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Apple Leaf Info 2010 V10.1

  1. 1. Apple Leaf is an independent science based consulting firm providing effective, economic, eco-friendly agricultural services. We give growers a competitive market advantage, improved crop health and yields, and boost grower’s financial bottom line. Global Headquarters 1250 North Wenatchee Suite H #395 Wenatchee, WA 98801 845 853 3020 Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [1]
  2. 2. About Apple Leaf Apple Leaf was founded in 2003 to provide scientifically and economically proven services and information to help tree fruit growers in New York’s Hudson Valley Region. Our staff helps clients manage their production more effectively, in turn satisfying market requests and meeting consumer demands. Today, we are an international agricultural consulting and training services provider that includes most major agricultural production regions and commodities of North America. Our primary areas of expertise are integrated pest management (IPM), food safety, HACCP design, farm production management, biological assessments, marketing, and whole farm planning. Apple Leaf has certified, experienced staff located throughout North America. We entertain RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and accept projects from throughout North and Central America. We currently have full-time staff located in Washington, New York, and California. Although Apple Leaf started out working strictly with apple growers, today our commodity expertise knows few boundaries. We currently work with most temperate and subtropical tree fruit, small fruit, leafy greens, onions, tomatoes, peppers, greenhouse crops, and a wide variety of miscellaneous row crops. Our background as growers ourselves gives us a unique and useful perspective on the issues facing today’s modern farmers, packers, producers, and shippers. But at the core of it all is the integrity and objectiveness of how we conduct business. We are a private firm with no affiliation or ties to agricultural product-based companies. Our goal is to provide you with unbiased, real-time information and services to aid you in your ability to manage pests, food safety risks, and a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, and greenhouse-grown commodities. Rob Koch CEO/Founder Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [2]
  3. 3. Services Apple Leaf offers a wide range of services including: • Food Safety Management Systems: Preparation, development and implementation of Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturer Practices (GMP)-based Food Safety Management Systems including Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approved audit schemes, including BRC (British Retailers Consortium), GlobalGAP, SQF (Safe Quality Food), Primus Labs, Tesco’s Nurture Scheme, and ISO 22000, as well as some non-GFSI audit schemes like USDA GAP/GHP. • Risk Management: Development and implementation of risk analysis and management programs to meet the needs of your production and client requirements including HACCP, employee hygiene, and facility and farm/ranch sanitation. • Sustainable and Eco-friendly Agriculture Practices: : Preparation and development of domestic and international approved Sustainability and Eco- friendly schemes. We develop programs for growers and markets precisely to meet our client’s needs. • Third party verifications: Coaching and preparation, pre-assessment audits, and audit services for both GFSI and non-GFSI audit schemes, including BRC, Primus Labs, GlobalGAP, Tesco Nurture Scheme, ISO 22000, USDA-NOP organic and niche sustainability labels including LIVE, Red Tomato, Food Alliance, and Salmon Safe. • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Our integrated pest management services assist monoculture and diverse commodity growers of all types (conventional, organic, biodynamic, permaculture, naturally grown, or other certifications). Services include insect and disease pest assessment, pest/ beneficial monitoring, and management, action and economic threshold assessment, pesticide recording, and research of new technologies including weather and computer pest modeling. • General Horticulture Protocol. We work with growers on whole farm planning and development, production management, and marketing. Services include pruning and training, crop/variety selection, planting establishment, irrigation, and nutrient management and wildlife habitat and management. We are certified USDA/NRCS TSP providers in New England, New York, Washington and Oregon. • Invasive Species Monitoring and Control. Assist with program development and control of invasive species of increasing importance including Light brown apple moth, European Chaffer, Glassy Eyed Sharpshooter, Asian Pear Psylla, Vine Mealybug, cotton pink bollworm and others identified by the US Animal and Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [3]
  4. 4. Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). • Biological Assessments and Inventories: Fulfilling all State, Federal, and Local requirements regarding the presence of invasive plant and animal species of concern on agricultural, private, and public lands. • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). We use GIS and GPS technologies to acquire landscape and natural resource information to generate digital maps that help you know where natural resources are located, how environments change, and assist in better land-use planning. • Wetland Delineations. We use on-the-ground and GIS technologies to determine the boundaries and qualities of wetland areas. This enables growers and developers in wetland areas to tailor their activities according to state and federal regulations. Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [4]
  5. 5. Food Safety Management Systems Crop Production Services • FSMS Development & • Integrated Pest Management Implementation • Audit Preparation • Pest Control Recommendations • Pre-Assessment Audits • Nutrient and Crop Fertility • Third Party Audits • Organic Transition Assistance • HACCP Plan Design • Crop/Variety Selection • Employee Hygiene and Sanitation • Pruning and Training Training • GAP & GMP Program Development • Planting Design & Establishment • Irrigation & Water Use • Beneficial and Pollinator Habitat Major Audit Schemes Supported Additional Services • ISO22000:2005 • Biological Assessments • Primus Labs/PrimusGFS • Wetlands Delineations • Invasive Species Monitoring & • GlobalGAP Control • Geographic Information Systems • British Retail Consortium (BRC) (GIS) & Global Positioning Systems (GPS) • Safe Quality Food (SQF) • Marketing • Tesco Nurture Scheme • NRCS TSP services • Niche labels: LIVE, Salmon Safe, • USDA-GAP/GHP Food Alliance, Red Tomato • USDA-NOP Organic Certification Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [5]
  6. 6. Rob Koch CEO/Founder Rob is started Apple Leaf in 2003 as an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consulting company in Upstate New York. In his role at Apple Leaf, Rob focuses heavily on both agricultural and community-based services. Within the agriculture realm, Rob runs Apple Leaf according to site and/or commodity specific strategies which include holistic IPM, organic, biodynamic, permaculture, and conventional practices and technologies. Using IPM, Apple Leaf designs and implements field sampling methodologies which are specific to commodities or targeted species. Field/plant samples are currently in place for growers of pome/stone fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers and permaculture. Examples of community services include Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Global Information Systems (GIS) mapping. He has collaborated and formed partnerships with domestic and international agriculture groups and academic institutions, as well as with domestic governments and extension offices. Each of these connections serves as a catalyst for enhancing client services and improving technology transfer. Professional Certifications and Education • Primus Labs, QMS and GFSI Audit Recalibration Auditor Training, Camden NJ, 2009 • IOBC, LIVE and Salmon Safe training session, Salem OR 2008 • Washington State University Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Symposium, 2008 • IFOAM/IOIA Organic and Food Alliance Training Crops, Portland OR, 2008 • Red Tomato Protocol training, Stone Ridge NY New York, 2004 • Cornell Cooperative Extension, EureGAP Education & Training Program, Highland NY 2003 • Masters of Science, Environmental Policy. Master’s Project: Integrated Pest Management (IPM): An assessment of IPM in Orange and Ulster Counties, New York, 2004 Bard College, Bard Center for Environmental Policy (BCEP), Annandale-on-Hudson, New York (2001, BCEP Graduate scholarship winner) • Bachelor of Science; Major: Fish & Wildlife Biology; Minor: Environmental Studies, 1996, Iowa State University (Special Honors: 1996 VESHA Leadership Award for outstanding extracurricular activities; President, Humane Society Iowa State University Student Chapter) PROFESSIONAL & WORK HISTORY Owner/Biologist/Project Leader 2004—Present Apple Leaf LLC  Design, implement, and supervise tailored IPM strategy programs for over 30 different commodities and 60 plus clients. Instantiate crop nutrient plans. Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [6]
  7. 7. Streamline and develop organic and GAP/GMP, employee hygiene based protocols, Pest Risk Assessment, and lead pre audit programs (GlobalGAP, Tesco Nature’s Choice, BRC, Primus Labs, SQF, Primus Labs, NOP-USDA, USDA GAP/GHP). Manage Domestic GAP and third party verification program for Eco- Labeling inspection and organic programs and train in-house inspectors. Instruct clients on digital pesticide and pest recording systems. Spearhead IPM-related collaborations with key stakeholders (Government, County Extension, University and private organizations). Successfully write and manage related grants, RFP(s), educational texts GPS & GIS systems, and company website.  Hire, manage, and train two full time and up to 5 seasonal employees. Development of company infrastructure; pricing, services, contracts, etc, Design and shape business plan to reflect current and future company endeavors, Market research and development of advertisement agenda and budget, Internal education material design and implementation, Track and collect scientific information. Environmental Consultant 1999-2001 US Peace Corps (Slovak Republic)  Co-led 5-party international team in the identification, assessment and eradication of obsolete pesticides in Hungary and Slovakia; subsequently authored the strategy-focused text, Inventory of Obsolete Pesticides in Hungary and Slovakia. Served as public relations coordinator and education trainer for 200+ volunteers on programs devoted to sustaining endangered amphibian and wetland project areas. Designed, presented, and trained in a bilingual forum, colleagues on biological data collection methods for amphibian, mammals, fish, and avian surveys. Coach and Mentor for Roma orphan children. Successfully wrote and managed international grants worth over $50,000. Biologist 1998 Resources Northwest Inc. (Washington and Oregon)  Conducted 100s of unsupervised stream inventories in and around National Forests and Parks of Oregon and Washington, Sampled, assessed and analyzed habitat data, diagnosed potential future threats regarding endangered species survival and co-led input team devoted to future conservation plans of watershed ecosystems in Washington and Oregon. Worked as liaison between local population and biological teams, educating individuals about the importance of our work. Biologist 1997- 1998 National Marine Fisheries Services (Alaska and Washington)  Completion of 5 week NMFS Domestic ground fish course, scoring over 85% on certification exams. Conducted unsupervised data collection in harsh and dangerous environments aboard four different types of fishing vessels in the Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [7]
  8. 8. Bering Sea. Responsible for design and implementation of random sampling systems and advised NMFS on catch quotas. Monitored and assessed interaction between endangered species and fishing vessels. Led education programs for fishermen and local stakeholders about NMFS policies, U.S. regulations and Affidavit documentation; testified against violators of federal fisheries regulations and Endangered Species Act. Biologist 1997 US Fish &Wildlife Service (Michigan)  Primary Duties: Monitored and rehabilitated endangered Kirkland Warbler habitat (Huron National Forest). Conducted unsupervised habitat quality and population assessments for warblers. Led advisory and education programs for local communities regarding the Endanagered Species Act and significance of Kirkland habitat. Completed certification course and conducted biological surveys for Kirkland species (Dendroica kirtlandii). Conferences  6th International IPM Symposium, Portland OR, 2009  Washington Tilth Producers Annual Conference, Organic Principles 2008-Present  Washington State University Pest Management Transition Project summer sessions, Wenatchee, Quincy WA, 2008-Present  Pacific Northwest Orchard Pest Management, Portland Oregon, 2007-Present  7th EureGAP Conference, Critical Control Points, Prague CZ 2007  Northeast Agriculture Certified Crop Consultant (NCCC) annual IPM/Fruit Sessions, Canandaigua NY, 2005-Present Affiliations  HACCP training and HACCP Codex certified, Washington State University, 2009  Chelan County WA Pest and Disease Control Board Member, 2009  Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops Advisor, Working Groups: Pesticides, Biodiversity, Water, Soil, Greenhouse Gases, 2009  Certified IFOAM/IOIA inspector, domestic and international organic facilities, 2008  Working Group Advisor, WA State Hort. Association, Food Safety and Sustainability, 2008  National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants Member, 2007-Present  NRCS-TSP certified, Pest Management, New York, New England, Oregon, California, and Washington State, 2007- Present  NRCS-Pest Management Specialist and Advisory for all EQIP contracts; Grant, Douglas, Okanogan, Chelan WA and Orange and Ulster County NY, 2006-Present  New York State Apple Association Advisor, Fruit Harvest Working Group, 2006- Present Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [8]
  9. 9.  Cornell Cooperative Extension, Fruit Maturity and Post Harvest Disorder Researcher, 2006  Working Group Advisor, IPM Institute of North America, Red Tomato IPM Protocol & Food Safety initiative, 2005—Present  Orange and Ulster County, NY Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association; member, 2005-Present  Certified Inspector Red Tomato, Food Alliance, Salmon Safe, LIVE, Bio Suisse inspector, 2004- Present  Northeast Agriculture Certified Crop Council (NECCC) member and advisor, 2004- present  Integrated Pest Management Field Tech, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Kingston NY, (2003)  Internship: National Wildlife Federation, focus Global Warming, Washington D.C. (2001-2002) Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [9]
  10. 10. Mike Biltonen Chief Director of Operations Mike Biltonen is all about growing good, safe food. Mike’s love and interest in Agriculture started early as a child on his grandfather’s farm amidst the wheat fields and cattle ranches of Kansas. He has formal, agriculture based training with both Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees from Virginia Tech and Cornell University, respectively. For over 25 years Mike has been growing and tailoring his own production style, and developed an in-depth knowledge of most fruit and vegetable production methods for many regions in the United States. Mike brings a balance of academia, industry, and commercial farming experience to Apple Leaf’s clients. He has formal HACCP design and implementation training from Cornell University and has facilitated Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) based food safety audits and developed like programs. Mike’s certified as a USDA organic grower, and has a very unique and keen perspective for markets and marketing. Professional Certifications and Education • ISO22000:2005 Certified, Lead Auditor/Auditor Training, 2009 • Primus Labs/PrimusGFS Auditor Training, 2009 • Board Certified Entomologist, Entomological Society of America, 2009 (pending) • California Pest Control Advisor (PCA), 2010 (in process) • Certified Crop Advisor, CCA, 2010 (in process) • HACCP Certified, Cornell University, Geneva, NY, 2005 • Masters of Science, Pomology, Cornell University, 1992 • Bachelors Degree, Horticulture, Virginia Tech, 1986 PROFESSIONAL & WORK HISTORY Chief Director of Operations 2008-present Apple Leaf LLC Apple Leaf LLC is an independent firm offering a range of services to support environmentally sound and economic activities: integrated pest management, TSP services, niche market opportunities, food safety protocol development, third party verification, for growers and biological assessments/inventories for local communities, and developers.  Developed and implemented Integrated Pest Management programs for apple, lettuce and other leafy greens, and onion growers in the northeast. Including insect and disease identification, and making control recommendations. Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [10]
  11. 11.  Implemented food safety and employee health and hygiene programs for a variety of agricultural business. Third party audit systems utilized include GlobalGAP (formerly EureGAP), USDA GAP, Primus Labs, SQF 2000, and British Retailers Consortium (BRC). Owner 2005-2008 Blue Marble Farms, LLC & Know Your Roots, LLC Blue Marble Farms, LLC expanded firmly established Stone Ridge Orchard as a respected brand name in the New York City metropolitan region. Blue Marble Farms grows a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops for notable customers like Balducci’s and Whole Foods Market. I am responsible for creating and managing all duties associated with this innovative farm business, including production, marketing, finance, customer relations, and administration.  Developed extensive list (>150) of wholesale customers throughout the northeast US, including large grocery store chains, high-end restaurants, and food service distributors.  Increased annual wholesale sales from $0 to over $500,000 in 8 years.  Implemented USDA Organic Certification Process for numerous fruit and vegetable crops grown at Blue Marble Farms/Stone Ridge Orchard. 2007  Implemented Red Tomato Marketing Eco-Apple Certification Program, 2006/2007.  Trademarked Stone Ridge Orchard and Know Your Roots brand name identities, 2007 General and Farm Manager 2000-2005 Omega Apple Management, LLC In 2000, I was hired to take historic Stone Ridge Orchard from obsolescence and obscurity to become a respected name in the Hudson Valley marketplace. In 2005, a management transition took place allowing Blue Marble Farms, LLC to lease orchard property and infrastructure from landowners.  I was responsible for all duties associated with orchard management, including production, marketing, and administration, in many case developing positions and duties where none had existed prior.  Created wholesale marketing program to include apples, ciders, and other farm products.  Developed and expanded retail store operation at Stone Ridge Orchard.  Increased retail sales 400% in fewer than five years.  Implemented Red Tomato Marketing Eco-Apple Certification Program, 2004/2005.  Implemented Food Alliance Northeast certification program 2004. Production Director 1992-1999 Pepin Heights Orchard, Inc. In 1992, I was hired to take over production responsibilities at the internationally respected orchard operation located in southeastern Minnesota. 400 acres of apples—including over 200 acres of newly planted trees—were in production at the time of my hire.  I was responsible for all production and many administrative duties associated with apple orchards, including pruning, personnel, integrated pest management, harvest, storage, and packing.  Implemented advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other ecological farming techniques. Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [11]
  12. 12.  Helped establish one of the country’s largest HoneyCrisp apple plantings during my tenure. SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS Horticultural  Experienced with new and emerging technologies to improve tree fruit orchard production and all phases of post-harvest crop technologies.  Designed and implemented ecological and organic production systems for tree fruit, small fruit, and vegetables.  Experience developing HACCP, GAP, GMP, and food safety audit programs. Specifically, Global GAP, USDA GAP, Primus, BRC, and others.  Apple Juice HAACP Training, Dr. Randy Worobo, Cornell University, Geneva, NY, 2005.  Intimate knowledge of international club ‘apple’ variety environment.  Participated in numerous Integrated Pest Management (IPM) projects since 1984.  Participating grower in Cornell University’s RAMP project, 2002-2005.  Utilized and managed common industry packaging systems, materials, and standards, and post-harvest storage techniques. Boards  IPM Review Board Member—Red Tomato Marketing and IPM Institute of North America’s eco-apple IPM protocol, 2004-present  Board of Directors and Officer—Rondout Valley Growers Association, 2003-2007  Board of Directors—New York Apple Association, 2007-2008  Board of Directors—New York Berry Growers Association, 2007-2008  Editorial Advisor, Fruit Grower News, Sparta, MI, 2007-present Organizations  International Society for Horticultural Science  American Society for Horticultural Science  International Fruit Tree Organization  American Phytopathological Society  Entomological Society of America Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [12]
  13. 13. Brian Farmer IPM & Food Safety Specialist Brian joined Apple Leaf in early 2007, bringing with him a wide range of experiences and skills. For over 15 years, Brian managed and marketed his own organic farm in New York State. As a Project Leader with Apple Leaf LLC he oversees a number of areas in our east coast operations including Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and agricultural assessment, Food Safety Management System development and implementation. This involves assessing the clients operation (farm, packinghouse etc.) and creating a plan to help them comply with particular food safety protocols. The IPM work entails the collection of detailed, accurate pest and disease data and creating summary reports with pesticide, cultural, biological, and nutritional based recommendations used by growers. Professional Certifications and Training • ISO22000:2005 Lead Auditor Training, 10/2009 • Primus Lab GFSI-QMS Training, 08/2009 • BRC specific Food Safety and HACCP- National Britannia, 2009 • SQF Practitioner, SQF Institute, 2009 • USDA Organic Inspector-International Organic Inspectors Association, 2008 • New York Center for Agricultural Medicine & Health (NYCAMH) trainer GAP, Hygiene, and GMP trainer, 2007-08 • Natural Resources Conservation Services/TSP, NRCS, 2007 • Sustainability program inspector: Food Alliance (IOIA, ‘08), Red Tomato (IPM Institute of North America, ‘06), and LIVE, and Salmon Safe (IOBC ’08) • B.A. Arts & Media, SUNY Empire State College • School of Human Ecology, College of the Atlantic PROFESSIONAL & WORK HISTORY Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & Food Safety Specialist 2006-present Apple Leaf, LLC  Coordinate and advise East Coast U.S.A. clients, University researchers, and stakeholders regarding Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Organic, Conventional, Bio-dynamic and other regional specific production methods.  Develop and implement Food Safety GAP & GMP policies and programs as required by GFSI requirements: BRC, Global GAP, SQF 1000 & 2000, and also Primus Labs, Nature’s Choice, HACCP, USDA GAP/GHP.  Develop and implement food safety and sustainability programs for other niche markets (Red Tomato, Food Alliance, Salmon Safe, CA Leafy Greens Agreement)  Random pest sampling development, collect soil, plant tissue, disease, insect samples for use in IPM based strategies, beneficial insect, nutrient, and production management. Development of cover cropping beneficial habitat and Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [13]
  14. 14. soil management strategies. Supervision of Cornell University supported Hudson Valley NY region wide Lepidoptera and Apple Maggot trap line. Over site of Cornell University Predatory Mites (Typhlodromus pyri) population regional development. Coordinator/Community Educator 2005-2006 Cornell Cooperative Extension/Gardening Program  Provided program and curriculum planning and implementation for five community programs throughout the year  Led education programs for children ages 7-18; maintaining community gardens, greenhouses and indoor grow labs within Dutchess County, NY  Assisted in the planning and implementation of Heifer International’s City Seeds program Farm Manager/Grower 1998-2006 Rima’s Farm CSA/Bodhi Bridge Farm, NY  Created Rima’s farm, an organic Community Supported Agriculture and market garden project  Made use of growing beds and poly-covered hoop houses; extending growing season to 9 months  Grew over 46 varieties of vegetables, four varieties of strawberries and various culinary and medicinal herbs, organically  Sold wild harvested greens to an organic whole-seller in New York City Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [14]
  15. 15. Contact Information Headquarters 1250 North Wenatchee Suite H #395 Wenatchee, WA 98801 845 853 3020 Contact: Rob Koch, _________________________________________________ West Coast Office 701 Citrus Ave Concord, CA 94518 845 674 5124 Contact: Mike Biltonen, General: _________________________________________________ East Coast Office P.O. Box 389 Rosendale NY 12472 845 399 4800 Contact: Brian Farmer, General: References References can be supplied upon request based on the client’s requirements and project specifics. Apple Leaf LLC Info Portfolio © 2010 All Rights Reserved [15]