Ipad in the Classroom 1


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Information you need tbefore you use iPads in your classroom.

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Ipad in the Classroom 1

  1. 1. Todays Workshop Welcome! 4 Sections1. Considerations2. iPad Exploration3. Planning4. Drill & Practice vs Project Based
  2. 2. iPads in the Classroom Lets Get Personal
  3. 3. Outline• 1. How many?• 2. Instructional Delivery (i.e. groups, stations, individual)• 3. How to order stuff?• 4. Will I instruct to entire class, groups, individuals• 5. How will I project? Get correct cable• 6. Setup of ipads• Wireless• email• iTunes account• apps install• 7. How will I get student work• email• dropbox• 8. Classroom management• turning on/off• use rules• cleaning• putting back in docking station
  4. 4. iPad vs. the Rest• iPad• Andriod• Microsoft• Readers
  5. 5. iPad is not a...• replacement for the computer• replacement for the laptop• textbook• gaming console
  6. 6. iPad is...• All the above and more...............• reader, writer, researcher, musical, artist, engineer, note taker, calender, clock, movie maker, audio recorder, gamer, etc, etc, etc.• If you have a need "Theres an App for that"!
  7. 7. Why?• I will access up-to-date information - you have a textbook that is 5 years old.• I will immediately know when I misspell a word – you have to wait until it’s graded.• I will learn how to care for technology by using it – you will read about it.• I will see math problems in 3D – you will do the odd problems.• I will create artwork and poetry and share it with the world – you will share yours with the class.• I will have 24/7 access – you have the entire class period.• I will access the most dynamic information – yours will be printed and photocopied.• I will communicate with leaders and experts using email – you will wait for Friday’s speaker.• I will select my learning style – you will use the teacher’s favorite learning style.• I will collaborate with my peers from around the world – you will collaborate with peers in your classroom.• I will take my learning as far as I want – you must wait for the rest of the class.• Abilene, Kansas High School Dialogue Buzz
  8. 8. Be Relevent!• Go to their world• Use their language• Its their culture• Individualize their learning• Allow them to own their education• Become life long learners• Create good habits
  9. 9. I Want Them....... Now What?• How many can I use?• 1 can be used as an individual or small group work station. Students rotate in to use it.• 2 -10 can be used in the same way. Seperate activities can take place.• 11 or more depending on class size can be used in pairs or individually. This allows for the most diverse use of the ipad.• 1 to 1 iPads can allow the student to be the most independent user. The activties could allow the students to research and choose the tool/s that would allow them to complete the learning objectives in a way that suits them best.
  10. 10. Instructional Delivery• The number of iPads available will greatly determine your instruction delivery.• Totally teacher guided. (used most with low numbers or first time users)• Small group activities can be used with small numbers and specific activities.• 1 to 1 use can be used for projects that require highly individual outcomes.• I believe the goal would be to achieve a 1 to 1 environment.
  11. 11. Nuts and BoltsHow to obtain iPads1. District Tech Department2. Lab - sign out?3. BOCES sign out?4. Purchase5. Shared classrooms6. Other
  12. 12. Nuts and BoltsWhat else is included?1.Cords and cables2.Case or covers3.Projection device with cable4.Charging5.Cleaning materials6.Microscope
  13. 13. Care and Use• Will they hold a charge for a whole day?• How and when will I charge them?• How will I hand them out to class?• Will students be assigned a specific iPad?• Who will clean them?• Will students keep them to take home?• Who will check them?
  14. 14. Setting Up the iPadI believe in an open environment (network). Of course this is greatly determined by age, but we should teach them smart responsible learning habits as quickly as possible. If given reason enough not to risk losing the technology, proper behavior will prevail.If you have a choice I believe the iPad should be open enough for students to be able to install and delete apps. They should be able to enter their email address as well. This will allow them to discover apps that are best suited to their needs.With that said......................
  15. 15. Setup Considerations• How to assign to students (keep records)• Checking history, apps used, etc.• Wireless (capacity)• How to connect• iTunes account• App installation allowed• Email setup allowed• Printing available (wireless printer)
  16. 16. Rules of UseMust have.......• Turn on/off - (battery life)• Respect for physical limitations• Respect for learning capabilities (digital citizenry)• Keeping clean (healthy environment)
  17. 17. Student OutcomesHow will I get student work?• Email• Dropbox (Dropittome)• Google Drive• Print (wireless printer)• Evernote (free app)• Edmodo (free app)• School WebDav Server
  18. 18. Built in Uses (without adding Apps)• Internet access• Note taking• Record/Edit audio and video• Taking pictures• Listening to music• Reading• Maps• Watching video• Calendar• Clock
  19. 19. Theres an App for That!• Apps are applications for the iPad.• Many are free!• They are easily installed and removed.• They can be found through simple web searches and the iTunes Store.• An iTunes account is needed (with or without credit card) CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!!• http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2534
  20. 20. iPad Related Resources• http://teachr2teachr.wikispaces.com• http://www.pearltrees.com/mdionne• http://www.diigo.com/list/mdionne/i_pad-in- the-classroom• iTunes Store• Any search engine
  21. 21. Teachr2Teachr Michael Dionne• Teacher2Teachr.wikispaces.com• iPads in the Classroom• (PLN) Personal Learning Network• Cell Phones in the Classroom