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India pilgrimage tours

  1. 1. India Pilgrimage tours A Walk on the Way to SalvationReligion and faith go hand-in-hand with each other in any countrysprinkled across the earth. The diverse terrains of India mirrors abeautiful picture of religious mix hardly found anywhere else in theworld. The ideology of mutual respect and tolerance of different religiousfaiths either originated or arrived here has lead to the formation ofseveral India pilgrimage tours undertook by hordes of pilgrims to seekblessing of their favorite deity or saint. While deities are revered due totheir mention in the religious textbooks, saints attained popularity fortheir new and innovative philosophy of making world a better place tolive.
  2. 2. Vaishnodevi YatraPilgrimage tours in India are a religious odyssey practiced by devoutdevotees not only to seek blessings of almighty but as a token of love andrespect for their benevolence. It is phenomenal to witness pilgrimswhose unfathomable devotion inspires them to undertake these arduousand taxing journeys on gruesome terrains leading to the doors ofalmighty. Situated in the profound ravines of Trikuta hills, the globallyrenowned temple of Vaishno Devi is a great example of such dedicationas it requires 16 kilometer long trek from the town of Katra.
  3. 3. Char Dham YatraSimilar dedication and commitment of people also comes to notice at thetime of Char Dham Yatra in Garhwal region. The pilgrimage includes trekto four significant temples pertaining to different Hindu deities-Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. A visit to these shrines isbelieved to be a sin reliever and induces a sense of piousness that neverfades away. Char Dham Yatra is the only way to explore holy land andplaces in India. You will find four(char) Important and religious sites-Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath with Haridwar in this CharDham Yatra .
  4. 4. Amarnath YatraOne of the most famous trekking journeys to pilgrimage sites is AmarnathYatra which is a hot favorite these days. The months of July and August isthe time when the trekking route opens for the devotees to payreverence in the feet of lord Shiva who dwells there in the form of icestalagmite which waxes and wanes with the phase of moon. Owing totime constraints and impossibility of trek due to health issues, the servicefor Amarnath Yatra by Helicopter has been started from base camp toPanjtarni.
  5. 5. Kailash Mansarovar YatraKailash Mansarovar yatra is a dream of every pilgrim who looking forhealing of his soul and want enrich his divine awakening. KailashMansarovar Yatra by Road, and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopterboth are is very popular way of yatra. This kailash Mansarovar Yatra isDedicated to lord Shiva. Kailash is name of an rock which is sitautedBetween great himalyas.
  6. 6. Other Popular Pilgrim Places Tirupati Balaji temple Religious centers of south too deserves a worth mention especially the Tirupati Balaji temple which stands on the pinnacle of popularity when it comes to India Pilgrimage tours. The practice of head tonsuring before entering the temple gives an indication that the ancient traditions and rituals are still practiced in India with great fervor. Golden TempleBesides Hinduism, Sikhism is another celebratedreligion widely followed all over the country.Harmandir Sahib, famously known as Golden Templeis the Mecca of Sikh pilgrims in India. An architecturalmasterpiece in itself, the foundation stone of this Sikhshrine was laid by Guru Arjuna Dev and was laterrenovated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh with gold platingon the upper floor. Bodhgaya, Kushinagar and Sravasti Then there is Buddhism whose concept evolved somewhere around 2,500 years ago when prince Siddhartha traveled an unknown path to seek reckoning. He traveled from Nepal and made several halts in the midst at Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, both of which witnessed his transformation from Siddhartha to Buddha and creation of Dharma Sanga. Places like Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar and Sravasti resonates with Buddha’s miracles and the legacy he left behind.
  7. 7. Why India Pilgrimage tours?India Pilgrimage tours are the discovery of several religions and diversefaiths prevailing in India in perfect harmony. The article talks aboutrenowned pilgrimage destinations pertaining to different religions thatdot the length and breadth of India. Pilgrimage tours in India are theperfect way to explore the spiritual nerve of different religion prevailingin India. The challenging treks and tentative climate must be anadventure for tourists but certainly a path of salvation for devotees.
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