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Suncoast family Suncoast family Presentation Transcript

  • Renewable Energy → A friendly alternative to our planet.
  • What is SunCoast (renewable energy)? We are a company that puts in your hand the technology to generate your own solar, and hybrid renewable electric energy.
  • Why generate my own solar power? Thanks to the geographical coordinates: 21 ° 36 N, 19 ° 32 south (north), 87 ° 32 east, 90 ° 25 west (W) Yucatan is in a privileged position to use solar energy, because it receives approximately 2007 hours of sunshine per year.
  • Why generate my own solar power?1 The sun has shone in the sky for about five billion years. (and it is estimated that hasnot reached even half of it´s life)2 During this year, the sun shed on to the earth four thousand times more energy thanwe will consume.3 Solar energy can be connected to the CFE grid (to avoid the need for large andexpensive systems of accumulation ie batteries) 4 The electricity bill would be only a fraction of it would be, without the existence of the solar system.
  • How does the system work?
  • Required equipment.Equipment. Description.SOLAR PANELS Fotovoltaic panels from 25 watts to 300 Watts.WIND TURBINES. Wind turbine up to 3KW.CHARGE Regulating device current generated by photovoltaic cells and wind turbinesCONTROLLER suitable for storage batteries.INVERTER Converts direct current generated by solar panels and wind turbines into alternating current to power your lights and appliances.BATTERIES It is not necessary to use batteries, using a grid tied system.HARDWARE/INST Required equipmentALATION/SERVICE
  • SERVICE.All service packs include1. Visit to your residence2. System Check (all connections / turbine & panel out-put)3. Battery water level check4. Battery cell specific gravity test5. Add purified water if needed6. Add sulphuric acid if needed7. Cleaning of solar panels
  • SERVICE.Paquetes de servicio.1. Bronze Package $499.00usd Package includes all maintenance functions above. 3 Visits/ year 2. Silver Package $749.00usd Package includes all maintenance functions above. 6 visits/ year 3. Gold Package $1299.00usd Package includes all maintenance functions above. 12 visits/ year
  • Generate my own electricity is legal in Mexico? It is legal in Mexico with the "Interconnection Agreement for renewable energy sources or cogeneration systems, in small and medium scale application" (Bidirectional contract) of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).
  • CFE currently recorded theirconsumption of electrical energywith meters that only integrate theenergy you get from their network.To establish an interconnectionagreement, CFE will change themeter, installing a new one that willallow electric power to flow in bothdirections metering currententering your home, and electricitygoing out
  • What is the two-way contract?
  • What is the two-way contract? Bidirectional meterRenewable Electric National System Energy (SEN) Source Customer loads
  • Bidirectional contract.CFE will credit your normal contract, thedifference between both loads, in one ofthese three cases.a) if the difference is bigger than zero, it meansthat you consume more energy than yougenerated, so CFE will bill that difference.
  • Bidirectional contract.b) If the difference is equal to zero, itmeans that you consumed the sameamount of energy than that youproduced, so CFE will bill the minimalamount according your normal contract Approximately. $52 Pesos MN.
  • Bidirectional contract.c) if the differences is less than zero, it meansthat you produced more energy than you used,so CFE: A. CFE will bill the minimal amount according your normal contract and: B. CFE will credit you the energy that was in your favor, and automatically subtract the surplus from the following months billing period.
  • Guarantees.
  • Guarantees.Equipo Garantía Observaciones.SOLAR PANELS 20 years90% In normal conditions with preventive 25 years80% maintenanceWIND TURBINE 5 years In normal conditions with preventive maintenanceBATERIES 7-10 years In normal conditions with preventive maintenanceINVERTERS 10 years In normal conditions with preventive maintenanceINSTALATION 1 year
  • Funding program FIDE • This is a program designed to support the use of renewable energy by acquiring funding for solar photovoltaic systems.