We the chosen people 8 02 2011


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We the chosen people 8 02 2011

  1. 1. Eliyahu ‫א‬ramer Foundation for the Advancement ‫בס"ד‬ of Jewish ‫א‬nowledge and Education 1700 Michigan Avenue. Miami Beach, FL 33139. Phone: (305) 965 0355. E-mail: elikramerfoundation@gmail.comAugust 31st 2011 Rosh Chodesh Ellul 5771We….., the “Chosen People, the People of the Book, the Children ofIsrael, regardless of our affiliation, our background, our race , ourcolor or our religious belief s, stand together, United as One, inthe face of any danger threatening the very existence of theNation of Israel.We, demand that, whatever resolution might be taken from anyvote at the United Nations, it should guarantee complete secureborders for the State of Israel.This means, not only geographically but also realistically, thatuntil, all countries involve with Israel and surrounding It,recognize fully the Jewish State in the region and its Right to Exist,the present boarders must remain the same.Translated by: Natalie Koenig
  2. 2. The price to pay for true intelligence is a “minimum of explanations” Harav Haim DynoviszThe Torah, which all nations call the Sacred History, offers truth rooted in the past that traverses the present andmoves toward the future. Although its message is ancient, it can build our future because it always sees beyondour time. The Jewish people are the guardians of this eternal word and possess the keys to its realization, so inevery generation we must conduct ourselves according to the wisdom of the Creator and Master of the World.King Solomon, the wisest of all men, expressed this truth when he said, "There is nothing new beneath thesun...What has happened is what will happen." The Torah is the blueprint, the model, and the fundamentalreference for all of history. Today, let us try to understand one of its most important messages and find thestunning insights it unveils and passes on to us.At the time of Judge Jephthah , the King of Ammon declared war on Israel, accusing its people of stealing someof his land and of colonizing and holding territories that belonged to him. Jephthah’s first reaction as Israel’sleader was to do everything he could to avoid a conflict. Using Israel’s typical, traditional reaction, he sentmessengers to gain a better understanding of the King’s territorial claims. Throughout Israel’s history, shewould never be the first to engage in armed conflict; on the contrary, she always does everything to avoid it.The King of Ammon told the Jewish messengers, "You stole land from us when you left Egypt. When you cameto the west bank of the Jordan, you conquered and stole a strip of land on the east bank of the Jordan, belongingto the King and the people of Ammon for all time!"The King of Ammon even took the trouble to list all the cities and places in Ammon that Israel – hundreds ofyears earlier – supposedly stole from his nation when Israel’s people returned to settle on their land. Hepresented an accurate map of the borders to try to irrefutably prove Israeli aggression. He told the messengers,"If you are ready to return the land for peace – land for peace – then we can make a treaty! (This is a typicalpeace treaty term to resolve a conflict where Israel is involved: Jews give everything and receive nothing ...since by definition we are always the only ones to blame.)Now, think about the King of Ammon’s claim and his accusation against Israel, which he called a land thief.The average naïve reader will find it so difficult to imagine that this is only a crude lie, an outright falsificationof history, given that the King seems to be serious and ready for war. Above all, he is able to provide all thenecessary details concerning the supposed theft of his lands. Plus, the Bible, a very serious book, wrote all hisclaims in verse form. If the King’s statement is only a crude lie, why does the Holy Bible waste its time tellingus such stories, tales of sick bandits and megalomaniacs?Indeed, even in ancient times, the theory that Israel would “steal land” was already well entrenched in theconsciousness and accusations of the people in the Middle East. Already the idea was entrenched that Israelconquered and stole the land of Canaan, on the west side of the Jordan, the Canaanites, its putative owners.It takes only minimal intellectual honesty and knowledge to remove the charge of theft, even in regards to theCanaanites, since they were the ones who conquered the land and stole it from its rightful owners, the Jews, thechildren of Shem! When Noah divided the world between his three children, he gave this land – the Middle East– to the children of Shem, and he gave Ham the entire African continent. Canaan was the son of Ham, so histerritory could not be the Middle East. It was situated on the continent of Africa. It was Canaan who came toconquer this land and exterminate its people. Israel, the descendants of Abraham and of Shem, only reclaimedits land, territory that Canaan had stolen!
  3. 3. The King of Ammon, who certainly never bothered to learn the true history of the region, did not find it toodifficult to say that the traditional accused land thieves – Israel, of course – stole his land, too. Who wouldinvestigate whether his claims were justified, since everyone assumed that Israel could only be a thief!However, a simple glance in the Torah of Moses shows with great clarity and overriding evidence that all thecities Ammon claimed as part of his territory were not in Ammon at all. They were never the cities of hiscountry; instead, they were the cities of another country, of another land, and of another king!In detail and with great accuracy, the Torah tells us that all the cities and all the places the King of Ammonclaimed as part of his territory were actually cities that belonged to King Sihon of the land of Emor! And howhad these cities become Israel’s property, despite everything? Here again, and in detail, the Torah explains thatIsrael had begged King Sihon not to declare war. Despite these entreaties, King Sihon attacked Israel for noreason, starting a war against Emor that Israel had wanted to avoid at all costs. After Israel’s victory in thisdefensive war, Emor’s cities fell into Israel’s possession. In any case, the King of Ammon was the last personwho could claim them as his own because they were never his!It is not possible! How could someone lie to such an extent when the lie is so huge and the truth so clear? TheKing of Ammon wanted to reclaim territories that never belonged to him by accusing Israel of theft when Israelwas the country that had been attacked and assaulted – and had defended itself, thus salvaging land that oncebelonged to Egypt, but never once had been Ammon’s! Additionally, as Jephthah says, the King of Ammon wasclaiming land that he alleged Israel had stolen 300 years after the Exodus from Egypt!But if the theft was so obvious, why would the King of Ammon wait 300 years – unless he had to wait longenough to ensure that no one would remember the true history of the region! For many, many decades, almost300 years, all nations – even at a time when no records or history books existed – knew that these territories hadnever belonged to the King of Ammon and that they had become Israel’s property only after it defeated KingSihon of Emor, who had attacked Israel despite its pleas, suddenly and without reason.In our time, despite a wealth of archives and history books, it takes only a few years for nations to accuse Israelof stealing land, land that never belonged to any of those who claim it, those who in every war have alwaysbeen the aggressors, the first to declare all wars since 1948! In a technological era, where everything is visibleand known, how has it become easier to falsify history than it was at the time of our "ancestors, the barbarians"?Would the "barbarians" of our distant past have been so much more careful than us to preserve a minimalamount of truth?In this biblical history, unfortunately, the message is all too clear because it is so typical: our neighbors stillbase their claims on a gross, insolent falsification of history. The lie is unbelievably enormous; the falsificationand hypocrisy are on a larger scale and, yet, everyone takes these claims and accusations against Israelseriously.Finally, the King of Ammon and his territorial claims against Israel are the model and the biblical reference forthe people who lie, falsify history and reconstruct it according to their phantasms. In their eyes, common sense,logic, intellectual honesty, respect for historical fact and good faith are no longer relevant when it comes toIsrael. The only prevailing rule is a lie, and the larger it is, the more others accept it.Take the idea that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Palestinian people! Jerusalem is called the "Capital ofIsrael" hundreds of times in the book known to all people as the “Holy Bible," and the “Koran” does notmention Jerusalem even once!All nations can produce books of their history, testimonies, and archives proving their presence in theirrespective lands over the centuries or millennia. The “Sacred History” in the Book of History states, proves, and
  4. 4. attests on thousands of pages that the land of Israel was given to the people of Israel who inhabited it forcenturies. Archaeological excavations show the Jews’ presence in this land for millennia. Where are the historybooks of the Palestinians? Where are the archives, testimonies and historical facts that prove their presence inthis land for centuries or millennia? Where have archaeologists found buildings, cities, villages, palaces, andplaces of worship capable of proving their presence on this land? Where is the Palestinian Jerusalem, with itshouses, streets, and roads? Why, when scientists dig, do they find only clear, evidence proving Israel’s presenceon this land for millennia, with Jerusalem as its capital?The answer is obvious and too clear: the history of the "Palestinian people" on this land is one of humanhistory’s most absurd and grotesque falsifications and inventions!This lie by far surpasses the falsehoods of the King of Ammon, because in his time Israel had been on the landonly 300 years. We did not yet have today’s accumulation of thousands of pieces of evidence of our presence inour land. But after 3,500 years of Jewish history – after a story known to all and written in "holy letters in theHoly Bible" – how can another "people" stand up and say that Israel’s claim to her land never existed anddeclare ownership of land that was never theirs? This is unique in the history of mankind. Even the lie itself isblushing with shame...the colossal lie itself, but not the nations who tell it and support it, who put pressure onIsrael to agree that it was a "thief" and it must "return" the "stolen territories" to the "Palestinian people.” Theirgeneration has personified, more than any other, the "cult of bad faith."But let’s continue this wonderful, current Biblical history. So what does Jephthah do? Instead of taking up armsagainst the King of Ammon’s to punish his bad faith, instead of scorning him and preparing for war if he daresto enforce his threat to attack, what does Jephthah do? He sends messengers again to explain, argue, andmaintain peace at all costs. He even goes to the extent of negotiating with the liar, the bearer of bad faith, and inso doing, he commits a fatal error: For negotiating with "bad faith" gives it credit and strengthens the falseclaims. Finally the result is disastrous and it takes Israel exactly where she did not want to end up: at war!Negotiating and making a peace treaty with the "lie" turns against us, giving falsehood a weapon that it will useto attack us first!Jephthah offered peace, offered negotiation (as if there was something to negotiate), held out his hand forShalom, and finally got only war. Without knowing it, perhaps he even led the King of Ammon to attack him,simply because he wanted peace! By negotiating with the lie, one justifies and encourages aggression. Jephthahis without doubt the biblical model and reference for all the recent "peace treaties" and "Nobel Prizes" whichhave resulted in disaster, attacks, wars, and catastrophes in the Middle East!Madrid and Oslo represent different blockades on the road of lies, a road whose final destination is clear: war.Who refused the UN partition plan in 1948? Who declared war in 1948? It was the same people who wereprepared to destroy Israel in 1967 and 1973, and who are still prepared today. Who is always the aggressor? Theone who manages to appear right, but who lies, but not Israel – the one who has been assaulted and robbed.The "Ammon’s" of modern times are helped and strengthened in their crazy lies by the "Jephthah’s" of moderntimes: governments who “apologize for existing" and thus reinforce the bad faith of the "Aggressor” who actslike a victim, despite all it is given. Everything Israel can argue to prove its good faith will not help. The worldalready knows that everything we say is true, but that is precisely the problem: they know that only lies cansucceed against Israel.Only when Jephthah realized that his efforts to negotiate and make peace were feeding the King of Ammon’sclaims, did he finally decide to adopt the only possible attitudes when faced with lies: rigor, firmness anddetermination.
  5. 5. Only by drawing our ancient history, we can discover the messages that were planted far before our time; themessages that can help us build our future. People of the Book, guardians of the word of the Living G-d, wemust cry out loud at the UN Security Council with conviction, determination, pride, courage, and confidence.We must proclaim: This land is ours because the Creator and Master of the world promised it to us and gave itto us. We have been driven from it and, after it was stolen from us, the Creator and Master of the world broughtus back. Let Israel live forever in its land, the land of eternity! Dynovisz-Rav Haim Dynovisz- Jerusalem