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    • Checking your e-mail inbox
    • Having access to the course
    • Getting to your course
    • Explore this first!
    • Now explore a bit more
    • Writing your first post
    • Replying to a post
    • Some useful tips
    • Last but not least!
    • Contact
  • 3. 1. Username and password To start the joining process to the Yes! Course you will start by checking your e-mail inbox first. Find the email subject: Joining Instructions Yes! Course (British Council) . In this message, you will find: 4. An attachment with joining instructions (The one you are reading at this moment). 2. Group you belong to 3. e-Tutor
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    • Click on this link:
    To have access to the course you can: 3. When you do 1 or 2 (above), you will be taken to this site: or 2. You can copy/paste or type in your browser address bar (Firefox or Internet Explorer). Hit enter in your keyboard.
  • 5. 4. Now type the username and password (See picture) you received in your email inbox. It should be exactly the same. If you do not copy it as it is you will have login problems. Example: Username: george Password: orwell Note: For example, If you type it like this: Username: George Password: Orwel You will have login problems!
  • 6. 5. Once you have written your username and password, click on the login button. Note 2: If you get an invalid login message , try again. Remember to type username and password exactly as they are in the message sent to your email inbox. If you keep on having problems to login, write to Miguel Mendoza at [email_address]
  • 7. Once you successfully login, click on: Yes! e-English for Teachers in Development.
  • 8. Now click on: e-English for Teachers 12 (Brazil 6-Sao José dos Campos Course).
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