Landgate Innovation Program


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Overview of the Landgate Innovation Program presented at a number of public sector workshops on innovation.
Presentation by Jodi Cant and Paul Duncan!

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  • (hi and welcome I am really excited to tell you a bit about Landgate’s successful Innovation program!!!)
    Who are we-
    We provide: land & property information, a secure land titles system, and land valuation services, and we have a strong remit to achieve a fair return on the states land information assets.
    Landgate’s strong values and code of conduct are an essential platform to build an innovative culture upon – creativity, community, growth and learning, excellence, sustainability and celebration.
    Landgate launched it’s innovation program in 2008 and it has grown from strength to strength in the organisation..
    Landgate has it’s roots in one of the oldest government agencies in Western Australia – even the oldest and most established organisations can embrace innovation, and needs it to stay relevant and adapt to today’s challenges
  • Landgate has always done things differently - we believe its our point of difference!
    From the development of the SLIP, to leading govt in energy efficiency in our building and family friendly, work/life balance initiatives, our ability to think outside the square has been central to our success.
    As markets get more challenging and pressure increases on govt to do more with less, for us a focus on innovation will mean our survival. We launched the program in 2008. It is the first of its kind in WA govt and Australia.
    Our aim is to empower our people to be the change we need.
    We accept that this is a long term investment in our future – most reading tells you that you wont see tangible $ returns for 5-10 years.
    Along the way our experience has shown the program is a great mechanism to develop culture, communication, capacity within Landgate.
  • The most important of these is staff inclusion and we’ve implemented this at every level by inviting staff involvement. Some of the ways in which we have done this include:
    An online forum
    Permission to use 5% of time on Landgate or other innovation (this is recorded)
    Its in our induction
    Its in our JDFs
    Its in our performance management process
    We’ve provided inspirational training
    But above all, it’s critical to just do it! - accept that your governance and processes will change and grow - welcome that you will fail, but improve from the experience, embrace that it is a journey and you have to start somewhere!
  • A key element of the program that enables staff inclusion & development is the Peer Review Team.
    This is a multi - disciplinary team, drawn from across Landgate that changes on an annual basis. In many cases this has been the first communication between some areas of the business and these connections have continued beyond this program. The team has been crucial in terms of breaking down silos.
    This has laid the ground work for our restructure and provided a living example of our ‘one business’ ethos
    The Peer Review Team can approve projects up to $50k, and over this amount they are recommended to the Corporate Executive for their approval.
    clear and open processes enable projects to happen quickly and efficiently
  • The landing page enables access to the different categories of the forum, and has information about what Innovation is, who is on it, and how it works – again transparent and accessible..
    Built on existing / free soft ware.
    Available to all staff and you can post an idea on anything.
    The forum is un moderated often the contribution of staff gets to the decision point for the review team. Our values underpin how staff use the forum and it has been shown that they work well in this collaborative environment.
    The power is in it’s accessibility and ease of use – there is no technology barrier to getting involved in innovation at landgate
  • Post an idea on anything..
    Anonymous posts are also catered for.
    this comes in handy if Chief Executive wants to test an idea without the weight of the office influencing the feedback.
    And the Innovation team will look at your hot topics and ideas every week, and get projects or activities going – Action and Implementation are the most important part of the process
  • These numbers (on the slide) are a great measure of how successful the program has become, and how engaged the organisation is..
    Along with the thousands of simple ideas we have looked at, some significant opportunities have surface, and we will touch on a couple of these now…
    Game changers like the Earthmine StreetView project, This creates high definition and measureable 3D streetscape imagery from cutting edge US technology for local planning and asset management applications.
    The Shared Land Information Platform Developers Program, where partners have created complex web applications to solve business problems for government administration, crowd sourcing of community information and planning or modelling. All using cross agency government as enabled by SLIP
    Innovation has also explored Mobile Phone Applications which propel Landgate intelligence into mobile market. Allowing access to information anywhere, any time to improve property investment decision making, travel planning and staff communication and collaboration.
    An internal ‘wiki’ application (called SmartASK) has revolutionised the way staff communicate and publish professional information about themselves and their business units, and is providing a platform for next generation interactive corporate knowledge management tools.
    But it isn’t just about the ‘big stuff’, ideas as simple as work place weight-watchers programs, community event awareness advertising, and setting up internal classifieds are amongst the Program’s proudest successes!
  • Time to Market
    Partnering as a solution
    Balancing in-house capacity and capabilities
    Direction and Focus
    Starting to see the benefits of a consolidated R&D/Innovation Program
    Many of the funded projects are making the direction for the agency clearer
    Capitalising on IP
    IP is a valuable asset that needs to be capitalised upon (using partners more effectively)
    Increasing understanding of IP within Landgate
    Project Management
    Right sized
    Balancing stringent governmental constraints and commercial realities
    Some projects do not need to be “projects” until they have passed through several hoops first
    Guidelines and Protocols
    Lessons learned along the way have formed the development of a handbook for future experiences.
    This continues to evolve – as a living document
    Cutting-edge risks
    When dealing with cutting-edge technologies and bourgeoning markets, measured risks need to be taken
    Look to reduce risk through proto type development and market assessment
    The innovation program provides a ‘safe environment’ for staff to grow comfortable with risk management.
    Failure is sometimes an outcome of the nature of innovation.
  • The story doesn’t end here! We’re going into the 3rd year. We’ve made in roads but there is always more we can do! Keeping it fresh and fun is important to our ongoing success!
    This includes:
    Innovation Culture
    Continuing to engage staff through the forum, internal and external training
    Opportunities to be taken “offline” to work on innovation projects
    Collaborating with industry in delivering new innovative solutions
    Using partners for targeted purposes and learning from our partners
    Sell/License what has been developed
    Working Across the Sector
    We really believe in the benefits of Innovation, and we want to share our experiences with you. The Innovation-out-of-aBox project brings all our tools and learnings together into a package you can apply to your business! There is no need to re-invent the wheel, learn from what we have done, and adapt it to your organisation.
  • thankyou
    Please get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more
  • Landgate Innovation Program

    2. 2. Who is Landgate? • WA’s land and property information Authority • Established in 1829 and improving with age! • Strong values based organisation • Innovation Program launched in 2008
    3. 3. Why innovation? • New ways of doing things • Identify in-house efficiencies • Improve delivery of information • Capitalise on experience and knowledge • Inspire creativity • Development of partnerships • Embedding our values
    4. 4. How do we make innovation work? Strategic direction from the Board  Routine Involvement from Executive Centralised funding of $2 million p.a. Identify ‘champions’ Staff inclusion Act on ideas in a timely manner Reward and recognition Celebrate success & failure
    5. 5. Review Process
    6. 6. Read an idea, or start your own…
    7. 7. The Story So Far… • Over 3,200 ideas discussed • 100,000 hits on the forum • 40+ projects funded • New partnerships have emerged • $800K in new revenue • Significant in-house efficiencies identified • 85% staff engaged in creative thinking
    8. 8. Lessons Learned • Direction and focus • Capitalising on Intellectual Property • Guidelines and protocols • Cutting-edge risks • Time to market • Celebrating failure
    9. 9. Headed for the future • Embedding an innovative culture • Building partnerships with business • Sell/license what has been developed • Share our experience across the Public Sector • Celebrate and have fun!
    10. 10. ‘I am confident that the considerable achievements of Landgate will reach even greater heights through the Program.’ Professor Lyn Beazley Chief Scientist of WA ‘Landgate’s Innovation Program is an exemplar in the management of innovation systems in the public sector’. Peter Woodgate CEO, CRC for Spatial Information