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Solo Gateway - Strategic Planning


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  • 1. Solo Gateway Strategic Development
  • 2. Real World Problems...
    • SMEs spend ~$70,000 per year on IT
    • Totaling over $130 billion on Technology
    • 50% say biggest IT challenge is integrating different applications & systems
    * US market only ‘
  • 3. Real World Problems...
    • SMEs with <100 employees: 8.1 million
    • ~550,000 new businesses are started each month
    • 2 out of 3 small business owners believe technology gives a competitive edge
    * US market only 
  • 4. ...Need Realistic Solutions
    • Single, complete ICT solutions for any horizontal market
    • Turn-key solutions, with a rich feature-set
    • High quality software
    • Low-cost, and low TCO
    • Materialize the Digital Convergence and Unified Communications to ease work & life
  • 5.  
  • 6.
    • Solo Gateway, a 3-way approach to ICT:
    • simple solutions for complex needs
    • use solutions that are complete of features
    • these solution should be all you need
    • Solo Gateway, a 3-way approach to ICT:
    • simple solutions for complex needs
    • use solutions that are complete of features
    • these solution should be all you need
    Hence, our motto:
  • 7. Products
    • Solo Gateway product line:
    • Solo Small Business Gateway (Solo SBG)
    • Solo Telco Gateway (Solo TG)
    • Solo Enterprise Gateway (Solo EG)
    • Solo Home Gateway (Solo HG)
  • 8. Products
    • Complete ICT infrastructure s/w for integrated Voice and Computer Networks
    Solo Small Business Gateway VoIP and Analog PBX Fax Server File Server Web Server Collaboration Tools VPN Server Firewall Proxy Server Antivirus Antispam CCTV & DVR Printer Server Domain Controller Backup
  • 9. Products
    • Pricing model:
    • low acquisition cost + 33% annual fee
    • figures based on user-number ranges: 1-5, 6-12, unlimited (50) ranges
    Solo Small Business Gateway
  • 10. Products
    • Target: International SME market
    • Competition: exists, but weak
      • much higher TCO for high-end solutions
      • low-end solutions, but with less functionality
    • Distributed through a VAR network (major distributors: Dell Hellas & Multirama)
    • Market-proven (100 installations world-wide)
    Solo Small Business Gateway
  • 11. Products
    • Complete Unified Communications solution for Telecom Operators and ISPs
    Solo Telco Gateway All Solo SBG Services Utilize the Datacenter Central Management Centralized Backup Accounting Network Integration Hybrid product/service mix, with an specialized Appliance for end-customers, datacenter software, and deployment & operation service from our team.
  • 12. Products
    • Pricing model (flexible):
    • hardware procured by the Operator
    • revenue sharing model
    • end users: low acquisition cost + monthly service fee
    • pricing can vary on users, modules, etc
    Solo Telco Gateway
  • 13. Products
    • Target: International Telecom/ISP market
    • Competition: very few
      • “ overkill” solutions (Cisco: costs not for SMEs)
      • very limited functionality, mostly voice-oriented
    • Distributed directly
    • In negotiations with large int. Telecom Group
    Solo Telco Gateway
  • 14. Products
    • High-performance and multi-site UC solution for Medium and Large Enterprises
    Solo Enterprise Gateway High Availability High Performance Solo Administrative Domains Higher Capacity Scalability Customization Building on top of Solo SBG, Solo Enterprise Gateway provide multi-server and multi-site management, with higher performance & capacity.
  • 15. Products
    • Pricing model:
    • acquisition cost + 15% annual fee
    • figures based on user-number ranges: 100, 250, 1000, 3000, 5000 ranges
    Solo Enterprise Gateway
  • 16. Products
    • Target: Large Enterprises, Internationally
    • Competition: exists, mostly as a service
      • much higher TCO for s/w and services
      • “ crippled” solutions, with far less features
    • Major competitive advantage: Solo SBG seamless integration
    • Distributed through the VAR network
    Solo Enterprise Gateway
  • 17. Products
    • Bring the Digital Home to life and get Your Life into the digital era
    Solo Home Gateway Home Automation HVAC Control Telecommunications - Integration Digital Media Archiving VoIP and Analog PBX Fax Server File Server VPN Server Surveillance (CCTV/DVR) Security Alarm Integration Voice Recognition Home Network Management Internet Parental Control Antivirus Backup Server Firewall Green Management
  • 18. Products
    • Pricing model:
    • acquisition cost + 10% annual fee
    • figures based on license per installation
    • High churn rate (estimation: 20%)
    Solo Home Gateway
  • 19. Products
    • Target: International Consumer Market along w/ Construction & Energy Professionals
    • Competition: very little
      • extremely focused on one area (e.g. Automation)
      • very limited functionality and not flexible
    • Distributed though expanded VAR Network
    • May evolve to supplement Solo TG for Home
    Solo Home Gateway
  • 20.
    • Solo SBG, Solo EG, Solo HG: VAR Network
      • Software Vendor: Licenses
      • VAR Network: Train, Certify, Support & Coach
      • Customers & VARs: Online Support
    • Solo Telco Gateway: Direct Sales
      • Customization, Integration, Deployment Design
      • Training of Technical Personnel
      • Basic-Level Operations, 2 nd /3 rd level Support
    Distribution & Delivery