For the Love of Bacon - America's Cult Meme


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The Origins, Science and Fascination with bacon.

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  • Press Button, Receive Bacon. That was amazing. How about the cult of kevin bacon, and his pig nose?
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  • What if I told you that Bacon is mentioned on twitter more than ashton kutcher and Oprah? Similar to the Memes of Numa Numa and Rick Rolled meme, bacon has taken on a life of it’s own. Today I plan to talk about the 1) origin of bacon, the 2) science of bacon and our growing obsession with the 8 th wonder of the world.
  • In the beginning, God realized that men could not live on fruits and berries alone. In the biblical story called the Bacon Takedown it chronicles how man came to adore the beloved pig. Look how happy the pig is here.
  • Little did the pig know that eventually man would learn to hunt and eventually domesticate animals. Here we see prehistoric bacon. Notice he’s still smiling, but not for long. Man learns to make stone into a point and hunt him down. Source: Chris Walters @MrCCPlus
  • Where did our love of bacon come from. Some historians believe it was from Jesus. Here you see him holding out the blessed bacon and feeding to the children as a reward for their good deeds. People often say to me, but Mike wasn’t he Jewish. And I say yes and that’s the miracle of all of this. As we know God Forgives.
  • Even here, this child has never had bacon, but knows it tastes good. Question is our love of bacon born with us. Is it Nature vs. Nuture. Was he born with the love of bacon or was he nurtured by his mom who constantly ate bacon while in the womb. Notice this isn’t a baby kissing a turkey. Turkey bacon is the red-headed stepchild of the breakfast meets.
  • There is evidence to suggest the allure of bacon is caused by a chemical reaction. People are attracted to bacon because of a  reaction with amino acids and reducing sugars   while the bacon is cooking. “ Meat is made of mostly protein and water. Inside the protein, it’s made up of building blocks we call amino acids. But also, you need some fat. Anyone who’s been on a diet knows if you take all the fat from the meat, it just doesn’t taste the same. We need some of the fat to give it the flavour.” it’s called it a Maillard reaction when the reducing sugar reacts with the amino acids at a high heat.
  • The industrial revolution brought bacon to the masses. Here you see a Bacon Slicing Exhibit in full operation at the World’s fair. I can hear children now screaming. “Daddy Daddy, please take me back to the Bacon Factory”
  • Much like cigarettes were glamorized so was bacon. Frank Sinatra ate bacon when he was young so it must be cool. Afterall, he was leader of the RAT Pack
  • How do you take your Passion to the next level? Show your love with a permanent reminder.
  • It has become so popular that you can now find bacon in any men’s restroom. Press Button, Receive Bacon and Enjoy Bacon Yes this is a shirt on zazzle and café press
  • Here we see fanatics taking it to the next level. Like most folks we dress as hero’s on Halloween. Why Not Bacon. It does have super powers. What I like is that she has appropriately paired this with a nice cabernet probably a little sweet too.
  • Bacon Explosion Born right before Christmas 2008. Here we have two pounds of bacon woven through and around two pounds of sausage and slathered in barbecue sauce. Then Grilled. 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat This recipe has united a nation regardless of color, creed or political background, everyone can agree, that this needs your attention. Albeit not the vegetarians and health conscious.
  • Image courtesy of Bacon Candy sometimes called “Pig Candy” . Where you coat each uncooked slice of bacon with heavenly dark brown sugar and throw in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes. Check out the full video at
  • With everything in life it’s about moderation such as this Diet Coke with Bacon. This is similar to eating a snickers and a diet coke. They balance each other out. Coca Cola LA was testing some new flavors and this actually has it’s own MySpace Page
  • Just like chocolate, syrup, honey and other delicious gifts from god, many correlate the excitement of bacon with sex.
  • When exposed to different fragrances, 23 percent of men preferred the smell of bacon. 82 percent of male respondents who said they loved bacon also claimed they were good lovers.
  • What’s the Message? Eat More Bacon and save the economy.
  • For the Love of Bacon - America's Cult Meme

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