Upcounsel Case Study | Startup Growth Through Digital Marketing


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Single Grain worked with Upcounsel on SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and PPC. Over a 6 month period we were able to help them grow from a small startup in the bay area to a venture-backed company growing on a national level.

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Upcounsel Case Study | Startup Growth Through Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Summary of Project Summary of Results UpCounsel is the fastest growing online workplace for businesses to easily find, hire and work with top attorneys. In Our First 6 Months Working With Upcounsel We Saw: Single Grain provided SEO Consulting, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and PPC Consulting services to help Upcounsel grow from a small Bay-Area startup to a venture funded business serving multiple metro areas across the country. 41% 90% •A Conversion Value Increase of Over 5000% •Over183% increase in Search Traffic. •A increase in direct conversions with a increase in assisted conversions. •Over 219% increase in social following. "You Have Been Instrumental In Getting The Word Out" Matthew Faustman, CEO
  2. 2. Tactic 1 Social Media Optimization Every social media channel has unique features, users, and best practices. We ran extensive testing on our posting styles, publishing times, and copywriting to help maximize the reach, engagement, and traffic driven from our social efforts. We also used Upcounsel’s social media channels to help maximize he reach and impact of articles written about them on large and influential publications like TechCrunch, Fast Company, Bloomberg Law and Young Entrepreneur. Upcounsel’s Primary Site Upcounsel’s Blog Social Audience Growth
  3. 3. Tactic 2 Content Marketing + SEo The search engines, specifically Google, have drastically changed the way they rank websites for their search results. As a result, marketers who rely on traditional SEo tactics are finding themselves buried under penalty after penalty. Single Grain pairs high-quality content creation with search data to produce content that engages the reader, drives conversions, and increases search rankings all at the same time. For Upcounsel, we maintained a regular publishing schedule for their blog, in which each post was promoted to very targeted audience in order to maximize traffic and social signals. We also created several infographics that went through a more intense outreach process to earn quality backlinks and increased sharing.
  4. 4. Tactic 3 PPC and SEO Consulting Our team worked closely with Upcounsel to ensure the maximum impact of their site redesign. We advised on site content and design to improve the overall user experience. This lead to increased opportunities for Search Engine Optimization as well as a traffic flow that continues to generate more conversions. Following the site redesign we also consulted and tested multiple landing page layouts to assist with Upcounsel’s growth into new markets. These landing pages helped grow the attorney community within Upcounsel as well as their returning client base, essentially growing the business on two fronts.