Struggle & survival part 2 by miguel cardenas


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Struggle & survival part 2 by miguel cardenas

  1. 1. By: Miguel Cardenas<br />Struggle & Survival Part: 2<br />
  2. 2. Martin Ocelotl<br />Born in 1496-1537.<br />Lived in Chinanta & Tetzcoco after the fall of Tenochtitlan.<br />He was an Aztec.<br />He was a Male.<br />He was a major Priest in Chinanta, and he learned to be a merchant from his dad.<br />His balance in the book is that he was one of the few surviving priest's from the times of the Aztecs. He had a lot records. <br />Was a cult leader.<br />1508, vigilant natives sighted Spanish ships off the eastern coast of Mexico.<br />Many Priest were killed or died in the epidemics; & of the individual destinies of those who survived, there is no information on them.<br />This isolation & freedom from an overseeing orthodox hierarchy inevitably caused the rituals to become grossly simplified, greatly diversified & subject to a process of continuous change.<br />He exercised trades catering to the rich and poor.<br />
  3. 3. Anton de Gouveia<br />Born in 1528-1580.<br />He was Portuguese.<br />He was a Male.<br />Lived as a youth in the Azores, Prison in Spain, then Brazil after some time in Portugal.<br />He was a Priest, Astrologer, and Adventurer. He also practiced Alchemy, Medicine.<br />He was a smart Jesuit; He put his smarts to work in many ways. Mainly to keep him-self out of trouble with the authorities. He had a long history of trying to make money. Practiced his brand of medicine, and teaching his brand of faith to the Indians of the new world. He was in the eyes of history, quite a “swashbuckler” for a priest. <br />
  4. 4. Cristobal bequer<br />Born in 1693-1751.<br />Was Peruan.<br />He was a male.<br />Was a 5th generation Bequer, house of Be’guer a lower ranked Peruvian Nobility.<br />He became an ordinary seaman on a ship, and headed to Portugal or Spain to escape murder charges. <br />
  5. 5. Isabel Moctezuma<br />Born in 1509-1550<br />She was a Female<br />She was one of Montezuma’s daughters <br />She lived in Tenochtitlan till its fall then moved with Cortes she moved to Tacuba. <br />She was the heir to all the money.<br />She was made a symbol of conversion to Spanish rule and Church. <br />She was married 5 times, and taught her girls the Catholic faith.<br />
  6. 6. Miguel Hernandez <br />Born in 1550-1604.<br />Was born in 16th century Mexico City and in “Queretaro”.<br />He was a male.<br />Was a Free Mulatto 2nd generation.<br />He worked as a ‘Muleteer’ then bought his own team of mules. <br />After a while he got “larger” traveling in and out of Mexico City. <br />He knew the complexities of the business, and his customers tended to be of the upper class of nobility. <br />Being a Mulatto he created a life of meaning and respect for him and his family. <br />He contracted large debts, but he always paid them on time. <br />His knowledge of Spanish, and legal ways, and calm manor served him well. It expanded him finically and socially. <br />
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