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Poderopedia general keynote

  1. 1. data journalism project to map the chilean elite
  2. 2. Hey! Let`s check out President Piñera`s links?
  3. 3. Who`sthis guy?
  4. 4. Andrés Navarro owns a helicopter with Piñera President`s buddy businessman government tech provider campaign funding for this guy& studied with Polo Piñera(the President`s brother)
  5. 5. In Universidad Católica
  6. 6. like Piñeraand 16 of his 22 ministers
  7. 7. only4 went to Harvardnone to the MIT:(
  8. 8. Verbo Divino:Piñera`s school2 ministersmany congressman& businessman
  9. 9. like his cousinHerman Chadwick appointed by Piñera as chairman of the National Television Council
  10. 10. (by the way: over the last35 years there`s been aChadwick in every chileangovernment)right wing senator social democrat director The Clinic former government (chilean The Onion) official
  11. 11. 50% top execs & CEO`scome from 5 schoolsPiñera`s school is in 2 place3 of 15 richest families studied therealumni = Chile`s 18,5% GNPUS$ 30 billion*Forbes 2008
  12. 12. Half love this team!
  13. 13. So Piñera b ought it and named this guy undersecretary of sports (they were forced to sell by public opinion) they earned US$ 9 million
  14. 14. Same with LAN
  15. 15. and a TV channel
  16. 16. where the President`s buddywas a chairman
  17. 17. before Piñeradecided to sell theairline and tvstation because ofthe people`spressure
  18. 18. Editorial and crowdsourceddatabase website that shows youwho is who in ChileKeeps track of the civic, businessand political leaders of ChileMaps the One Percent`sconnections and shows you howthey are linked to each other
  19. 19. human robot data mashup +
  20. 20. Journalist + Users + Custom Ontology + Linked data + RDF + Triple Stores + Scraping PROFILE Editorial overview + Hard data sheet of an entity + Relationship map + Sources/ Footnotes + Related documents
  21. 21. Poderopedia`s way-We filter information from public sources andcrowdsourcing-Scrape data from open gov and private databases-Users help us by showing connections and unknownfacts, report mistakes and info that is not updated-We write newsworthy profiles-We connect the dots bewteen people, organizationsand companies-We show you the sources-Provide you the code and documentation
  22. 22. Profile Relations SourcesDocuments
  23. 23. Visualization of Relations
  24. 24. Dashboard
  25. 25. suscribe for updates atPoderopedia.orgmore at @poderopediapoderopedia.tumblr.comfacebook.com/poderopediaslideshare.net/poderopediagithub.com/poderopediaPoderopedia is thankful for the generous support of the
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