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SEO for bloggers
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SEO for bloggers


This presentation was for the November 2012 Portland Bloggers meetup. …

This presentation was for the November 2012 Portland Bloggers meetup.
"There are a lot of tricky terms and tips to make blogs better, drive more traffic, and get more readers. While we want to encourage everyone to first and foremost write their blogs for themselves and for the fun of having a blog. We also know that as bloggers we want people to read what we write/create!

At the November Meet-Up Mike Arnesen from Swell Path will be guiding us through the world of Search Engine Optimization! What is that!? Well, SEO is what helps search engines find your blog out of all of the other blogs out there."

Things covered in this presentation:
> What is SEO?
> How search engines work.
> Understanding and learning how to pick keywords.
> Optimizing blog posts.
> Optimizing your blogging platform.
> Specific tips for SEO for Blogger, WordPress, and Squarespace.
> Getting links to your website.
> Getting your social sharing up.
> Google Authorship for bloggers.
> Questions & website SEO clinic.
This event was completely awesome. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. SEO for BloggersDownload: @mike_arnesen
  • 2. SEO for Bloggers Hello! My name’s Mike. Mike Arnesen Senior SEO Analyst @SwellPath @mike_arnesen swellpath.comDownload:
  • 3. What the Heck is SEO?Search Engine Optimization Making websites easier for search engines to understand.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 4. What the Heck is SEO?So they canread your content.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 5. What the Heck is SEO? Understand it. And return it in search results.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 6. What the Heck is SEO? So that you get more .Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 7. What the Heck is SEO? And more readers!Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 8. What the Heck is SEO?And book deals. ;-)Source: Adventures in Dressmaking @Mike_Arnesen
  • 9. How Search Engines WorkSearch engines are robots, kinda.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 10. How Search Engines WorkDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 11. How Search Engines WorkThe robot returns the data to thesearch engine.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 12. How Search Engines Work When you search Google, you’re searching through that collected & organized data.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 13. SEO Basics Knowing how engines work, we can optimize sites to rank higher & be more visible.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 14. SEO BasicsThe components of SEOOnsite• Content• Meta Data• AccessibilityDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 15. SEO BasicsThe components of SEOOnsite Offsite• Content • Links• Meta Data • Social Signals• AccessibilityDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 16. Choosing KeywordsSo let’s good to the good part.We’ll startwith Keywords.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 17. Choosing Keywords When people search the web, they think in keywords.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 18. Choosing KeywordsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 19. Choosing KeywordsFinding great keywords is all about:• Understanding your readers.• Understanding your content.• Connecting both for search engines.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 20. Choosing KeywordsSome tools:• The Keyword Tool from AdWords• Google AutosuggestDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 21. Choosing KeywordsAdWordsKeywordToolAdWords Keyword Tool @Mike_Arnesen
  • 22. Choosing KeywordsGoogle AutoSuggestDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 23. Choosing KeywordsFinding an SEO Opportunity Gap.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 24. Choosing KeywordsAre keywords really that important?Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 25. Optimizing a Blog PostGetting to the point,here’s how we optimizea blog post.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 26. Optimizing a Blog PostThe TitleDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 27. Optimizing a Blog PostYour Content – senior photo sessionsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 28. Optimizing a Blog PostYour Content – thanksgiving serving dishesDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 29. Optimizing a Blog PostHeadings H1 Heading H2 Heading H2 HeadingDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 30. Optimizing a Blog Post DescriptionsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 31. Optimizing a Blog Post Meta KeywordsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 32. Optimizing a Blog PostPromote your postto make sure people see it. –Google+ –Twitter –FacebookDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 33. Optimizing Your BlogOptimizing your blog is important,too.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 34. Optimizing Your BlogNavigationDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 35. Optimizing Your BlogCategories & TagsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 36. Optimizing Your BlogBlogrolls & LinksDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 37. Optimizing Your BlogSitemapsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 38. Optimizing BloggerSettings > Search PreferencesDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 39. Optimizing BloggerPost > Post SettingsDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 40. Optimizing BloggerSettings > Search PreferencesDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 41. Optimizing BloggerSettings > OtherDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 42. Optimizing WordPressWordPress SEO by YoastDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 43. Optimizing WordPressSEO > Titles & MetaSEO > XML SitemapDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 44. Optimizing WordPressSettings > PermalinksDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 45. Optimizing WordPressGoogle AnalyticatorDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 46. Optimizing SquarespaceSettings > SiteSettings > GeneralDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 47. Optimizing SquarespaceSettings > SiteSettings > GeneralDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 48. Links, Social, & MoreEasy ways to get links to your website.• Be helpful.• Be controversial.• Guest blog.• Link out.• Make friends.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 49. Links, Social, & MoreEasy ways to get links to your website.• Promote other people. –Interviews –Roundups• Comment• Social Profiles –Google+ About SectionDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 50. Links, Social, & MoreLeveraging social.• Use social to promote your posts.• Enable Fast Action Social Sharing –ShareThis –AddThisDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 51. Links, Social, & MoreGoogle Authorship.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 52. Links, Social, & MoreGoogle Authorship.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 53. Links, Social, & MoreGoogle Authorship.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 54. Links, Social, & MoreGoogle Authorship for BloggerDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 55. Links, Social, & MoreGoogle Authorship for WordpressDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 56. Links, Social, & MoreGoogle Authorship testing with theStructured Data Testing Tool.Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 57. In Closing…Questions?Download: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 58. In Closing…Site ClinicDownload: @Mike_Arnesen
  • 59. SEO for Bloggers Thank You! Mike Arnesen Senior SEO Analyst @SwellPath @mike_arnesen swellpath.comDownload: