Associations Through Technology
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Associations Through Technology



Presented at the Florida Association of Realtors AE Seminar

Presented at the Florida Association of Realtors AE Seminar



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Associations Through Technology Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Associations Through Technology Michael Cutlip Product Manager, RAMCO AMSPowerpoint Templates Page 1
  • 2. Save a tree!http://www. Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  • 3. Associations Through TechnologyPowerpoint Templates Page 3
  • 4. Preparation Powerpoint Templates Page 4
  • 5. Powerpoint Templates Page 5
  • 6. Free Yourself from Paper• Future Paper – What can be digitized? – Paperless Billing – Digital Signatures – eFax Solutions• Past Paper – Scanning and OCR – Document management and retrieval – Ex: DocStar Powerpoint Templates Page 6
  • 7. Storage and Backup• Centralized Storage – File server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) – Redundant drives for reliability – Lower cost of ownership – Additional functions beyond storage• Centralized backup and recovery – Hardware appliances – Software backups to the cloud Powerpoint Templates Page 7
  • 8. In the Cloud…On the Ground… Powerpoint Templates Page 8
  • 9. Powerpoint Templates Page 9
  • 10. Major Benefits• Access data from anywhere• Synchronization across platforms – Files – Settings• Security• Data storage and backup• Lessen onsite IT requirements• Easier integration with other tools and services Powerpoint Templates Page 10
  • 11. Major Drawbacks• Access to data during outages, etc• Feature comparison• File format lock-in – Migration from one cloud to another – – Google service detailing how to get data in and out of Google services• Support Powerpoint Templates Page 11
  • 12. Cost Analysis• Cloud – Low to zero upfront cost – Constant updates – Costs rolled into predictable recurring amount• Local – Higher initial costs – Perpetual ownership Powerpoint Templates Page 12
  • 13. I… AM… NOT… A…LAWYER!!! Powerpoint Templates Page 13
  • 14. Legal Considerations• Ownership of the data• What if data is compromised / stolen – LOLs (not the funny kind) – Limitation of Liability – Have your attorney read the Indemnification clause(s) carefully • Who pays, and how much, if the SaaS vendor is breached or hacked? Is that amount limited by the LOL? Powerpoint Templates Page 14
  • 15. Legal Considerations• Compliance with state or federal law• What if data is subpoenaed• Return of data at the end of the relationship• What happens if the software vendor disappears• Review the Terms of Use regarding deletion of data Powerpoint Templates Page 15
  • 16. Implementation Powerpoint Templates Page 16
  • 17. Storing Data in the Cloud• Store files in the cloud• Sync files across multiple PCs• Access files via an app on Android, iPhone or Windows Phone devices• Free storage, pay for more• Share files and folders with other users• Generally sync only one folder Powerpoint Templates Page 17
  • 18. Storing Data in the Cloud• Major Consumer-Focused Services – Dropbox • Original “easy” sync tool. 2GB free – Google Drive • Used to store Google Apps and Google Docs files • Save and browse Google files locally. 5GB free. – Windows Live Mesh and Skydrive • Live Mesh may sunset; most functions rolled into Skydrive • Remotely view all files on the PC, not just those in the sync folder. • Integrated deeply into MS Office 15. Offers 7GB free – iCloud Powerpoint Templates Page 18
  • 19. Productivity and Collaboration Powerpoint Templates Page 19
  • 20. Productivity and Collaboration• Collaborate and create in realtime• Examples – Zoho – Google Docs and Google Apps – Office 365• Project management solutions – Basecamp – Central Desktop – Wrike Powerpoint Templates Page 20
  • 21. Let’s Get Engaged! Powerpoint Templates Page 21
  • 22. Engaging Leadership• Webinar / Web Conferencing – Webex • Florida AoR has discounts on Webex accounts • Up to 25 attendees, or upgrade to enterprise level – Adobe Connect • Up to 99 attendees, add “seminar” rooms for more. • Free trial available – GoToMeeting • Simplest to use, 25 users in a meeting or upgrade to “Webinar” version. Free trial available – Google Hangouts • Free. Up to 9 simultaneous video feeds with sharing and conference calling. Powerpoint Templates Page 22
  • 23. Engaging Membership• Education Opportunities• LMS (Learning Mgmt System)• More effort, more reward – – Free and Open Source platform – Build your own content• Less effort, less reward – Partner with existing LMS vendor – Ex: Kaplan, Dearborn, Learning Library Powerpoint Templates Page 23
  • 24. Getting the Word Out• Get a reliable email tool• Convio – Save your own email server from blacklists – Free to state and local AoRs – Syncs with NRDS – Metrics on your marketing efforts – Advocacy (Call for Action) capabilities Powerpoint Templates Page 24
  • 25. Community and Engagement NAR State Board Local Board NAR MAR Local Board Powerpoint Templates Page 25
  • 26. Secure Community• Threaded discussions• Harness the power of the membership by listening to them• Metrics of engagement• Social media integration• Email delivery• Example: Higher Logic, Inc Powerpoint Templates Page 26
  • 27.
  • 28. Resistance to Change?• Make it a requirement of membership on the board or committee• Don’t play to the least technologically- capable denominator• Lead by example• Reward good behavior Powerpoint Templates Page 28
  • 29. Utilization Powerpoint Templates Page 29
  • 30. Utilization• Billing – Paperless payables – Paperless receivables• Courses and classes – Online delivery – Send handouts to students as digital files – Online forums where instructors and students can communicate• Engaging Leadership – Committee meetings via online meeting. Recording and archiving. – BoD online voting Powerpoint Templates Page 30
  • 31. Utilization• Pro standards management – Task tracking and deadlines / project management – File management – Digital signatures• Communications and engagement – Email (better email) – Online communities – Social media• Member analysis and predictions – CRM and Communities Powerpoint Templates Page 31
  • 32. Overcome Your Own Fear• Don’t be afraid - Technology doesn’t byte• Have to be willing to learn and experiment• A carrot and a stick• Test Test Test – Required feature set – Free trials – If no trial option, pay a single month of service• Staff buy-in• Technology expertise Powerpoint Templates Page 32
  • 33. You Improve Your Association…Technology is a means to that end… Powerpoint Templates Page 33
  • 34. Q&A / Discussion Powerpoint Templates Page 34