Organizational Development Of Western New York Social Networking


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Presentation for the Organizational Development Network of Western New York. With the insurgence and growing popularity of social networking sites like; Face Book, Linked in, Twitter and the over-populated Blogosphere.
What options are viable to organizations to properly understand and use these social networking sites? Is it an option for your team and organization?
This workshop will cover how social networks are changing the face of work and how various generations are using this technology to enhance communications amongst globally dispersed work teams. Additionally, are these social networking sites simplifying and enhancing effectiveness or are they just creating another layer of communication noise, separating and disengaging people from communication

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Organizational Development Of Western New York Social Networking

  1. 2. Social Networks; What are they? Who does this? Why? Again why?
  2. 4. Information is no longer proprietary With the internet everyone now has information to everything immediately.
  3. 6. What does it say about you? When is the last time you googled yourself? What is your web identity?
  4. 7. It is no longer who “owns” the information – it is who has the most and the ability to have it make sense to the team and me.
  5. 9. -Lived for over 160 million years -Developed well established niches and thrived -Dominate Land species -Exceptionally suited for environment they developed in -Ruled their area -With time adaptations favor stable environments
  6. 10. BAM!
  7. 12. -Small loosely formed groups -Able to exploit the change -Rapidly reproducing -Formed social bonds and connections -Endothermic (warm blooded) -Quickly filled all available niches
  8. 13. -Many Dinosaurs died -Some went into the water and adapted -Some became
  9. 15. Who on your team is a bird? Are birds desirable to have on your team? What are negative effects of birds in teams?
  10. 16. Who on your team is a mammal? Are mammals desirable to have on your staff? What are negative effects of mammals in teams?
  11. 17. Frustrated? Confused?
  12. 18. facebook Personal Business The Challenge
  13. 19. LinkedIn
  14. 20. Blog RSS feed??
  15. 21. Group Work Time!
  16. 22. Blogs Twitter Social Networks
  17. 23. -Show them statcounter and your web site stats -Talk about Abundance – giving and receiving -How has it helped you.
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