Agenda 24724 12 13 julio 2007


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Agenda 24724 12 13 julio 2007

  1. 1. Workshop on Social Policy - Safety at Work RTP 24724 Organised in co-operation with RTP Expert and Regional Institute of Controle of Work in Olsztyn Venue: Hotel KSIĘŻYCOWY DWOREK *** Gierłoż 11-400 Kętrzyn tel. +48 89 752 42 77 fax +48 89 752 42 32 Ketrzyn, 12-13 July 2007 1/6
  2. 2. Aim of the meeting: The aim of this workshop is to provide the audience with the theoretical and practical knowledge on the EU legislation related to the field of safety at work. It will specifically cover the following three topics; - safe work with machines - safe work with hand transport - safe work – stress It will also look on the influence of these three topics on the Labour Market, supporting and developing employees with creating safe and comfortable conditions of places of work in the Warmia and Mazury Region. During this event the following EU legislation will be covered : - Directive 98/37/EU – New Machines - Directive 89/665 EEC (Tool Directive) – Old Machines, instalations, other working equipment - European conception of creating safety of machines The main issues relating to the implementation of the European legislation are technical and practical experience on legal, executive and other aspects related to the good practice examples and exemplary achievements. The representatives from Warmia and Mazury Region will be able to become familiar with activities, programmes and solutions on developing safe Regional Labour Market given by both regional and EU Experts. Participants will have the possibility to become acquintaned with labour market initiatives in Warmia and Mazury Region. The controllers and initiative leaders will share their experience. Possibilities of using European Social Fund will be discussed. EU Experts will provide with juridical and practical information in specific cases. The most appropiate format to achieve the aims is through a workshop with lectures on the first day, panel discussions between experts and participants and debate between participants and the workshop in groups on the second day. The audience is expected to be approximately 35-40 people representatives responsible for safety at work of regional and local governmental institutions, administration, Small and Medium-Sised Enterprises, big enterprises, Regional Chamber of Employment, Trade Unions, teachers, private sector organisations and others. 2/6
  3. 3. Chair and rapporteur: Mr Miroslaw Orynczak, RTP Expert Thursday, the 12th of July 2007 09:00 Registration with coffee and biscuis. 09:30 Welcome address and opening of the seminar. Introduction to TAIEX and the Regional Training Programme (RTP). Mr Miroslaw Orynczak, RTP Expert 10:00 Aims of the meeting. Role of National Controle of Work at the Labour Market Director of Regional Controle of Work, Olsztyn, Poland (to be confirmed) 10:15 European Employment Strategy (Development of EES; The Amsterdam Treaty and the new Title on Employment; Enlargement and the EES; The 2005 revamp of the EES, The Lisbon Strategy Mr Miguel Mares, Fundación Comunidad Valenciana-Región, Spain 11:00 Coffee break 11:15 National Control of Work in Finland Mr Hannu Jokiluoma, The Department for Occupational Safety and Health, Finland 12:00 Inspection Office of Work as an institution controling Labour Market. Mr Wlodzimierz Labanowski, Representative of Regional Inspection of Controle of Work, Olsztyn, Poland 12.45 Questions and answers to speakers. RTP Expert, speakers 13:00 Lunch 14:00 General principles of creating of safety of machines (European conception of creating of safety of machines (New Machines – Directive 98/37/EC, Document of Ministry Economy,Labour and Social Policy from 10th of April 2003; Elements of new Machine Directive 2006/42/EC; Norms harmonized with Machine Directive; Old machines, instalation and working equipment – Tool Directive (89/655 EEC); Document of Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Polify from 30th of October 2002 Characteristic of dangerous and process of graduation of risk with using machines. Mr Stanislaw Kowalewski, Director of Science and Technics of Safety, ELOKON, Warsaw, Poland 3/6
  4. 4. 14:30 Principles of building and using of technique goods of safety. Mr Stanislaw Kowalewski, Director of Science and Technics of Safety, ELOKON, Warsaw, Poland 15:00 Coffee break 15:15 Open Session – questions and answers Speakers, RTP Expert, participants 15:30 Conclusions of Day 1 and introduction to Day 2. Mr Miroslaw Orynczak, RTP Expert, Poland 17:00 Closure of Day 1 of the seminar. 4/6
  5. 5. Friday, the 13th of July 2007 09:00 Registration of participants 09:10 Opening of Day 2 Mr Miroslaw Orynczak, RTP Expert, Poland 09:20 Activities against negative results of physical overworking and stress at work Mr Michal Golcz, Representative of General Control of Work, Warsaw, Poland 11:00 Coffee break 11:15 Workshop in 4 groups: Difficulties in implementation of the Directive of safe machnes Mr Wlodzimierz Labanowski, Poland Accidents at work and fluency of workers – best solutions to solve the problem. Mr.Stanislaw Kowalewski, Poland 12:30 Questions and answers Speakers, participants 12:45 Lunch 13:30 Presentation of results of the Workshop Leaders of groups 14:30 Hand works of transporting.Strain of calf-skeleton system. Mr Wlodzimierz Labanowski, representative of Regional Control of Work, Olsztyn, Poland 15:00 Coffee Break 15:15 Examples of activities against stress at work in Valencian Regional. Projects of European Social Fund. Mr Miguel Mares, Fundación Comunidad Valenciana-Región, Spain 16:00 Open session- questions and answers. Chair and speakers. 16:30 Conclusions and identification of future need for assistance. Mr Miroslaw Orynczak , RTP Expert, Poland 5/6
  6. 6. 17:00 Closing of the seminar. This meeting is being organised by the Technical Assistance Information Exchange Unit of the European Commission CHAR 05/97, B - 1049 Brussels Telephone: +32-2-296 73 07, +32-2-296 73 08, Fax: +32-2-296 68 40 Web site 6/6