6 mm DIX MSZ 2 - 304 DIX MSZ 2 - 304
  • 13. MIG/MAG manual welding, gasand liquid cooled Dinse welding torch sets BLACK line Gas nozzles with trapeziodal threadDIX MGZ 300DIX MSZ 300Load CO2 350 A / 60% EDLoad mixed gas 300 A / 60% EDWire diameter 0,8 - 1,2 mm• slim design for optimal access• separate gas hose avoids gas losses
  • 14. Concept robot and automatic weldingThree welding technologies, oneconceptDINSE MIG/MAG-welding systemDINSE LASER-welding systemDINSE TIG-welding system
  • 15. MIG/MAG robot and automatic welding torch sets Torch sets and torch heads with: with: MEK 300/600 MEP 200
  • 16. MIG/MAG robot and automatic welding torch sets Torch sets and torch heads Tailor made for special customer solutions
  • 17. Revo.torch MIG / MAG Available for almost all robots with integrated medium transmission
  • 18. Robot and automatic welding systems • High economic efficiency • easy handling • High material inputMIG - welding of aluminium alloys
  • 19. TIG welding systemsApplications• Automotive Ind. • Tank construction• Pipe manufacture • Food industry• Machine building • ... e.t.c. Exhaust systems in the automotive industry - liquid cooling up to the front Components for the automotive industry with limited access
  • 20. Laser - beam welding withfiller wire Dinse cold wire system in the Automobile industrie
  • 21. Laser - beam welding withfiller wire Laser Welding at Airbus in industrial production process with Dinse cold wire feed system Skin - Stringer - Connections First laser welded outer skin in section 17 of the A318 • 2 diffusion cooled CO2-Laser (2 x 3,5 kW) 8 laser welded • portal constr. unit: working area 6x3x0,9m outer skin parts in section • Welding support with vacuum clamping 13 and 18 of the A380 technic
  • 22. Milestones DINSE Looking forward for your Welding Guns and torches challenges. Thank You