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This presentation describes the different services and capabilities offered by Advanced Testing Laboratory (ATL). Serving the consumer products manufacturing and R&D industries, we support, manage and own a broad array of key functions and services spanning the entire product life cycle.
ATL provides access to industry leading technical expertise. Our support team understands your business, your challenges, and your opportunities.
Analytical method development, validation, optimization and transfer is a large part of the work we provide.
All of ATL’s current capabilities were designed to fulfill specific industry or customized client needs.
Our process is designed to engage our clients on a level that allows us to truly understand their needs, goals and difficulties.
It is not about what we currently provide today but more importantly about what we can develop as a solution for our clients tomorrow.

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Advanced Testing Laboratory services presentation

  2. 2. Outline • Introduction to Advanced Testing Laboratory  “The Science of Testing, The Art of Serving” - Explained • Review ATL Core Services  Onsite Managed Services  Advisory Services  Biological & Analytical Sciences • Future Focus • Our Primary Point
  3. 3. Introduction to ATL • Founded in 1987 • Corporate Office In Cincinnati, OH. Additional management office in Indianapolis, IN  Onsite Support Locations Across the US • Housed within 101,000 sq/ft facility situated on 6 acres.  70,000 sq/ft of Laboratory Space • Space reserved for client specific expansion • LIFT and SHIFT Capability • Fortune 100 Clientele
  4. 4. Introduction to ATL The Industries/Markets We Serve: • Beauty Care • Health Care • Home Care • Pharmaceuticals • Medical Devices • Nutraceuticals • Food
  5. 5. Introduction to ATL Onsite Managed Services Analytical & Biological Services Advisory Services ATL is designed to support your science based needs across your entire product life cycle
  6. 6. Science + Art “The Science of Testing, The Art of Serving” Explained Across the spectrum of our capabilities and services, Science is at the core of what we do. • Commitment to Quality (Accurate, Proficient, Results Oriented)  cGMP  FDA Registered • Operational Excellence  Well Trained and Experienced  Compliant to Procedures  Sound Technique  Planned Approach
  7. 7. Science + Art “The Science of Testing, The Art of Serving” Explained While Science is our method, providing excellent Service is our Goal (Agile & Responsive) So…We seek first to UNDERSTAND • What is the Goal? • What Challenges Exist? • What are the Current Processes? • How do we Ensure Quality? • How do we Provide the Client with the Desired Level of Control? • What Changes are Needed? • What does Success Look Like?
  8. 8. Science + Art = Value Innovation + Quality + Service •Holistic Approach •Vision to Resolve Challenges •Proficient at Developing Specific Solutions to Achieve Goals •Depth of Experience in Primary Markets •Strong Technical Competencies •Compliance Expertise •Metrics •Oriented to Our Client’s Agendas •Prepared to Act •Proactive Ownership •Continuous Presence •Custom Solutions How do we deliver Value?
  9. 9. ATL Services Continuum:  We support, manage and own a broad array of key functions and services spanning the entire Product Life Cycle Onsite Managed Services
  10. 10. If you could would you like to? • Amplify Capability • Accelerate Product Development • Realize Operational Potential As well as? • Reduce Costs • Increase Productivity • Augment your technical expertise
  11. 11. In today's environment our clients are having to solve for: • Resource Reduction, Less People & More Work, Do More with Less • Oversight of Processes, Procedures and Results • Bottlenecks and Backlogs • Management of Hiring, Training, and Personnel Development • Daily oversight of Associates, Workloads, Schedules and Output • Trying to Reach Organizational Goals While High Value Associates work on Low Value Activities
  12. 12. ATL Understands both what you are confronted with and how to deliver solutions. • Reduce Management’s Costs and Increase their Effectiveness • Lower Operational Costs • Increase Productivity • On-demand Access to Expertise • Scalability / Flow to Work • Support for your Team in their Goals and Objectives & meeting your Time Frames • Delivering on Specific Processes, Requirements, and Running Key Functions
  13. 13. Examples of our Functional Support Services •Discovery Biology •Cell Culture •Biochemical Assays •Molecular •Microbiology Testing Support •Bio-Analytical Chemistry •Quantitative & Structural Biology (Lead Optimization Biology) •Project Coordination •Technical Document Management •Radiation Safety •Clinical Support •Upstream R&D •Product Safety •Regulatory Affairs •Central Product Safety •Product Release •Quality Control •Physical Testing •Product Development •Pilot Plant Support •Process Support •Sample Preparation •Mechanical Testing •Electronics Testing •Evaluation and Prototyping •Material Characterization •Packaging Testing •Life Cycle Testing •Environmental Conditioning •Equipment Maintenance and Calibration •Development of Procedures •Supply Order •Stock Room Management •Sample Program Management •Data Management and Reporting •Managed Service Provider •Product Formulation •Method Development
  14. 14. ATL provides access to Industry Leading Technical Expertise. Our support team understands your business, your challenges, and your opportunities. • Improve Operations, Validate and Advance Internal Processes, Drive Results  Product Design, Optimization, Formulation, Validation Support, GAP Analysis Advisory Services
  15. 15. Increase Quality, Reduce Risk, Improve Accuracy and Results • Environmental Monitoring and Design  Develop Routine Sampling, Testing, and CAPA Programs • Investigation Support  Sampling Techniques, Audits, Training • Cleaning Effectiveness (Techniques, Procedures, Validations) • Method Development, Optimization, Validation and Transfer Support • Training  Techniques, Methods and cGMP Requirements
  16. 16. Special Services and Support • Investigations / Audits / Training • Equipment / Process Validation • Procedure Development • Quality Engineering • Health, Safety & Environmental
  17. 17. ATL’s professional staff has extensive cGMP experience in your industry. Analytical & Biological Services
  18. 18. ATL’s capabilities include a wide range of Methods and Testing for: • Raw Materials Finished Goods • Environmental • Product Development and Effectiveness We make it easy for you to meet the regulatory requirements of your industry • USP, CTFA, AOAC, ASTM, EP, BP, JP, ACS
  19. 19. Biological Services • Testing Support ▪ Microbial Limits ▪ Environmental Monitoring ▪ Celsis AkuScreen / RapiScreen ▪ VIDAS® • Microbial Susceptibility Services ▪ Zone of Inhibition (ZOI) ▪ Time Kill Assays / Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) ▪ Disinfectant Efficacy ▪ Preservative Efficacy
  20. 20. Biological Services • ATL delivers a wide range of Methods for detection of Microbial Contamination  CTFA: M1, M2, M3(process water, environmental samples, finished packaging)  USP <61>, <62>  Client Specific/Developed & Client Transferred Methods • Method Validation Services  ASTM E1054  USP <61>, <1227>  Client Specific/Developed Procedures
  21. 21. Biological Services • ATL Provides Solutions for Additional Microbiology Needs as well: • Stability/Shelf Life Studies • Environmental & Manufacturing Validation Testing • Enzyme Assays • Organism ID • Cleaning Validation • Container Closure Testing (Microbial Ingression)
  22. 22. Analytical Services Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is capable of providing a broad range of services to assist with any requests • Raw Materials Qualification / Vendor Qualification • Product Release Testing for any formulation • Stability Testing and Support • Comparative Product Testing • Method Development and Validation
  23. 23. Analytical Services Analytical Method Development, Validation, Optimization and Transfer is a large part of the work we provide. • Dedicated Validation Team • ICH/cGMP Compliant Method Validations • Assay, Purity, and Stability Indicating Methods in Multiple Formula Types • Capable of Development and Validation for Transfer to your Facility
  24. 24. Analytical Services Our Chemistry Department houses an extensive range of analytical methods and testing capabilities • AA, ICP • GC, HPLC, IC, TLC • FTIR & UV Spectroscopy • Karl Fisher, Viscosity, Turbidity, AutoTitration • Loss on Drying/Gravimetric Analyses • ROI, Polarimetry, Conductivity • TOC • Residual Solvents • Heavy Metals
  25. 25. ATL is uniquely positioned to provide technical solutions and support through the entire product development lifecycle. Future Focus
  26. 26. Consumer Product Use Consumer Needs Discovery Development Commercialization Providing Technical Solutions Across the Entire Development Lifecycle Technology ID & Concept Development Product Development & Claim Support Process Development & Scale Up Manufacturing & Product Delivery Marketing Support • Raw Material or New Ingredient Testing o Microbiology o Analytical o Physical o Cell culture • New Technology ID • Vendor/Supplier Audits • Equipment Management (process outsourcing) • Part II Compliance Assessment • cGMP Systems Assessment • Molecular Biology o Immunoassays o Western blots o qPCR o Cell /Biochem assays o Protein purification • Phlebotomy • Biochemistry o Bioanalytical o Metabolism • Pathology/Histology • Radiation Safety • Project Coordination o Bespoke project coordinators o Financial o Regulatory o Collaboration mgmt • Asset Management • Micro Susceptibility Testing (MST) • R&D Lab Operations Management • Flushability Testing • PS&RA – Safety & Regulatory • Raw Material Qualification Testing • Non-Regulated Claims Support • Method Validation • Method Development • Regulatory Consulting • Raw Materials Supply Chain Quality Management Launch • LAB Management Productivity Analysis • Benefit Modeling • Raw Material Supply • Chain Quality Management – On- going • LAB Network Management • Environmental Monitoring • In Process/Intermediate Testing – Validation • Scale Up & Batch Testing • Finished Product Testing – Validation • Process Flow Efficiencies/Developme nt • Cleaning Method/Program Development • Procurement o Supplies o Consumables o Instruments • Flow to Work Staffing Model • Process Consolidation over Multiple Sites • Business Continuity Management • Industry Best Practices Introduction • Facility Utilization Options • Cleaning & Sanitization (C&S)( Validation • M-Vac to Replace Swab Testing • Rapid Release – Celsis • Tanker Wash • In Process/Intermediate Testing - Release • Swab (cleaning val) o Chemistry o Micro • Raw Material Testing – Release • Cleaning Validation • Finished Product Testing – Release • Stability Testing • Component – Release • CoA Verification • Raw Material Confirmation Testing • Method Enhancement • Raw Materials Supply Chain Management • Lab Efficiency Consulting • Competitive Analysis o Micro claims o Composition or performance claims • Package Testing (engineering)
  27. 27. All of ATL’s Current Capabilities were designed to fulfill specific industry or customized client needs. Our Process is Designed to Engage Our Clients on a level that allows us to truly understand their needs, goals and difficulties. It is Not About What We Currently Provide Today but more importantly about what we can develop as a solution for our clients tomorrow. Our Primary Point
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Questions?