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  1. 1. NORONESC is an IT consultancy firm, founded in 1997, with the aim to support in the definition, implementation and integration of technological and enterprise business solutions from Oracle Corporation*, participating or influencing in the strategic decisions of our clients. Headquartered in Portugal, NORONESC is internationally recognized as an Oracle Certified Partner and has been invited and accepted to participate in the E-Business Suite Applications Product Focus with specific emphasis in the Project Fusion, the next-generation enterprise technologies and applications. By participating with Oracle in this important area, Noronesc is eligible to access exclusive benefits, tools and resources to build solutions around the E-Business Suite products. Noronesc is a services delivery organization supporting customers with Oracle Certified Professional experts in Oracle technologies and applications. Noronesc 's mission is to ensure that customers are successful with our solutions and emerging technologies in the pursuit of their business goals. We apply relevant industry, government and public sector expertise to address specific customer requirements in implementing Oracle software solutions. Whether our customers are starting their initial implementation, increasing their system security, or upgrading or migrating to the latest version of their Oracle products, Noronesc helps customers maximize the return on their Oracle technology investments with innovation, delivery excellence and full accountability. Throughout each phase of the Oracle solution lifecycle, Noronesc works with customers to target their business objectives, track their progress, and measure the benefits to their business. Noronesc adds value to our customer business requirements with effective and innovative solutions using Oracle products. We focus on delivering value, speed and simplicity with services and methodologies designed to address your business and technology needs, ranging from strategic planning and rapid implementations and upgrades, to enterprise system optimization. Oracle offers the only complete, integrated, 100-percent internet-enabled E-Business Suite available today; a complete internet infrastructure that helps you deploy applications faster while lowering your cost of computing; e-commerce solutions that encompass state of-the-art internet services, storefronts, and architecture; and business intelligence and data warehousing solutions that provide leading-edge analytical tools. Noronesc is expert in transforming Oracle technology into solutions that drive e-business. Its consultants have a close relationship both with customers and Oracle Development, which helps them drive the latest emerging technologies. Through a mix of strategic design, technical expertise, and industry knowledge, Noronesc provides rapid implementation of complete, powerful solutions that harness the internet for business success, lower risk, and rapid ROI. Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Mission Mission: To support in the definition, implementation and integration of technological and enterprise business solutions from Oracle Corporation*, participating or influencing in the strategic decisions of our clients. Oracle Technology Oracle Applications * Oracle Corporation is the world's largest enterprise software company, providing enterprise software to the world's largest and most successful businesses. Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  3. 3. Noronesc : Oracle Certified Partner Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  4. 4. Global Strategic Alliances Database, Middleware, Applications, Solutions, Tools, Linux, Licensing , Support Services, Consulting, Sun Hardware HP Developer Solution Partner Program, Hardware, Software, Global Services, Hardware, Services Hardware, Services, Financing Hardware, HP Finance Global Financing e Hosting Global Financing HP Financial DELL Financial Portugal Services Services Financing Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  5. 5. Products and Services Products Solutions Services Applications Business Intelligence Consulting Corporate Performance Databases Support Management Middleware Verticals Licensing Colaboration & SMEs Education Content Management Integrated Products and Solutions Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  6. 6. Applications Enterprise Applications Industry Applications ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Manufacturing Industries CRM (Customer Relashionship Management) SCM (Supply Chain Management) High Technology HCM (Human Capital Management) Industrial Manufacturing Cross-Product Automotive Aerospace & Defense Component Applications Life Sciences: Pharmaceutical/Bio-Tech Life Sciences: Medical Devices Corporate Performance Mgmt Consumer Products: Non-Durables Logistics Consumer Products: CPG Product Information Mgmt Chemicals Customer Data Mgmt Maintenance Mgmt Services Industries Product Lifecycle Mgmt Financials Manufacturing Financial Services Projects Business Services Human Resources Professional Services Marketing and Sales Engineering & Construction Service Interaction Center Retail Order Management Wholesale / Distribution Supply Chain Planning Learning Management Asset Intensive Industries Procurement Other Communications Vertical Applications Travel & Transportation Natural Resources A&D, Defense, T&T Communications, Utilities Financial Services Public Services Healthcare, Life Sciences High Technology Public Sector, Education Public Sector Healthcare Education & Research Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  7. 7. Databases Databases for SMEs Database Express | Standard One | Applications Express High-Availability and Fault Tolerance Databases Real Application Clusters | Fail Safe | Cold Failover Cluster Disaster Recovery Databases and Strategies Data Guard | Remote StandBy Databases | Replication Advanced Features Data Mining | Data Warehousing | Business Intelligence | OLAP - Online Analytical Processing Security Backup Online Recovery Manager Encription Label Security Virtual Private Databases Database Vault Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. Middleware  Content Management  Applicatation Servers and Applications Express  Corporate, Departmental and Institutional Websites  Portals  Intranets  Identity Management  Workflow e BPEL  SOA  Integrations Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. Solutions Industry Solutions - Verticals Business Solutions Manufacturing Public Sector / e-Government Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management High Technology NORONESC Public Sector Edition Governance & Compliance Consumer Electronics Industry NORONESC Financials and Administration Security & Identity Management Complex Electronic Equipment NORONESC Electronic Purchasing Publisher Reporting Semiconductor NORONESC Interaction Center Electronics Contract Mfg NORONESC Fiscal Execution NORONESC School Management Technology Solutions Industrial Manufacturing NORONESC Content Management Grid Computing Automotive Oracle On Linux / Oracle Enterprise Linux Healthcare Supplier Oracle VM XEN Virtualization Education & Research OEM Radio Frequency Identification & Sensor-Based Services Services Aerospace & Defense Financial Services Small and Midsize Solutions (SMEs) Life Sciences Business Services NORONESC Database/Applications Express/Std Edition One Pharmaceutical/Bio-Technology Professional Services NORONESC General Business Edition (ERP/SCM/CRM) Medical Devices Engineering & Construction NORONESC Business Intelligence Edition One Consumer Products Retail NORONESC Content Management Edition One Non-Durables Wholesale & Distribution NORONESC Application Server Portal Standard Edition One Consumer Packaged Goods Asset Intensive Chemicals Communications Travel & Transportation Utilities Oil & Gas Natural Resources Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  10. 10. Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Mgm Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  11. 11. Services • Consulting Best Business Solutions, Technology Consulting Services, Industry Services, Optimization Services, E-Consulting Approach. • Standard Support Services Expert Onsite, Installation, Migration, Upgrade, Backup & Restore, High Availability, Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery, Partial Outsourcing (DBA). • Advanced Support Services Assisted Services, Technical Assessments, Business Critical Assistance, Solution Support Center Services. • Outsourcing & ASP Applications (E-Business, Disaster Recovery, iLearning), Technology Outsourcing (Databases, Application Servers, Portal Online), Collaboration Infrastructure. • Education and Training Education Services. • Licensing Oracle, Novell SuSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, Windows, SUN, HP, IBM. Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential
  12. 12. Rua Brito e Cunha, 254 4450-082 Matosinhos Porto Portugal Telephone: +351 22 939 87 00 Fax: +351 22 939 87 09 E-mail: Information Systems Proprietary and Confidential