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Big data and analytics
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Big data and analytics


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Presentation give to the UK NCC confernce on Big Data June 2012

Presentation give to the UK NCC confernce on Big Data June 2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. responsive, credible, flexibleBig Data and Analytics:New data sources createtransformation opportunitiesMike DavisPrincipal Analyst © All images acknowledged 1 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 2. Running order Why all the fuss about big data? So who uses big data? (and why) How has it helped business to date? Where else can it help? CIO concerns? WIIFY (whats in it for you) 2 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 3. Information management is aboutUSING information – to make a decision 3 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 4. Decision making requires effectiveinformation…That’s delivered:At the right place – and in contextAt the right time – and complete / credible / trustedTo the right person(s) – who have authority to make decisions 4 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 5. The need for precision 5 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 6. Small decisions – big effects 6 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 7. Understanding data 7 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 8. Understanding data 8 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 9. Understanding data 9 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 10. Understanding data 10 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 11. Understanding data 11 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 12. Its all his fault 12 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 13. 5 Terabytes of electronic data undermanagement 13 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 14. Big data and the challenge of decisionmakingSizeScopeSpeed 14 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 15. Theres simply too much data to dealwith The petabyte is the new data norm Tsunami of human and machine generated data Multiple formats Democratisation of data 800 Tweets per second (12 gigabytes) Facebook generates 100 TB of data…per day Organisations are struggling to store, access and process data efficiently Structured and unstructured information is processed in separate systems Some formats are difficult to process 15 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 16. So wheres the value in big data? 16 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 17. So who uses big data? And whats in itfor your organisation?Internet Google, Amazon, eBay, AOL – everythingMobile Gaming On line betting, multi user gamesMarketing Social Network Analysis, Digital AdvertisingTelcos Call Routing Management, Subscriber ChurnRetail Tesco – customer segmentation, Netflix – everythingUtilities Smart Grid for metersInsurance Telemetrics on carsBanking Fraud detection 17 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 18. Big data in marketing -Social network analysis World’s biggest marketing focus group Who’s talking about you? What are they saying? Why? Who are the opinion leaders? Highly contextual text analytics Classic many-to-many relationship problem Map & measure relationships & flows between people, groups, computers, URLs, etc. Facebook adds 10 – 15 TB/day to DW 18 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 19. Big data and mobile gaming/on linebetting Billing Demographic info Mobile device, location, time Usage What’s hot, whats not Levels of play/betting Customer segmentation ID top players/punters, leaders Social Media comment Trending and sentiment 19 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 20. Big data in telco/ISPs Call routing optimization 200 GBytes compressed CDRs uploaded daily (from 1 Tbyte raw data) Constraints: tower location, interconnection agreements Customer churn analysis & prevention Traditionally: Look at call quality Today: Social community analysis Who’s calling who? Security issues?? 20 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 21. Big data in retail - Tesco Major use of BI and loyalty program Outsourced to Dunnhumby for analysis 80% of customers are Clubcard members Constantly updating data – every transaction improves data quality Targeted promotions both direct and sponsored by suppliers (revenue stream) 21 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 22. Big data in utilitiesSINGLE RESIDENTIAL METER – a 6 digitreadingEvery quarter =4Every day = 365Every hour = 8760Every 15 minutes = 35,040Every 5 minutes = 105,120Every minute = 525,600Every 30 seconds = 1,501,200/per meter/peryearThe UK has 26 million household meters PG&E added 1.2 Pbytes storage to support 700k SMART meters in 2008. They have 10x that today 22 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 23. Big data in insurance – the single viewand the spy in the car 23 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 24. Should you have concerns? Who owns the data? Who can access the data? How quickly does it need to be processed? How easily can it be understood? Who’s running the IM department anyway? 24 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 25. WIIFY? - we do not need to be afraidof big data You will not be the first Big data brings value – not traditional ROI (unless it is your business) We have the tools – we may need to bring them together We have the skills – we may need to bring them together We need to see an organisation’s information assets as a whole We do however need the organisation to mature in its understanding of the role and value of information Big data should mean BIG opportunities 25 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012
  • 26. responsive, credible, flexibleThank 26 © msmd advisors Ltd 2012