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In this Fitness Money Podcast episode, Tyler Bramlett and Logan Christopher talk about a change in the Fitness Money podcasting plan, ways to earn more money by offering Physical Books amd packaging deals, how to use Google Hangouts, websites vulnerability, how to successfully manage your time and much, much more!

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Recent Successes and Failures - Fitness Money Podcast

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 24Recent Successes And FailuresGet this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money Podcast brought to you by In this podcast, LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step by step ways to make more money in your fitnessbusiness. Let’s take it on over to this episode of the Fitness Money Podcast.Tyler: Hey guys! It’s Tyler and Logan here and this is the Fitness Money podcast,, and I know we are an extra week out fromthe Fitness Money Podcast but we decided to slow things down just so that all because I personally wasdrowning in too much to do with the baby and I have an upcoming knee surgery that I’m trying to getsome products for. Logan and I were chatting about this and we were like let’s just talk about some ofour successes and failures lately and how we can help people kind of build on their businesses via ourfuck ups and our good ideas. Logan, how’s it going, man?Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Logan: It’s going good. So yeah, on that announcement, we will be doing fitness money every otherweek is the plan for the near time being, considering that we haven’t spent a whole lot of time inactually monetizing this. We’re just giving you such great information because we’re really focused onour actual revenue generating businesses. This is just a side project right now. We know it’s going to behuge in the future. We’re just choosing not to focus on it as much at this time so you’re still going to getgreat information from us. We’re going to have a whole bunch of great interviews coming up in thefollowing weeks but you’ll be getting in the Fitness Money Podcast every other week for the time being.Tyler: I consider this like a social experiment you know. We’re good friends. We chat about this stuff allthe time so why not chat on it on a podcast where we can share the information with other people. Atsome point, I think that this podcast is going to have so much awesome information and people aregoing to listen to it all the way through, they’re going to start beating our doors down and just saying,“Sell me something!” “Give me something!” Right? When they do that, maybe we’ll consider monetizingit, maybe.But like you said I’d much rather be successful in what we’re talking about then only successful in themoney making niche because I see way too many of these gurus, how to make money and this and that,and the only reason they made money was selling the book how to make money and this and that. Theynever made any money.Logan: Yeah. They never made it and something. There’s reason for that. The idea was Dan Kennedycalled it “selling dollars at a discount.” When you’re teaching people this sort of information where theycan then turn around and make more money with it, you’re selling dollars at a discount. That means thatpeople can go out, use the information, and they have money coming in so they can spend more moneywith you on products, coaching seminars, and everything.That’s what great about teaching people how to make money. If you’re teaching people how to get fit,how to lose weight, how to build more muscle, that’s good and that may greatly improve their lives evenmore so than money would but the case is, people may not have any more money in which to buy moreof your services. So it’s trickier to do and that’s why it’s actually a good thing in that if you learn how tomake money in this area, when you will transition, like me and Tyler are just starting to do, to teachingpeople how to do it? It’s so much easier to sell at that level once you have this past success.Tyler: Absolutely. Absolutely. So speaking of successes, Logan, maybe we should dig into some successesand then we’ll bounce off some failures or whatever. So what have you been successful with lately?Logan: Okay. Well just last week, I did a successful promotion, actually probably one of the best thingsI’ve done in a while. This was my new book, Deceptive Strength. I always forget the subtitle, it’ssomething like “Becoming strong while staying small” and it’s about building a whole lot of strengthwithout putting on a lot of muscle. The average person out there are only training in order to lookbetter, to add muscle, or to lose weight, so it’s not something for the common or the mainstreampeople out there. But there are enough people interested in that topic and looking specifically at whatI’ve been able to accomplish even while remaining relatively skinny that they’re interested in the topic.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. So what worked really well about this, there’s quite a few different things. One is I’ve found out thatpeople in my niche really seem to like books a whole lot. I get more sales with books than with a videocourse. Have you noticed that? You’ve normally packaged—Tyler: Yeah. So that was interesting, Logan. I mailed out a couple emails to that and I’m not keeping themetrics on the affiliate sales I’ve done with you. I always like to just see random deposits from PayPalcoming in. I keep metrics on all my own products and most of my affiliate promotions. For some reason,I just promote Logan and I just wait for a check to come in to the mail or just a deposit to happen, andit’s cool when at the beginning of the month you get like $600 or $500 or $1,000 or whatever dollars.So when I mailed out this one, I noticed that my list, my following, was hungry for hardcover productsbecause so many people these days are doing digital downloads, digital videos, digital PDFs. That’s greatbecause you can save on shipping costs. You can actually reduce the price of the products by quite a bitbut having a book, especially a book in your hand, there’s nothing like having a book on your hand thatyou can read, you can highlight, you can bring with you.At some point in the future, maybe digital will overtake print copies. Digital is already, in my opinion, isstarting to take over the DVDs and things like that with things like on Apple TV and so on and so forthbut I was shocked, Logan, to see how many sales I made of the hardcover books over the ebook.Logan: So that’s something I have been doing with most of my products, not everything but definitelywith books, always offer the option, ebook or hard cover. You know what? I find it’s roughly a 50-50split, maybe a little bit more on the ebook side just because I usually offer the ebooks cheaper. I’m notpaying for production costs so I do offer that as a cheaper product.Not only did I have these two options of the ebook or the physical version of the book but there’s also apackage deal where you could get not only this book but two of my other book that I’ve written that sortof fit in line with the same topic. I offer this package at a substantial discount, once again in an e-versionand a physical version, and I had a whole lot of people buying this package, which took something thatpeople were paying $24.95 or $34.95 to something they were paying $47 or $67 dollars for, so animmediate bump to about double the price. I’d say, I’d have to look over, but probably about a third ofthe people took one of those options.Tyler: Yeah. That’s great man. That’s cool. Well, I’ll jump in into something I’ve had some success withand I can kind of give you a different perspective because Logan talked about his online sales and stuff. Icould tell you guys about a new system I created to getting new clients that has been converting verywell for me.What I did what I took all this internet information that we’ve been kind of talking about in more recentepisodes of the podcast, getting your sales letters up, driving people to things, and autoresponders andstuff, and I applied that to my boot camp business. The reason why I did this was, like always it’s out ofnecessity right, which was I’m having a baby. I’m not going to be able to meet with people one on one. Ineed to optimize the time that I spend on this business, and so I spend the time to create this funnel.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. So here’s how the thing works. You go to the sales page and the sales page is a big, giant, long pitchabout trying this program out for 21 days, take my challenge, you get a free manual, you can try theprogram out for 21 days. Then if they purchase that offer, it takes them to a page that tells themeverything they need to know, gives then their free nutritional manual, has them print out a piece ofpaper that basically gives me a release of liability for them to come to the boot camp gym, hand thatthat paper to one of my coaches—I don’t have to be there at all, at all. Zero, right?—and then they gotake classes for 21 days.The magic of this whole system what that I created a 21-day autoresponder on the back end pitchingthem nothing, giving them nothing but awesome content. I didn’t even put this in the sales letter eventhough it would have probably increased sales. It was like hey, five days into it, I wanted to give you abonus, a free stretching video. There’s a 30-minute follow along stretching video that I pulled from oneof my products and I put on there. Then like five days later, hey, I wanted to give you a bonus abworkout. You can do this on your days off at home with zero equipment, just easy to follow, blah, blah,blah. Then I nourish them through the process.All the while, if you go to the auto responder, you’ll notice lots of like consistency, how to make realchange, things like that, stick to it. The purpose is that after 21 days, I want them to be emailing me,knocking on my door, asking me how they can continue. But since I use a very cool software systemcalled Infusionsoft, it also sends me an email remainder at Day 14 that says, “Hey, contact this person inthe next 7 days,” and then I can email them or close them over the phone. It’s taking my time that Ispend doing sales specifically for the gym—I still do some other things for my boot camp program—fromabout probably 20 hours, 15 to 20 hours a week, down to about 2.Logan: That’s a good improvement.Tyler: It’s huge, granted my conversions are not going to be as high but my goal isn’t to make thatbusiness gigantic right now. My sole focus in on the online business right now and so what I reallywanted to do was be able to automate that business as much as possible in a way that people felt like itwas personal to them. So if you guys are interested in checking this thing out, you can by all means,swipe some of the auto responder stuff. Go to and if you have $47 bucks you could signup even if you’re not in my town and I’ll take you through the auto responder sequence. If you guyswant to swipe in to play with those within your own city, it’s done for you stuff.I shouldn’t be telling you guys this but if you do that, if you watch it and you make yourself your ownstretching video and ab video on, you’ll have a 21-day auto responder sequence that was designed toget people knocking on your door, asking you how to continue. You can apply that to your boot camp oryour personal training and instead of selling people directly on month long memberships, you can do 21-day trial for $47 dollars or 21-day trial for $67, or whatever you are currently charging, or a discountedrate of whatever you might be currently charging for a 21-day thing.So that’s been really successful. I’m super happy with it. Now I have to start doing thing like testing waysto get cold traffic into my funnel that aren’t members of the facilities that I partnered with on, which willbe a whole different animal but I think it’ll be something else I want to do because to me if I can run thisCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. thing really smoothly, then what I can do is I can remove myself from the business and I can hand it offto somebody else. The more I can automate this, the more likely it would be for me to be able to sell it.Then eventually, like Logan already talked about, I’m just going to sit around talking to people like youon the phone, telling you how you can make more money in your fitness business, and automate things.Actually, I’ve got a good buddy, Jeff, who’s going to get on the call. He’s brilliant when it comes to thisstuff so you guys look forward to that in the next couple weeks. He’s making $300,000 a year and Italked to him the other day. He said, “I work two hours a day from my laptop.”Logan: Nice.Tyler: Whoa! So anyway, that’s one thing I’ve had a big time success with. I’m super stoked on it, superproud of it. If you guys want to check out the auto responder formula, you can check it out and no hard feelings. If you get a phone call from me like, “Hey, just wondering how theTXT class went?” and you’re like, “Dude, I bought this off of Fitness Money.” I’ll be like, “Cool, man.” I’llgive you a little phone high five or whatever. All right, Logan, what have you failed at lately?Logan: Well, I can talk about something that’s been frustrating. I believe it’s all fixed now. I have todouble check but when you grow and become more successful, you will be attacked by people and thiscan come in a variety of different ways. I wasn’t expecting this one but this actually happened a littlewhile back. I fixed it or I thought I fixed it, and then it happened again. They found out that my siteswere still weak. Anyway, some entrepreneur systems, I guess, some people were able to hack into—Tyler: Those are entrepreneurs.Logan: Yeah. I might not have minded if I got an affiliate commission on it but no. That’s not what I’mselling. Anyway, some people hacked into a number of my different websites and they made it so, oddlyenough just on mobile devices—this wasn’t happening on a PC for some reason. I don’t know whybecause that would mean more traffic, so, weird anyway—it was redirecting to various different pornsites. So the bad thing about this was I have, you know---Tyler: You weren’t the one pitching me on porn? I signed up for that. No, I’m just kidding.Logan: So one of my sites,—Tyler: My wife was getting all—just joking, sorry.Logan: People sign up for an autoresponder which has automated messages that go out with links tothese websites, web pages on them, and they would have a surprise if they looked on it on their iPhoneor iPad or anything like that. It was a little bit of a hassle and unfortunately at this time, my VA was outof town on vacation so I didn’t know how to go and fix all these things but I was like, oh, he’ll be back onFriday. I can just hold off until then. It’s all right. I’ll point some people to porn in the mean time but it’llbe fixed soon enough.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. So that is something that I don’t want you to take from this that I’ve got to make sure my sites, websitesare secure and everything when you’re starting out just to get going. Stuff like this will happen. You’llfigure it out as you go along. It’s not a big problem. I probably did lose some subscribers and potentialcustomers due to this fact but I can live with that. There’s a problem; it got fixed. Time to move on.Tyler: That’s important, Logan. When people are listening to this, both you and I weren’t always like go-getting action-takers. We both had some learning curves and I’m sure if you’re listening to this call,you’ve had some learning curves, too. One of the things we want you guys to realize is—I wrote an emailabout this the other day—challenges are good. When something confronts you is a problem, it’s greatbecause it’s going to teach you a lesson. It’s going to help you grow. That’s huge. That’s why when we’retalking about our successes that kind of worked out well and our failures that kind of kicked us in thenuts and we had to get back up and figure out how to fix it, I’d say you learn way more from yourfailures than you do from your successes.Logan: Absolutely.Tyler: So you guys have to face your challenges head on. If you don’t have any freakin’ money and youcan’t pay the rent, listen to all our episodes. Prioritize that because in these podcasts, you can make tenor a hundred thousand extra dollars with the information here. That’s not a joke. I’m not trying to tootmy own horn. We don’t sell anything. We have nothing to sell you. So it doesn’t really matter. All right?The point is you have to embrace your challenges. You have to grow from them. Those are the peoplewho change the world, who make the most money, who live the extraordinary lives. So you guys have toembrace those challenges. Okay, sorry I just get a little passionate about that kind of stuff becausepeople are like, “Oh, I don’t want to risk my money” whatever.Something I have failed at lately—and Logan has noticed it—is time management. That’s something thatI’ve been having a big time struggle in the last probably six to eight weeks specifically because of thebirth of my baby girl. I’m trying very, very hard, now more than ever, to realize that the lines betweenwork and family need to be drawn and drawn very, very, very, deep in the ground. Fortunately I workfrom home and I have an office that’s secluded enough downstairs. I’m trying to get a lot more of mywork done 100% down there in go mode, in focus mode, with my to-do list back in front of me insteadof so and so this, kind of bouncing around from project to project. That’s been a really challenging thingbecause before when I would just literally work all day long—you okay there, Logan?Logan: I’m good.Tyler: I just watched Logan almost choke and die, which by the way is a side note. We’re both walkingon treadmills and if we had a video of this, it would be just the goofiest thing in the world. We wouldlook like we’re in a side shuffle the entire time.Okay, so my point is it’s been really challenging. When you go through periods of your life wheresomething new happens like you have a child all of a sudden or a death in the family or somebody closeCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. to you, it can really throw a wrench in your wheels. So the biggest thing I can impart to you guys is takethat as a learning experience, like I just talked about.What I’m doing is I’m trying to wake up earlier because there are no options anymore. So I’ve beenwaking up between 5:15 and probably 6:15 every day. It’s very early. The other day I got to go walk allaround town at like 6 in the morning—it was pretty fun—and then I’m trying to start my work dayearlier. So 7:30, 8 o clock, I’m trying to get it done earlier, typically 6 pm so it’s still a ten-hour day butthat gives me three or four hours to hang out with my baby and my wife and then I repeat the dailygrind. That’s usually Sunday through Monday but I’m also trying to get Sundays a little bit lower.It’s hard when you don’t feel like you’re actually working. Right? I don’t feel like I’m working right now.We’re just having fun. Well, I’m not. This is like the worst use of my time financially. No, but that’s beena big failure of mine lately that’s been very challenging for me, was managing my time well with the newbaby in the house and just getting a new routine. But I think things are starting to get settled and I’mreally doing my best to try and figure out how to segregate work time from family time. I think as timegoes on and my daughter gets older, and maybe we have another kid, I’m really going to have tosegregate that even more because there’s nothing like really being on like the typing train, just killing itthen somebody walks in and it just turned your article that you could have gotten done in 20 minutesinto like a 30 or 40-minute because you can’t get back on the train.I’ll be working on that in the future and hopefully you guys can segregate your work life from your familylife a little bit more so that you can enjoy the time you spend hanging out a bit more and really just worklike a demon when you’re not there.Logan: Yup. When you’re working, work. When you’re not working, don’t work. And its—Tyler: See, I had a hard time with that.Logan: Yeah. I do too at times and having the home office is a part of it because you can always go inthere or if you have a laptop, you can check on things. Notice that you—Tyler: is it through your iPad and a laptop and a home office, it’s like the only way I can not work is to goout in the middle of nowhere with no paper and no pens because I would probably just start writing outlike emails and autoresponders—Logan: Well see, that’s the cool thing. We do things that we really enjoy. People that work jobs that theyhate, they can’t wait for the weekend when they don’t need to think about that at all. We, the reasonwe got into this stuff was yes, the financial rewards but it’s fun. It’s stuff that we would be doinganyway. I’ve actually tried to take Sundays off myself for the most part and don’t do any work on thembut sometimes I’m just sitting there and it’s like I’m kind of bored right now like I’m want to work.Tyler: Bored out of my mind.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Logan: You have to find other things to do just to disengage. I think that’s a good thing to do, to takeone day off a week if you can but it is a thing you’re going to constantly have to work and balance withas you go through it.I want to talk about another semi-success, semi-failure that I did. Something that’s new and hot in theinternet marketing circles are Google Hangouts and the different ways that you can use these,specifically to do broadcasting type of hangouts. I may be getting the words wrong on these because I’veonly just begun to play with it and don’t know a whole lot of it but I decided after hearing all these greatthings about how if you do it right you can get a lot of people on there, it’s basically like a webinarexcept live and you can have multiple people, and also automatically it’d be posted to YouTube and itcan rank really well for keywords and different things.So I wanted to try this out after having heard about it for a couple months. This was kind of slow takingaction but I decided it was finally the right time to do it. I used this as part of my book launch. I’m justgoing to post it out to everyone that hey, I’m going to do a live workout so you can come on board andask questions and get to see how it is that I actually work out. I think this is a great way to learn. I’mreally a hands-on type of person and if I’m not there for a workshop but actually see someone doingwhat they’re doing, I can learn a lot from that because I’m also kind of a natural modeller as far aspicking up from people, seeing what they do, and being able to do it myself.So anyway I posted it out and there were people on the line. My whole thing was hey, you can askquestions and everything. There was no way to ask questions. I didn’t have it properly set up so theywere only able to watch and throughout the video, you get me like, “Hey, is there a chat box oranything? Let me know if you’re out there” and there were people there. They were posting onFacebook but I wasn’t checking that.So I was able to do something and some of the people that watched I’ve gotten great feedback from itbut there were also technical difficulties. This goes back to what we were saying before. You fail forwardfast. You go out there and you do something. That’s the best way to learn. I spent time figuring out howto get it set up and everything and I had it good enough to go but it wasn’t perfect. They couldn’t askquestions. It could have been a lot better. So next time I do this, it’s going to be better. I’m able to takewhat I learn from that mistake and get better results next time.I think I’ve still got to play with it to see how it works but I’m going to be playing with this GoogleHangout stuff even more in the future. You’re likely going to hear more about it. We may even doFitness Money Podcast in the future not on Skype where we record it but on these Google Hangouts andmaybe you have some live ones where you can come and join us and everything as well.Tyler: Very cool, man. Well I’ve got one more success I’ll share then maybe we’ll kind of titrate thingsdown a little bit here. Yeah, we’ve got a little bit of time left. So I want to talk to you guys about a prettybig time success I had. It was a baby sale that I launched recently. I’m going to give you guys some of themetrics on what I was able to do with this baby sale and then I’m going to teach you guys how to apply itto an online program or an offline program because there’s always a good time to have a sale.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Now what I had managed to do with these baby sale is I took all of my existing products that a lot ofpeople have already promoted for me, so they’ve sent emails out, “Hey, check out this guys product.” Iput them together on one sales page where they could save, I think it was something like 70% almost,on all the products, including one gigantic bundle that was way too cheap. It was $ 97.00 for everythingI’ve ever created.Then I went ahead and I used my networking skills, which is a couple of podcasts ago, to recruit I think Ihad 22 legitimate affiliates. So 22 people emailed out to this page one or more times during the few-dayperiod that I was running this sale. That’s pretty powerful to realize. I’m talking about 22 people whohave made more than three sales so they’re not people on my list who made one sale who just used theClickbank affiliate thing to save 75% of their orders. In that short time period when I ran this baby sale,that week, I made $4,771. Out of that, $3,000 came from affiliates. So I made $1,700 from my own emaillist and $3,000 came from affiliates, which brings my sales total to almost $20,000 right there. It’s$20,000 in sales in one week and of course I had to give the affiliates their percentage, which isautomatically done in the software program we talked about, Clickbank, but I was very proud of that. Isold 947 units that week of different products through my upsells and everything like that, 947 things,so that was a powerful week.The reason why I did that is because I was talking with someone who I pay a lot of money to coach meand he said, “Hey, you should have a baby sale” and I had a baby sale. So I took some good pictures fromwhen I was suffering and crying in the hospital and I put them up on the sales page, said, hey, I’m havinga baby sale. It’s running for 72 hours or whatever. All the products are 50 to 70% off. People went onthere and they ate it right up.So it was a way for me to repurpose stuff that I’d already promoted, I’d already launched, I’ve alreadypromoted again and again to my email list and just make it a way for everybody to get stuff cheaper andreally accelerate my income that month because you know what? Last month was an expensive ass-month for me with taxes, medical bills, and stuff so that was a good time to have an extra $5,000 roll inover just a few days.Now how can you apply this? If you guys are an internet business, it’s pretty obvious. Just have a sale.Make it a good reason. You don’t have to have an amazing sales copy. Just create a huge discount.Logan: You don’t need to have a baby in order to have a sale.Tyler: No, you don’t need to have a baby and all that.Logan: It is a good reason, though. If you have it, there’s probably not many better reasons that will getpeople in a buying mood just for like congratulations. On that note, I recently did a sale. I usually do asale of my product, a big sale like you were talking about once a year. I did this one like hey, I’m trying tobuy a house, which I thought at first would be a good idea but I think there may have been like who is hethat he gets a house? So there may have been a little of that and that’s not the best reason. It still wassuccessful though I had more successful sales in the past. But anyway, get back to what you were saying.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Tyler: Real quick, if I were to have rerun Logan’s sale, I would spin it as I need a place to live. Right?Logan can’t stand living in this place anymore and I need to get out. I need a place where I can optimizemy workouts and get a better garage and all that stuff. That’s where I would have spun it out.Logan: I need a better garage, a better place to film videos.Tyler: Yeah, so I can help you get better free content. That’s how I would have spun it but my point isthat if we look at what I was talking about, I made $1,700 on my own so those are people who boughtfrom me and then over $3,000 from affiliates so the big thing you’re going to have to do if you have asale online and you have a good product is build relationships with affiliates. That is huge and I’mworking my butt off right now to find and build relationships with the affiliates that can make thebiggest difference in my business who I feel like would gel with my products. I’m not going to approachsomebody who has nothing to do with fitness and be like hey, promote my ab program! It doesn’t makeany freaking sense. Even if you’re doing something like muscle building and you’re trying to go to a fatloss, it still doesn’t make sense.So find affiliates that do really well. I happen to have good relationships with 22 affiliates where I cansend out a couple emails and say hey, can you send me an email or two out of your list? Let me know ifyou need a custom content and I’ll be glad to send it on your way and that ended up as $3000 in extrasales for me! And an additional $9,000 was spread among those affiliates. They made 75% of all thosesales.So you can definitely take your sale format, you can accelerate it and blow it up by recruiting affiliates,having them promote your sale as well. You’d be surprised. Some people with very small email lists, likeless than a thousand-person, maybe 500-person email list, sold a couple of the big copies like the fullprogram offers. So I’m looking at their earning per click and generally in the industry if you getsomebody above 50 cents per click, you’re doing good. Their earnings per click were like $4 becausesomebody just sent 40 people to my page and 2 people bought the full program so it’s really powerful.When you’re an affiliate and you’re sending emails out to something and you get an email that says,“You just sold a big product. Here’s $88,” that’s pretty cool. It’s not like the usual ones that are $5, $10,$15, or $20. $88 is a big time commission to get and it makes you feel like you want to send anotheremail.So that’s how you do it in your online business. You really recruit those affiliates. You build a good salespage. You have a good reason. But there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be having a sale at least onceevery couple of months, right? If you’re not doing a sale once a quarter, you’re missing the ball in that.Logan: Well, I want to point out the difference between having a sale and doing some sort of promotion.There are all different ways you can do that. I was just reading a book Ogilvy on Advertising—DavidOgilvy was a big time advertiser working in agencies but had background in direct mail and all that—talking about the difference between doing some promotion, which any time you need an influx of cash,some sort of promotion is the way to go because if you have the subscribers, the email, or some way tocontact people, it works really well.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. That’s different from advertising where you’re really trying to just have like an evergreen type ofpromotion, something that can always build up, but a sale can be different then like the new booklaunch. They’re different sort of things. So depending on how you structure it, you can do one big sale. Ido one once a year but there are tons of different promotions for different things and maybe a sale on afew things or a discount on a few things or some sort of promotion for that versus everything. So thereare so many different ways you can structure it.Tyler: Yeah, there is and the easiest way—somebody told me this and it really has rung with me—ismodel a chain store. Model Best Buy. Because I said I don’t want to do too many sales because I did asale earlier that month and somebody asked me, “Hey, when was the last time you went to Best Buy?”“Oh a couple of weeks ago.” “When do they run sales?” I was like, “Oh shit, they run sales every day.” Sothey’re a huge business, they have lots of money to test and tweak things, and they’re running salesevery single day. But you can contrast that to their Black Friday Sale. What do they do with their BlackFriday Sale? They fire sale it. They offer the best stuff for the cheapest prices. So that can be an exampleof what I was trying to do at the baby sale. Then other months you can have those general sales orspecific sales on different products and stuff, but you should always be doing some sort of discountedoffer with people.Let’s apply this real quick before we take off here to your gym model. Because people love sales, literallylast Thanksgiving—this is going to relate back to Black Friday—I sent an email out. Black Friday Sale! Getone year of boot camp classes for 50% off. I had a handful of people taking me on it. I think I made$3,000 from one email.My brother who’s got a higher priced boot camp program and a little bit better of relationships becausehe’s in his gym all the time, he sold $12,000. Another friend of mine, Jay Altman, sold $28,000 in bootcamp memberships just from one email. It’s so easy. They understand Black Friday. It’s Black Friday. Youget one chance to get a deal. Here’s the deal. Take it or break it. You don’t even have to be good atwriting a copy. You can just open the Best Buy ad, copy exactly what they say, replace the word “bootcamp” with the word “TV” and then change the prices and you’re good to go. I mean it’s really thatsimple. Then you can make a ton of money doing this stuff.So you could do that in any way, shape, or form. I’m having a baby sale for my boot camp and you canget in right now for the first month. I always recommend you do a discount for the first month then youbring them up to those regular prices or paid in full memberships. You could have an email list of peopletaking your boot camps right now or personal training clients. You say hey, pay in full for three monthsand I’ll give you a $10 discount each session. That’s the easiest way to generate cash now if you needthat cash. It’s there for you. It’s right now.Logan: There are so many great reasons for sales. I think I’m going to be running one upcoming. I havejust some products, some returns and different things. Let’s just say I don’t normally send out myproducts but I have some in my closet so I’ll be doing the Spring Cleaning Sale. I’ve got to hurry up withthat while it’s still spring and get that in there. There are so many good reasons you can do it. Any sort ofCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. damaged product or inventory or fire Sale or “We bought too much of this” or “It got shipped to thewrong place.” There are so many reasons.Like I said, any time you can do a sale, do it. Can it be done too much? Of course but like you weresaying, Best Buy is always running sales. It’s just in how you contact your people, how you put it acrossto make it go that way but the main idea is if you’re not making offers out there then people aren’tpaying attention, especially in this short attention span age. You need to have that sort of scarcity. “Thisis limited time,” or “We only have so many available.” That has to be in there. A substantial discount,that’s going to get people to act because if you have a program that normally sells for $100 and its 50%off, that’s going to get people coming in. So if you have just those two components, you’re good to go.You’ll make money.Tyler: You’ll make some money.Logan: Whether you have products or services, coaching or anything you have out there, it alwaysworks.Tyler: Yeah, you know what’s kind of funny. You can listen to this call and even if you’re just a fitnessenthusiast, you can apply this to your job, whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. You can start anotherbusiness and use all these same principles and make a bunch of money in that other business. We’re justtrying to help you guys out and have some fun at the same time, which I know I did. This was a fun calland hopefully I’m going to see if I can get that guy, Jeff, on so the next podcast you guys listen to, we’llprobably do Jeff. We might even do a Part 2 because Jeff is, like I said, a really smart guy. He’s got awhole group of trainers listening to him. I talked to him just the other day and he’s like, “Oh yeah, that’sone guy I taught this trick to,” and I was like that’s brilliant. He’s like, “Oh, yeah. He made $10,000 extralast month.” He’s got his brunches and he’s got his own software company thing he’s coming out with sohe’s a really sharp guy. Hopefully, I’m not just blowing all this smoke up in the air and then we never gethim on the phone but hopefully, we’ll get him on a call so you guys can listen to Jeff’s knowledge andnot just me or Logan all day long, having dick and fart jokes for 30 minutes every other week.Logan: I don’t think we had any dick and fart jokes this time.Tyler: Oh yeah. I know how many knock-knock dick and fart jokes I could tell right now so I’m just goingto let that go.Logan: And we’re going to end the episode on that note.Tyler: And we’re ending on that note. All right, Fitness Money Podcast, like us on Facebook. Come to thewebsite, comment, send us the questions. Join our newsletter. We’ll probably start emailing ournewsletter letting them know that we have podcasts up here pretty soon.Logan: Maybe we’ll do some special half off coaching deals.Tyler: Yeah. Here’s my thing. When I can make a half a million dollars net or a million gross, then I feelqualified to really dig in and charge other people to teach them how to do this.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Logan: For me, it was six figures. That’s when I started doing it.Tyler: That’s when you started doing in? I feel comfortable helping people but not super hyper like Iwant to fucking crush this business. I still want to crush other businesses and I can’t do it all at the sametime.Logan: Yes.Tyler: We’ll keep pushing this awesome free information. You guys keep listening and liking us and stufflike that and we’ll be smiling. Eventually, we’ll blow this thing up. Right, Logan?Logan: Right.Tyler: Okay. All right, meandering end of call. Talk to you guys later, Fitness Money.comThank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money in your fitness business today, go to or go toFacebook.Com/FitnessMoneyPodcast. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved