How ECM Has Improved in SharePoint 2013 and What’s Still Missing


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Enterprise content management is constantly evolving and SharePoint 2013 has a few new tricks up its sleeve to satisfy the appetites of end users and IT professionals alike. In this session you’ll see these new features in action and how you can take advantage of them in your own environment. I’ll showcase the new drag and drop capabilities, Exchange site mailboxes, the new eDiscovery Center and a few other cool things. Finally, I’ll take a step back and review some of the missing ECM features that still haven’t made it into SharePoint, and how you might be able to work around these shortcomings.

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How ECM Has Improved in SharePoint 2013 and What’s Still Missing

  1. 1. How ECM Has Improved in SharePoint2013 and What’s Still MissingMike Ferrara
  2. 2. www.sharepointsummit.orgAbout Mike• 13+ years of experience with content management and system integration• Drinking the SharePoint Kool-Aid since 2006• Specializes in legal document and content management• Located in Miami, FL• #SharePint enthusiast• @mikecferrara2
  3. 3. www.sharepointsummit.orgAgenda3SharePoint 2013 ECM StrategyNew ECM Features in SharePoint 2013What’s Still Missing?DemoQ&A
  4. 4. www.sharepointsummit.orgSharePoint 2013ECM Strategy
  5. 5. www.sharepointsummit.orgShare More, Do More• 2010 – ECM for the Masses• UX for Browser, PC and Phone• Combine classic ECM with social & collab.• Search based applications• 2013 – Convergence & Usability• Usability now focused on the individual, team andorganization• Cloud plays a key role5
  6. 6. www.sharepointsummit.orgBorrowed Stolen Microsoft Marketing Material6
  7. 7. www.sharepointsummit.orgNew ECM Features in 2013• Bulk Metadata Update• Content Drag & Drop• Exchange Site Mailboxes• Improved Video Handling• Search Enhancements• CMIS Update• New E-Discovery Framework7
  8. 8. www.sharepointsummit.orgBulk Metadata Update8Bulk edit MMSfields inline!Advanced bulkedit options
  9. 9. www.sharepointsummit.orgExchange Site Mailboxes9
  10. 10. www.sharepointsummit.orgImproved Video Handling• New Video content type• Video player page• HTML5 media player – works on most mobile browsers• Tagging, ratings, likes and views10
  11. 11. www.sharepointsummit.orgImproved Video Handling (cont.)• Add thumbnail from video itself or upload your own• Support for renditions• Embed video with advanced options11
  12. 12. www.sharepointsummit.orgSearch Enhancements12Play videos inline
  13. 13. www.sharepointsummit.orgSearch Enhancements cont.13Interactive refinersSearch Scopes
  14. 14. www.sharepointsummit.orgSearch Enhancements cont.14Inline document preview
  15. 15. www.sharepointsummit.orgCMIS Update• CMIS 1.0 now a feature that is natively available in SharePoint 2013• Much easier to deploy – just activate it!15Real world exampleInteract with SharePointcontent from Adobe BridgeNo CodeSolution
  16. 16. www.sharepointsummit.orgE-Discovery
  17. 17. www.sharepointsummit.orgeDiscovery 101• eDiscovery = electronic discovery = mass confusion• Defined: Discovery is the term used for the initial phase of litigationwhere the parties in a dispute are required to provide each other relevantinformation and records, along with all other evidence related to thecase.• 2006 – New US federal rules codifying the requirement to provideelectronic information and records or ESI.• Increasing attention from Canadian firms as courts impose sanctions fornon-compliance• Due to these changes – highly developed vendor landscape offeringmany different solutions• Many grey areas, but courts serious about eDiscovery plans• Why should you care?17
  18. 18. Because lawyers and lawsuits are scary!18
  19. 19. You could lose your job!19eDiscovery??
  20. 20. www.sharepointsummit.orgeDiscovery Reference Model20
  21. 21. www.sharepointsummit.orgeDiscovery Case Site
  22. 22. All the above available inOffice 365!(Enterprise E3)
  23. 23. www.sharepointsummit.orgWhat’s Still Missing?• Document ID limitations• Can only configure a prefix OOTB• IDs are technically only unique within the same site collection• Unfriendly format• Workaround: Custom SQL database + farm solution• No explicit deny on a granular level• Deny is mainly only available at the web app/SC level• Requires too many steps by the user• Workaround: Custom API development or 3rd party DMS solution• E-Mail Management limitations• Simplistic save method – cannot pick content type/metadata• Profiled e-mails don’t automatically capture e-mail metadata (To, From, etc.)• No “Send and save” feature• Workaround: 3rd party E-mail Management App – there are several out there withvarying feature sets24
  24. 24. Denying access is this complicated??
  25. 25. www.sharepointsummit.orgWhat’s Still Missing (cont.)• Limitations to new eDiscovery features• Requires SharePoint/Exchange/Lync 2013 for legal holds• Legal holds only preserve the current version at the time ofpreservation• Missing key advanced TAR functions – predictive coding, predictiveanalytics, clustering, etc.• Workaround: Use 3rd party eDiscovery product or wait for vendors toextend OOTB SP 2013 eDiscovery features• Limitations to CMIS• Not yet available in Office36526
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  27. 27. Thank you for your attention!This presentation will be available on the TorontoSharePoint Summit web site a few days after the event.