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Thursday webinar   deep dive into docu sign certification
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Thursday webinar deep dive into docu sign certification


Published on

A deep dive presentation to DocuSign certifications.

A deep dive presentation to DocuSign certifications.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Some of the common questions are: "but my application is really tiny, why do I need to certify?" "my application is just for me, can I just use it on my account?"
  • Also I'd like to talk about the marketplace here. Marketplace is the list of "Certified Applications" that's another benefit of having your application certified.
  • Ensure that no unhandled exceptions occur
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome to the Deep Dive into DocuSign Certification Seminar
      If you would like to ask questions during this session, please:
      Call into the conference line (on your confirmation email)
      Enter access code: (on your confirmation email)
      Enter audio PIN (# shown after joining webinar)
      Presenter: Mike Borozdin
      The webinar will begin shortly…
    • 2.
    • 3. Developer Workshop
      Deep Dive into DocuSign Certification
    • 4. Webinar Outline
      Why do I need to certify?
      DocuSign Marketplace
      When certification is necessary
      Fees and other information
      How to be prepared for the meeting
      Preparing a demo
      Sample demo, or the meta-demo
      What happens after certification
      Next steps…
    • 5. Why do I need to certify?
      Important change from the demo environment to production environment
      Need to ensure that the behaviors that occur in development are sustainable and scalable
      Confirm that the application complies with certain guidelines and standards
      Most of all, we want to make you as successful as possible!
    • 6. DocuSign Marketplace
      Listing of applications that add value to the DocuSign service
      Being included in the DocuSign Marketplace gives you access to reviews, download statistics and greater visibility
      Getting certified gives you the option of being included in the DocuSign Marketplace!
    • 7. When certification is necessary
      Your integration with DocuSign is near complete,
      Your product is ready to go live and
      You are certain that there will be no major behavioral changes to your integration with DocuSign
      When certification is not necessary
      • You have made small changes to your integration, or
      • 8. You have made changes to parts of your product that do not affect the integration
    • Fees and other information
      $995 per certification
      $2500 per certification
      Typically take from 45 minutes to an hour (less if prepared!)
      Aim to minimize the number of certifications your application needs
    • 9. How to be prepared for the meeting
      Fill out your certification checklist
      Prepare a demo of you integration
      Make sure you can explain the security protocols of your integration
      Be prepared to show that you are using your integrator’s key!
      Test your error handling for when you cannot reach DocuSign
      Know how to capture the trace of an envelope
      Audit your own API calls
    • 10. Preparing a demo
      When preparing your demo, you will want to test several use cases. Some cases are:
      User declines to sign
      User’s information is incorrect
      Sender voids the envelope
      User takes more than one session to sign
      Application cannot connect to DocuSign
      Someone resets your DocuSign credentials
    • 11. API Rate Limits coming soon!
      To maintain reliability and stability within our demo and production environments, DocuSign has operated with certain API call efficiency guidelines. To ensure effective load balance, we continually monitor the API calls in our backend systems and reach out to work with developers putting unnecessary burden on the system. Going forward, DocuSign will implement an API Call Rate Limit to further balance loads on the system.
      Effective March 1, the demo environment ( will be limited to a call rate of 1,000 API calls per hour per account
      Effective April 1, the production environment ( will be limited to a call rate of 1,000 API calls per hour per account
      Please note that when the API call rate limit is reached you will receive an exception on every call for up to 60 minutes, until the next hour starts.
    • 12. Sample Demo, or the meta-demo
    • 13. Avoid Problems and Use These Best Practices
      • Integrator Key Not Used
      • 14. Polling our system
      • 15. Using the wrong authentication
      • 16. Not handling errors
      Best Practices:
      • Use the E-mail subject for better search.
      • 17. Put recipient specific messages into the recipient note
      • 18. Use Connect Events instead of polling
    • What happens after certification
      We sign off on your checklist
      You set up a meeting to finalize your account configuration
      You submit your integrator’s key to be moved to production
    • 19. Next steps…
      Change your endpoints to point to production
      Cease any polling behaviors you may have in our demo environment
      Remember, our demo environment is only for active development
      Continue to use our demo environment for any code changes
      Production is for code that has been thoroughly developed, tested and certified
      Remember, re-certification is only necessary for new functionality, code paths or framework changes
    • 20. Q & A
    • 21. Thank you!