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A Grand Tradition
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A Grand Tradition



Published in Design , Lifestyle
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  • 1. A Grand Tradition The Campout Beard
  • 2. The Basics
    • It is the one time a year that you get to look however you want and no one can say anything about it without hating fun.
    • It’s like Halloween for men. But it happens twice a year.
  • 3. What Can You Do?
    • Well, basically anything. It’s your beard.
    A sweet beard helps you get food quicker, because the grillmasters are bound to be impressed by your bold style and strong machismo. Unfortunately, Moody is missing a ball, so he can’t grow a beard. It’s science.
  • 4. Beard Facts
    • Like PF Fliers, beards are guaranteed to make you run faster and jump higher. The mutton chops are like silky wings.
  • 5. Beard Facts
    • A sweet beard gives inhuman accuracy and precision during beer pong.
    Cold and frightened Pleasantly warm, ready to kick ass
    • It can get cold at campout; your cheeks will appreciate the extra warmth.
  • 6. Beard Facts
    • A Civil War era beard will grant you unparalleled open-fire cooking skills.
    • Also, you’ll just look positively fantastic.
  • 7. Beard Facts
    • Beards can be enhanced by use of a sweet hat.
    • The lack of a beard can be masked by the same.
  • 8. Beard Facts
    • There is no chin behind Chuck Norris' beard. There is only another fist.
  • 9. Mustachios are the new Black
    • They’re not just for gentlemen.
    • For the discerning lady, who still knows how to party, facial hair is way in.
    • Sharpies are as good as the real deal.
  • 10. Should I Grow a sweet Campout Beard?
    • Yes. Yes you should.
  • 11. Everybody’s Doing It
    • Don’t hesitate
    • Don’t think
    • Don’t shave
    • Bask in the glory
  • 12. Campout Beards Sweet.