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This is the presentation given to the alumni of industrial design at the faculty pre-event on friday the 8th iof October 2010. It shows how to become a member of the linkedin group, recognizes Irma verstraaten for here work on the IO-coach initiative and gives a small peak into the mutating storyline of 4200 Engineers to 1 story-source of Innovation (called the 100%CYAAN innovation bridge).

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=1855779
  • http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=1855779 The materialization of what happens online is an essential part of showing the power of a network. When you can make things happen outside of the online platform, then people will know that everything is real! The events we can organize directly are relativly small gatherings at inspiring places Like design firms, musea or small business centers. They will give us the opertunity to test what people want to see and what will inspire them to organize the next event. These blue tribe meetings will start the impluse we need to go bigger and find the balance in between online and offline sharing. What we have learned so far is that any event has to given at a different location opening up the posibility for inspiring content. Afterwards an online feedback report by someone at the event will create a viewable history for others to see. BNO and KIVI NERIA are possible partners in organizing larger events, but our strength lies in the smaller designfirms who want to share their vision on design and be part of the greater story.
  • Coachen for IO students by IO alumni What is more rewarding than sharing you experience as an IO alumni with current IO students? Thinking back, IO alumni will recognize all doubts and questions about the future to come after graduation. Years later, most IO alumni are proud to be an alumni of IO. IO alumni are distributed over a wide variety of functions in companies, goverments, own companies and sectors.For IO students, coaching offers a unique opportunity to actually talk to an experienced IO alumni, and to hear about the career steps, joy and maybe hurdles one might encounter. For the coach it is a good opportunity to hear about the current develpments with IO. The coaching formula still needs elaboration. The idea now is that an IO student chooses an IO coach from the IO aulmni website. Coaching will consist of 2 meetings (more is optional) on the workplace of the IO alumni. The faculty of IO will organize a yearly dinner for all IO coaches, to exchange experience and ideas with each other and with the faculty. Reinforce by sharing
  • There is an unseen link between any faculty and its graduates. In case of the Alumni of Industrial design this link is becoming ever more important in a time where the term product is not nescessarily linked to physical “industrial” products anymore. This document is a BLUEPRINT that could open up the relationship between the Delft faculty of Industrial Design , its students, its academic staff and its Alumni. Hopefully it will inform them enough to inspire them to join the effort of finding the story of IO. Through this quest we validate the value of the Delft network of IO, secure the position of future Alumni in the market place and open the doors to collaborative initiatives... social, commercial & academic. IO has a 40 year track record of delivering qualified engineers to a demanding product driven market and ensuring the highest possible standards in design engineering. Over that time the curriculum has adapted to the needs of the time and of the specific job requirements of a booming technological economy. After a festive year of looking back at 40 years of experience, it is time to stimulate the exploration of the boundaries of industrial design and see how they match with the ever growing market demands ! What better way to start then by facilitating the collaboration between the people who have enjoyed a “blue foundation” in their personal & professional careers and the ever mutating faculty that “produces” them. Collaborative Design can be the all important key towards unlocking the basics of directing and managing change by design. Over the years the students of IO have found pride in their diversity. It is a way to stand out in the crowd and be recognized for your unique strength. But in its strength lies its weakness. It is difficult to descibe the exact position of a unique point...especially when there are over 4000! All these points together form an area. A surface that covers more then just product design. It encapsules all forms of design that are true to the mission of any design engineer. "Creating successful products people love to use." Now that the world is mutating towards specialized networks, the value of our diversity comes into play. The shared area makes the sum of our experiences a source of incredible strength. The only task we have to perform is to expose the Area and find the comminalities that bind us in our shared story of design. To fulfill this task is what this document describes. By clearing the fog between the practitioner and the academic, they can meet on that common ground we call IO... and on a large surface, strength in numbers equals value. Read this document and contact us if you see your value in the creation of a strong blue foundation.
  • Een bruggetje van IO naar Alumni
  • What if you stumble upon a mythical storyline... a story so powerful that it could motivate 4000+ masters and a whole faculty to form a network of design that is globally respected for its numbers, its dynamic curriculum, its connectiveness with its graduates, its attention to its origin and the future trends in design... where would you start? In order for a lasting story to emerge from the many different sources in the network, we need 2 go on a quest. An endevour of mythical proportions... hard for just one man... A piece of cake for a strong network, some students and a network of Alumni... The Goal of the story is to expose our common ground and see what has happend (mutated) over the last 4 decades of design. Are will still an industrial design study or does the market demand a recallibration of our mission? It all starts with a clear link to your past and overview of what is out there. For more info on the story : dennis@visueeldenken.com
  • 100%cyaan

    1. 1. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken
    2. 2. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken
    3. 3. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken
    4. 4. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken www.ioalumni.nl  click IO-coach { tab or banner}
    5. 5. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken
    6. 6. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken Reinforce & share Discuss & Challenge See & hear MUTATIONS 4200+ = 1
    7. 7. 100%CYAAN “XXXXX” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken
    8. 8. 100%CYAAN “BRIDGE” Alumnus # 3138 Ir. Dennis M.A. Luijer Managing partner JAM visueel denken