Improvement Kata Handbook
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Improvement Kata Handbook



A free, downloadable handbook for teaching and learning the Improvement Kata

A free, downloadable handbook for teaching and learning the Improvement Kata



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Improvement Kata Handbook Improvement Kata Handbook Presentation Transcript

  • Improvement Kata Handbook A handbook is available online, to help you apply, practice and teach the scientific pattern of the Improvement Kata. (Hardcopy or e-Book) © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 1 of 10
  • WHAT IS THE IMPROVEMENT KATA HANDBOOK? Itʼs a guide for using the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata In it youʼll find: P Details on how to practice and apply the 4 steps of the Improvement Kata P Clear, step-by-step instructions for the Coaching Kata. This is how to teach the Improvement Kata in daily coaching cycles. P Dozens of tips and lessonslearned from our experiences P All the necessary forms for the Learner, Coach, 2nd Coach, and many diagrams. Copyright information: While we continue experimenting and developing the Handbook, its beta version is available for you to read, download and use. The Improvement Kata Handbook is Copyright © 2014 by Mike Rother, all rights reserved.  The handbook is updated periodically and is intended to support persons who are teaching, practicing or interested in the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata. You are free to copy and use these materials as long as you note the source and copyright on each page, but they may not be reproduced for sale in any form. © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 2 of 10
  • WHERE TO GET IT The Improvement Kata Handbook is available on the Materials to Download page of the Toyota Kata Website © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 3 of 10
  • ITʼS A COMPANION TO THE BOOK TOYOTA KATA The Handbook is a set of training routines and training materials for the Improvement Kata and the Coaching Kata described in Toyota Kata If you're a manager, coach, trainer, mentor or just serious about developing Improvement Kata skill through practice, the materials in the Handbook plus Toyota Kata will guide you through the process © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 4 of 10
  • HANDBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Introduction I. GETTING STARTED About the Improvement Kata Guidelines for Practicing Roles and Structure for Daily Practice II. THE IMPROVEMENT KATA (Learner) Step Step Step Step 1: 2: 3: 4: Understand the Direction / Challenge Grasp the Current Condition Establish the Next Target Condition Iterate Toward the Target Condition III. THE COACHING KATA (Coach) Coaching Kata Part 1: Guidelines for Coaches Coaching Kata 2: How to Do a Coaching Cycle Appendix: Useful Forms © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 5 of 10
  • GETTING THE HANDBOOK (Hardcopy) • • • • Step Step Step Step 1: 2: 3: 4: Go to the download page on the Toyota Kata Website Click on the chapter files to download them (pdf format) Print the chapter files Bind with tabs (ideally spiral binding) Download the Chapter Files Print Bind © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 6 of 10
  • GETTING THE HANDBOOK (e-Book) • • • • Step Step Step Step 1: 2: 3: 4: Go to the download page on the Toyota Kata Website Click on the chapter files to download them (pdf format) Connect your e-reader to your computer Drag and drop the chapter files to your e-reader Download the Chapter Files Drag and Drop © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 7 of 10
  • ADD A TAB FOR EACH CHAPTER Optional: Two-sided copying, to keep the Handbook compact Optional: Spiral binding, so the Handbook can be folded back completely Tabs The Intro About the IK © Mike Rother Practice Guidelines Roles Direction Current Condition Target Condition PDCA Cycles Coaching Cycles Appendix TOYOTA KATA 8 of 10
  • THE HANDBOOK IS UPDATED REGULARLY AS WE LEARN MORE Check the version number online The Handbook shows you things weʼre learning... ...about how to apply and practice the Improvement Kata ...and how to teach it using the Coaching Kata © Mike Rother TOYOTA KATA 9 of 10
  • MAKING THE IMPROVEMENT KATA PATTERN A HABIT INVOLVES DELIBERATE PRACTICE Every good wish for your practicing & learning, and for achieving your goals and challenges PRACTICE Daily KATA Structured routine to practice © Mike Rother COACHING Corrective feedback MASTERY Overcoming obstacles TOYOTA KATA 10 of 10