Fitness Money Episode 10 - Traffic and Conversion Part 1

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Logan Christopher and Tyler Bramlett have just came back from the Traffic and Conversion Summit with a lot of cool information and big ideas. Topics covered in this episode include mobile marketing, …

Logan Christopher and Tyler Bramlett have just came back from the Traffic and Conversion Summit with a lot of cool information and big ideas. Topics covered in this episode include mobile marketing, email marketing for both online & offline business, lead funnels, the importance of humor & entertainment and much more!

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  • 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 10 Traffic and Conversion – Part 1 Get this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money Podcast brought to you by Fitness In this podcast, LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step by step ways to make more money in your FitnessBusiness. Let’s take it on a word for this episode of the Fitness Money Podcast.Tyler: Absolutely. Hey, you guys! Tyler and Logan here from the Fitness Money Podcast We’re here to show you guys how to make more money in your fitness business.How’s it going today, Logan?Logan: It’s going good.Tyler: Absolutely. Yeah, I know. Earlier, we were talking about what we wanted to cover. Last weekend,we went to the infamous Traffic and Conversion Summit, which is all about—you guessed it—traffic andCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 2. conversion. We decided we’re going to dedicate two full episodes to talking about the things that welearn and really helping you guys grow your businesses.Logan: Is it really infamous?Tyler: Absolutely. It’s infamous. Yeah.Logan: I wanted to make sure we were clear on that point before we got to actually talking aboutsomething important.Tyler: Absolutely. Well, I’m a salesman at heart so I have to add sexy words before things, even if theyhave nothing to do with the actual phrase.Logan: So why did you choose infamous rather than the “sexy” Traffic and Conversion Summit. You’resaying Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher aren’t sexy.Tyler: Absolutely. Sexy didn’t sound as sexy to me as infamous. All right, serious time. Now it’s time toget serious, guys.Logan: Well, actually that brings up one of the points, one of the sort of big ideas we got from there.One of the speakers was William Shatner and it was sort of a theme throughout a lot of the differentpresentations but the idea of not just educating people for doing it but adding the entertainment value.If you can entertain people and you bring a little brightness to their lives, no matter what you’re tryingto sell, it seems to add to what you’re doing.I mean, I suppose there are some serious things where you really don’t want to add humor. If you have afuneral home or something, it might not work so well but for the most part, if you can add thatentertainment value, have some fun with what you’re doing, people just enjoy it a lot more. It gets themto like and trust you a lot more.Tyler: Absolutely. Absolutely. I think that that’s a buzz word these days in the industry: edutainment. Iwent over it in my golden sales closing formula but just yesterday, this just kind of touches on that note,I was sitting with a girl and we were going through that whole sales speech, she just kept giggling ateverything I was saying. So I just kind of tried to play more jokes and everything like that. It became areally fun and enjoyable time. Like you said, Logan, people tend to know, like, and trust you faster if youcan kind of make them laugh in the process and just have a good old time as well.Logan: Yeah. We tried to do a little bit of that in this podcast and in the future, I think you’ll see doingeven more jokes.Tyler: Absolutely. Yeah, lets have some slapstick time on here.Logan: Yeah. Well, if we’re going to do slapstick that kind of has to be physical, right?Tyler: Absolutely. [Whooping] Okay, back to serious. What do you think, Logan? Why don’t we bounceback and forth? You can touch on a subject and then I’ll either comment on that or add one of thesubjects that I thought was really interesting. We’ll hit it and we’ll just kind of draw up a bunch of notestoday. Next time, we’ll probably go more in depth on some specifics. What do you think?Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 3. Logan: Yeah, sounds good to me. Just rolling off of that whole providing entertainment, I have someideas and videos. I plan to roll out a lot more videos and that’s something we can also talk about. I knowyou’re doing the same because video works very well and it’s also much easier to get traffic than otherways but that’s a huge subject for a podcast in its own right.Tyler: Absolutely. Yeah. Right now, video is the shiznat.Logan: Yeah. Having that entertainment value in there, I got some ideas. Having some videos, if you canhave just a little piece of that while you’re educating people or while you’re selling, that will go very far,even just putting some things out there just purely for entertainment and just to make people like youmore.Tyler: Absolutely. That’s a good note. Always think about not being too serious unless, like Logan saidyou do want to be a little more serious or if you’re using more of a fear-based mechanism of marketing.If you’re talking to somebody and you’re ready to sell them on stuff, have a light attitude. Have a funattitude. Get them to like you and joke with you. It’s just a way to build rapport faster. Have morepeople like you. If you’re online, like Logan said, shoot some videos. Be you. Have some fun. Edutainpeople.Logan: Or infotain, in other words. What’s a big idea that you got from summit, Tyler?Tyler: Absolutely. You know I’m not as techie as Logan is. I’m sure he can touch on some of the otherstuff that was really gnarly. I’ve got my notes right next to me and I’m looking through them. I think oneof the biggest things that I realized in this Traffic and Conversion Summit was that it really is all abouttraffic and conversion. It sounds dumb but I watched this thing. I was like why the heck did they call thisthing the Traffic and Conversion Summit? That’s a dumb name. Then I was like, oh, now I get it. It’s allabout traffic and conversion.Some of the more powerful things they kind of shared with us was it doesn’t matter what your salesfunnel is. Let’s say you’ve kind of been doing what we’ve been talking about in the past episodes whereyou had some sort of flyer to lead them to a low end offer, to lead them to a free body diagnosticsession, to lead them into a monthly program.If you would just convert 2% more people on each of those four components, you get 2% more peoplecoming to you, 2% more signing up for your low end offer, 2% more people doing your free bodydiagnostic session, and 2% more people signing up, people always think of that as like an 8% conversionbut it’s significantly higher. I don’t know what the exact percentage is. What is it? Do you know what itis, Logan?Logan: Let’s see. 16%, I think.Tyler: Absolutely. 16% extra so imagine if you just added 16% to your bottom line like that and all youhad to do was focus on improving your traffic 2% and then a few conversion factors 2%. This really mademe, and I’m sure Logan, think about having better data on my conversions. Even if it’s as simple asputting up a poster and 50 people contacted. 20 people signed up for my low end offer and 10 of thosepeople signed up for my free session. Five of those people signed up for my monthly deal.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 4. Just knowing those numbers is so important so I’m going to be spending a lot of time this coming yearwithin my boot camp and within my online business trying to a) systematize things and then b) trackthings more specifically so I can have those 2% increases that actually really improve my bottom line.Logan: Yeah. If you’re online, there’s this amazing free service called Google Analytics. All you’ve got todo is put a little bit of code on your site. If you run a WordPress site, which most people do these days,all you need is a plug-in. There are several different ones so just search for Google Analytics. Just copyand paste the code in then Google gives you more statistics than you’ll possibly even know what to dowith.You really need to take some time to understand all of the things they’re talking about there but that issuch a huge part of something that I haven’t been doing. That’s the problem. As I’m growing, in someways it’s becoming an unwieldy beast, to the point where I need to simplify things down to get to thepoint where I can actually be testing those things that will make a big difference.Something to add on top of that was the idea of really tweaking the conversions more towards the topof the funnel. Everyone always focuses on how sales letters are converting this or something like that.That’s great. You definitely want good conversions there but if you’re sending people to a squeeze pageor you’re sending an email out to people, which obviously is highly recommend that you do, gettingpeople to open those emails, getting the email delivered, the higher up you are, that’s where the firstpercentage points are and that’s going to compound what you get down at the bottom. So it’s a hugething to really start early on there. They have the idea that the tiny hinges swing big doors. You startearly up in that funnel and that’s going to make a very dramatic difference.Here’s an example. If you’re sending out emails to people and you average a 20% open rate and a 20%click through, what if you bumped each of those up 5%? That means that many more people would seeyour squeeze page, your sales funnel, your affiliate offer, or whatever you happen to be doing. Thatmany more people are going to be converting just because even if that’s not a hugely converting thing,that many more eyeballs on it mean that many more sales.Tyler: Absolutely. I totally agree with that. Do you want to shoot out something that you liked? I gotanother thing in my mind.Logan: Go ahead.Tyler: Okay. I’ll shoot out another thing. This is really powerful for me personally because I use video forboth my boot camp and my online stuff. If you come to my boot camp website and you put in yourname, your email, and your phone number for a free session with me, it’s going to take you to a pagethat tells you, “Hey, thank you so much for filling out your information. I’m going to send you an emailand I need you to respond to this email.” It was very specific about what I wanted to them to do but theytalked about taking that to the extreme.Say you set up a simple web page,, and all it is is a squeeze page, simply apage where it’s an offer and a place for you to put your information and submit or leave; there’s nothingelse on the page. Those are usually the best way to get people’s contact information because they don’tend up getting lost in the minutiae of your website. It’s either join us or don’t join us. If you guys put upa squeeze page, you’re going to want that squeeze page to go to some thank you video right afterwards.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 5. So I took that to the extreme, just like they recommended. Instead of saying, “Hey! Thanks for puttingyour information in there. I just sent you an email with some dates and times. Can you guys respond tothat email and I’ll be sure to schedule an appointment with you,” that is now changing to somethingway, way more specific. It’s going to be more like this, “Hey, guys! Thank you so much for filling out myonline web form. I really appreciate you guys wanting to do a free body diagnostic session with me.Right now, I just sent an email to your inbox to ask you which club you’re interested in taking classes atand what times of day work well for you. You need to respond to this right now. Otherwise, you willnever get to have your free body diagnostic session.”I’m going to go on and script it to talk about, “I’m going to email you frequently. I need you to add mycontact email to your inbox and I want you to respond to this email with those days and times right nowso I can make sure you’re 100% ready to do this body diagnostic session. I’m very busy. My schedule’svery busy so you have to respond right now. “I’m just going to hammer that, “you have to respond right now,” just to hopefully increase myconversion from somebody putting their information in to somebody responding to the information thatI send them. If you guys don’t have an email autoresponder system set up, you guys can do this reallyeasily. It’s not that complex. Logan, you use Aweber, right?Logan: Yup. Aweber works, and there are other good ones. Even if you’ve got to go to the free route,I’ve used MailChimp a little. You can do up to 500 emails a month for free. They have paid options afterthat but thats somewhere to start pretty easily, especially if you have a local business and don’t plan ongetting thousands of people. That’s a good option to start with.I will say this though. Changing email service providers is not an easy thing to do so this is somethingworth looking at to figure out what you want before you do start with anything.Tyler: Yeah. If you guys aren’t online, you can spend $50 to get yourself started. You might end uppaying, I don’t know, $30 a month for hosting, domain name, and everything. WordPress is so easy touse these days. You spend a little time on the internet Googling how to use WordPress and you’ll figureout a way to get it started.Anyway, that was the takeaway I had right there that I’m going to do for both my offline and onlinebusiness, really, really frame exactly what they can expect so that when they get emails for you, they’renot like, “Why the heck am I getting emails from him?”While I’m on that subject, I have an online site, too. I’m going to take that one to the extreme as wellbecause I email out every single day on that website. A lot of people get turned off by that so I’m goingto tell them straight up in that thank you video, “Hey, I’m going to email you every damn day. If you likeit, then stay with me and stay on the community. If you don’t, click the unsubscribe button. No hardfeelings.” Then I’m also probably going to add a button that says, “Contact me once per week ratherthan seven times per week” so that people have options as well. That’s a little bit too techie for me soI’m going to have to get somebody else to do that.Logan: Yeah. This is something I plan on doing as well, setting up those expectations from the front. Youdidn’t touch on one of the main reasons to do this, the email deliverability. People think that if you aresending out emails, they’re always showing up in another person’s email inbox. Unfortunately, that’s notCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 6. the case. That doesn’t even mean they’re just showing up in spam either. Sometimes they just get lostespecially when you have tons and tons of email. Despite the best efforts from all these companies, it’snot that good. These deliverability rates aren’t so positive and it really sort of depends on your trackrecord.By actually making it a conversation between you and them, to the point where they respond to youthrough the email you just sent them and then you respond back to them, then from their email inboxrecognizes that this person actually emails this person back and forth. It’s saying we should definitelymake sure that this person’s emails show up in their inbox the next time and from then on.Going back to that whole conversion element, having those emails actually get delivered is the firstconversion point on the whole thing if you’re doing email marketing, which is still the best way to makemoney online.Tyler: Yeah. If you guys are listening to this right now and like, “Dude, I just got my ISSA or whatever andI don’t know what the hell you guys are talking about,” first of all, go back and listen to Episode 1 andlisten to all the episodes up until now. We’re getting slightly more technical as these episodes go on.Number two, Logan just mentioned it, the email list being your lifeline so if you do all the steps we’vetalked about from Episode 1 until now, you’re going to be doing marketing campaigns and you’re goingto be having good converting offers with people.The next step is to really start building your list of people. That was another huge takeaway for me.People used to say, “He who has the gold makes the rules,” and now what is it?Logan: He who has the list makes the rules.Tyler: Yes. He who has the list makes the rules and it’s because if you have a list of 100,000 emails andthey’re semi-responsive. If you get 5% of them to open and 50% of those people to click through, youcan literally make anybody famous or make anybody a lot of money. Logan’s got a much bigger list than Ido online but even if you guys had a good product and I were to promote you for a few days, we couldeasily make several thousand dollars together with my miniscule email list. Now if I can multiply that bya hundred, then you can pretty much expect your results to be multiplied by a hundred as well.So my simple point is really, strongly consider building your email list with that kind of squeeze pagetactic, a simple autoresponder to a video. Then you’ve got to kind of consistently contact people so thatthey don’t think you’re just some weirdo that pops in their inbox every 30 days.Logan: No, don’t strongly consider it. Do it.Tyler: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right.Logan: That’s an important point and this is really a broad sort of frame for a lot of stuff. They weretalking about the list, what you’re building with that is sort of a media that you have control of. You canthen direct people wherever you want. You can think of it in terms of a magazine. Basically, it’s media.They have people who read it, eyeballs that go to it, and thus are able to go out to advertisers, differentpeople, and get them to pay money for it because you control that media.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 7. This is a little different from a channel. A channel could be in some ways, the same sort of thing, butwhat they were describing as channels are the big channels online like Apple. If you can have a productin iTunes, either apps, magazine, different things they’ve got going on in there, Apple is able to charge.How many millions of credit cards are on file with Apple? It’s the same with Amazon. They’re just hugechannels and you want to be able to tap into these huge channels because they’re freely available. EBayis another one. People expect to buy things when they’re in these channels.You can also set up your own niche channel. That’s sort of what I’ve done with Legendary Strength. It’s aplace where people go to buy the information they want from me but it’s not really that big of a thing.Theres also all the ecommerce stuff.What you’re trying to do is really build up these different things that you have. You have to realize that asingle product does not mean you have a business. Just because you’re offering a service doesn’t meanyou have a business. In order to really have a business, one that’s sustainable and one that could evenbe sold in the future, you must have control of media, have some sort of channels where you’reoffering. Then you really are creating assets that have worth, that have value.Tyler: Absolutely. You guys, get your email lists started. You can do it for free through MailChimp ifyou’re just really not willing to spend any money. Aweber is a good priced service.Logan: You have a free trial with that, too. After that, it’s like $20 a month to start. If you can’t afford$20 a month, well you need to follow our advice anyway. You get $20 a month just with that.Tyler: Yeah. If you can’t squeeze out another $20, go back to Episode 1 and think about applying theinformation rather than just listening to the information. Just one more side note on the email thingbefore we move on to the next thing we want to talk about. If you guys are listening to this and you’rethinking of digital marketing, products, and stuff like that, sure, both Logan and I do digital marketingbut even in simple things like your personal training business, the way we’ve already told you how to setup your funnel in terms of a low end offer, a free one-on-one, and then a monthly thing, you’re notgoing to have everybody who’s interested become a client. You’re never going to have 100% of thepeople who see your flyer become a client.The best way to bring them into your community, to bring them into your media, to own their contactstuff is to take them from a flyer, a basic internet ad, or a business card, to a place where they’re goingto give you their contact info. You have to own that contact info. Let’s say you have five clients andyou’re still doing just personal training. If you send out two emails a week to the other 100 people whohave displaced an interest, out of those other 95 people, one of them is going to eventually come in.That’s how you do it. All you’ve got to do is sit down and write two, three, or four emails a weekshowing your success with other clients, highlighting low end offers that you might have, and that’s howyou instantly get more clients faster.I’ll highlight why this is so important. I did a print ad campaign in the gyms that I’ve partnered withabout three weeks ago. I signed up four people because of the print ad. Then on Monday, I sent out anemail and it wasn’t even a pitchy email. It was like, “Hey, here are the three keys to losing more fat. Keynumber one, exercise. Key number two, nutrition. Key number three, recovery. ” It had just had a littleCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 8. blurb about each one and at the bottom it says, “Hey, having trouble staying consistent? Click this linkand you can get a free session.”I’ve already had two people sign up from that since Monday, so it’s been four days, and I have six orseven appointments next. So instantly, that one email is going to be worth way more than all the printads floating around the gym simply because I had access to that media.Logan: Yeah. Creating an email list is still the best way to market. If you think about it, so many peoplein local businesses especially don’t do this at all. They think it’s just an online thing. Email isn’t the onlyway to do it. If you have phone numbers or addresses, you can call people or you can mail out. Thoseare very effective. Actually, direct mail is far more effective than it used to be probably because thereare less people trying to get access to them in the mailbox. That is something a little more of anadvanced thing and there is some cost involved but is very, very effective.There are different ways you can reach out and contact. Email just happens to be the easiest. There arealso things like Facebook. If you have a huge Facebook fan page, that will work to some degree. I stillthink email is the absolute best way online but like Tyler was saying, even with the local business, youneed to be building that because once you have those people, you really can put together any offer. Aslong as it’s a good offer, you will get sales on demand, whether you have a service or a product. Youdon’t even need to have your own stuff. You can do affiliate marketing. There are all sorts of options. Itreally is by building that media, that email list, that you have the power to make money at yourfingertips. It’s a pretty good feeling. It’s like, “Oh, I need some money for this thing. Okay, let’s puttogether an offer and blast it out.” So it’s a very, very important thing.Tyler: Absolutely. All right, Logan, what’s next? You choose something out that you think was reallypowerful.Logan: Sure. One of the things that I got from this was sort of building up. I’ve just seen you do ityourself, Tyler, with your products, which is really starting with a low front end offer. From there, youhave the funnel in place that will turn that low front end offer into more sales in the back end. I’m goingto be doing a lot of that in the future starting off with under $10 products and testing that out, gettingaffiliates to send out for it, buying advertising that will then point to this page.First, I’ll be working to build the email lists. That comes first. Secondly, get them in, just to make them acustomer with this low end offer. From that, try to sell them a whole bunch more because oncesomeone buys, 1) they’re in the buying frenzy mode right then so upsells work really well, and 2) they’regoing to be a customer of yours, they’re more likely to make more purchases in the future.Tyler: Yeah. I’ve got a funny story about that that made me realize the power of upsells and somebodyjust opening up their wallet once. It was such a funny thing. Me, my wife, and her friend were at thisstore. My wife was at the front trying to decide on a watch to purchase so she’s trying one out and thenshe’s giving it back to the guy, trying another one out then giving it back to the guy. The other girl wewere with had just bought a shirt. We were at that front section for probably about ten minutes.As we’re sitting there, she was just standing there. She looks over and she said, “I’ve got to have thisscarf.” So she buys this scarf while my wife’s still looking at watches. Then she says, “Oh, I’ve got to havethis bracelet.” So in a ten-minute period, just because she had already opened her wallet once andCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 9. because she was standing in front of products because they were put in front of here, she managed tobuy more of their stuff. It’s the same reason why while you’re at the grocery store, you get the front,and there are all these candies and cheap items they’re trying to get you to buy on an impulse.Traditionally, people had a higher-priced product and they’d upsell to lower-priced products. That waskind of the standard model until recently, a lot of digital marketers started doing different things and alot of the fitness businesses did the same thing. That’s why, as we talked about many episodes ago,instead of leading off with your big offer, you want to lead off with that small offer so that people get toknow you better.One of the things they said in the seminar was that people weren’t necessarily spending less. They’rejust looking for people that they trust more. So it’s really hard to get somebody just to buy out of thegates with a higher end offer. So doing simple low end stuff can actually make you more money andbuild you a list of emails significantly faster.I have three products out right now. I have a product that is called Warrior Lower Body. I talked to someaffiliates about this and nobody was really that optimistic on this Lower Body product doing really thatwell. The conversion rate on the front end averaged about 16%, which is really good, because it was alow end offer. But the trick is, people made on average 220% more money on the back end than theydid on the front end. So if you promoted my product and let’s say you made $100 worth of the producton the front end, that means my back end funnel made you an additional $220 on average. There werepeople in that funnel that were as much as 300%. So if somebody came to me and wanted to spend $7,they ended up spending $28 instead.If you do that right, especially online, you can make that huge. I haven’t applied that a lot in the brickand mortar business but now that Logan’s mentioning it, I’m starting to think about optimizing my upsellfunnels. I think that would be great to have. Here’s a supplement package you can go with and here’s adone-for-you meal plan that you could add on, just build a bunch of add ons. I’m sure that after peoplesign up for a membership, you can just upsell them on some other stuff.Logan: Yeah. It is powerful. This isn’t to say that you can’t do just a high end offer from the front.Depending on how you position yourself, that can still work really well. Just find what works for you. Thecool thing also about the cheap offers is you don’t need to work your ass off in order to put together thebest product in the world. It should still be really good. It should still be worth at least ten times the $7they’re paying, absolutely, but it is only $7 you’re paying so you don’t need to give them a massivequantity of information. In fact, that’s a big thing that in some ways will turn off people today. Theywant just a quick and easy solution. Even if it’s only like a ten-page ebook, if it has that packed value inthere, they won’t care about the quantity.Quantity can also be a very good thing and very powerful but you may want to save that more for yourhigher end offers. It’s an important thing to keep into consideration. How you structure the offer is veryimportant. I know we’ve talked a lot about offers before so that is a very big thing. Be sure to look for alot of $7 offers coming from me in the near future. I’ll be testing that quite a bit.Tyler: Okay. I had one more thing I wanted to touch on today before we build off them. Logan and I willpick a topic or two and really dig in next time. A lot of you guys don’t have testimonials yet and we did aCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 10. whole episode on acquiring social proof. It’s definitely something that you need to do. If you have awebsite, then you want to have social proof up there.One of the things that I am not currently doing, that I definitely have on my list of things to do for bothmy online information business and my offline boot camp business is to borrow credibility from thingslike PubMed and the New York Times. I do high-intensity workouts so I’m going to take the Tabata studyand say, “In a recent study on PubMed, this showed that people who exercised 12 minutes a week gotbetter results than people who exercised for 5 hours a week. This is how we train.”So you can borrow that credibility from PubMed. You can basically type in keywords and it will bring upstudies related to that. You can use that as your testimonial at first. If you have zero before and afterpictures, you can literally just cite some scientific studies and really hang your hat on the fact that you’rethe trainer who understands the geek speak and the real ins and outs of results, rather than having tobust your butt getting testimonials.That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put together some sort of body makeover challenge and acquire yourown testimonials. More social proof is always better but I’m going to add that into my roster, thatscientific credibility that makes you seem like you just have your stuff together more than the averagepersonal trainer. So definitely look into adding some of that stuff onto your website, your businesscards, your brochures, your advertising, everything.Logan: Speaking of testimonials, we got a great one in last week. I just figured I’d read it online. Thankyou, first, for sending this in. I also want to say thanks for sharing the podcast link. “I had no idea thatyou guys had this going in. It is killer. I went through every episode over the last week, some amazinginfo and all for free.”Everyone else, be sure to send us your emails and also post those reviews on iTunes just to help us out.Spread the message. The more you do that, the more people get on this, the more it will grow, and themore great information we’ll continue to share with you.Tyler: The more free shit you get.Logan: Because we’re getting paid so well for this, we’ll be able to continue to go those summits andbring you the cutting edge technology. Here’s a really big idea that I want to share. This sort of scares alot of people, especially if they’re non-technical: the whole mobile side of things. I’ve talked to a numberof people. I know you skipped out on this one, Tyler. You actually went into one of the other sessionsbut a number of people were skipping it.Tyler: I pretended to go to the other session. I went and got a coffee.Logan: Okay. I’m not planning on creating apps or doing anything like that or trying to market to localbusinesses that they need to be on mobile. Let me just say that’s great if you’re going that route. There’sa lot of money to be made there but you have to understand that this is a big deal: Over a third of emailsthese days are being read on some sort of mobile device, whether thats a phone or on iPad. That meansthat any website you have needs to work well on those mobile devices.They shared a case study that they had. They bought email drops out to thousands of people for an offerthat they already had that was converting really well. What they were able to do through the tracking,Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  • 11. once again using Google Analytics, is you’re actually able to see what sort of device people view yourpages on. They just completely killed it with people who were viewing it on their computer but on theirmobile traffic, they were converting at about 10% through a squeeze page and zero sales. This is fromthousands of people on an offer that was doing really well. They did some things to tweak that offerthen they got something like 40% or 50% through the squeeze page and it was somewhere between10% and 15% on sales.Now that takes a little technical knowledge but just be aware that a lot of people are reading youremails on a small device to the point where they may not be able to look at your website or your fancyvideos. You have to keep that in consideration. Even if you don’t own a phone or don’t use that at all, oryou’re not technical at all, you have to understand that this is the shift. It’s over a third of people now.It’s only going to be more than that in the future so you’re going to have to prepare your websites, youroffers, and everything much more for mobile devices in the future.Tyler: Yeah. I’m going to dazzle you, Logan, right now with a resource that somebody gave me. I haven’tdug into it yet. You can dig into it and tell me what you think. It’s You can go putyour domain name in there and it will instantly convert your site into a mobile-ready site for a lowmonthly fee or something like that. If you’re not building a perfect mobile sire but you want to beviewed more mobile, you can check that out and see if it’s a good resource for you guys to be able toview that thing on a mobile site., check it out.All right. Let’s cut this thing off before we chat too much about it. We have a full episode next time afterthe Traffic Conversion Summit. So Logan already said it. Like us on Facebook. Share us with your friends.Listen to all our episodes. Send us your testimonials and we’ll give you a bug high-five via the internet.Logan: Yes. And buy our stuff. Oh, wait. We don’t have any for sale. You can buy our fitness products.Those are available. You can find us there.Tyler: Oh, man. Thanks you guys so much for listening. Next time we’ll be talking about some reallyspecific action steps that you guys need to be taking to improve your fitness business.Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money Podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money in your fitness business today, go to or go Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved