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jailbreaking iphone

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Jailbreaking iOS

  1. 1. Jailbreaking the iPhone We Control Own iDevices. Presented By: Mihir Patel
  2. 2. • Jailbreaking allows iOS users to gain root access to the operating system and file system. • Jailbreaking removes certain security mechanism to allow installation and distribution of untrusted third party applications e.g, with Cydia, an alternate apps manager for iOS devices. • Jailbreaking is to expand the feature set limited by Apple and its App Store. • Jailbreaking - which can be accomplished using various tools including JailbreakMe.com,redsn0w,evasi0n. • Jailbreaking void your warranty, but are not illegal. Jailbreaking the iPhone
  3. 3. Jailbreaking the iPhone Some of the things you can do with jailbroken devices include: • Change the interface of your iOS device • Remove built-in apps that come with the iOS • Install apps not authorized by Apple or available through the App Store • Get and install paid apps for free (however, this is theft and illegal) • Download music, videos, ebooks, and other content for free (in some cases, this is theft) • Get tethering without additional fees • Access the iOS filesystem
  4. 4. How to Jailbreak the iPhone Step 1: Firstly, it’s always best to make a backup of your device and restore it. You can do both of these in iTunes. Step 2: Go to http://evasi0n.com/ and download either the Windows or OSX depending on whether you own a Mac or PC. Step 3: Open or save the file. Click save download. Step 4: Connect your device via USB to your computer and click on the evasi0n icon. Step 5: The program will eventually require you to find and click on the new evasi0n icon amongst your other apps. Step 6: Device may restart but eventually the program will announce it’s complete and your device will be jailbroken. Step 7: Now, Cydia has found its way onto your device. Click on it, allow it to update, click on ‘user’ when it asks you what kind of person you are and you’re done.
  5. 5. Pros of Jailbreaking • Customizations- customize the iPhone’s interface in ways not allowed by Apple. • Ability to modify any part of the OS to your like • Tethering- Connect your device as a broadband modem to connect your laptop to the Internet. • Access to forbidden apps and services • Set Default apps • Themes • Tweaks • Use Wi-Fi Only Apps Over 3G network • Set any song as Ringtone • Password Protect an app or folder • Overseas use with different carrier
  6. 6. Cons of Jailbreaking • Your phone is more open to attack- change the root password “alpine” to your desired password by SSH. • Your battery life could suffer- Unknown apps and Process use drain battery. • Your phone could become less stable and secure • Apple and your warranty- Forget to go to apple store. • Updates and jailbreaks- No Further OTA Update from apple. It’s simple to uninstall a jailbreak too – you just restore your device in iTunes. You can also access iTunes, the App Store and all your apps and backups like normal.
  7. 7. Types Of Jailbreak •Tethered: With a tethered jailbreak, the device to be plugged into a computer when turned on. if phone is not plugged into computer and booted with special jailbreak software the device will not enter in jailbreak state. • Untethered: An untethered jailbreak is the preferred jailbreak because it requires no connection to your computer except for the initial jailbreaking process. Untethered is always best for jailbreak.
  8. 8. Conclusion • The more the iOS has been updated, the fewer the jailbreaking incidences. • If you do decide to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, be sure to carefully research the apps you want to install, because you'll be entering a world of no restrictions. • Apple is always learn from new tweaks from cydia developer and add that feature to new iOS update.
  9. 9. REFERENCES http://cydia.saurik.com http://www.jailbreakme.com http://blog.iphone-dev.org http://www.evasi0n.com http://www.iphonehacks.com