Liferay and Cloud


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A quick overview about Open Source clouds, Liferay architecture on cloud and some "devops" tools

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Liferay and Cloud

  1. 1. Liferay and CloudCloud portals, Amazon and more . . .Miguel Ángel Pastor Olivar
  2. 2. A little bit about meWorking at the "infrastructure" sideCloud computing and distributed systemsInterests in concurrent and distributed programming.Functional programming advocate!Scala, OSGI and AspectJ enthusiast. Erlang aficionadoEmail: miguel.pastor at liferay dot comTwitter handler: miguelinlas3
  3. 3. AgendaThe status of cloudDo I really need cloud?Liferay deployment architectureGoing devops. Help ourselves with great tools
  4. 4. The status of cloudsHave I already said Open Source?
  5. 5. Cloud portal, value add Abstraction API Orchestration Service HypervisorNetworking Compute Storage
  6. 6. Do I really need cloud?
  7. 7. Do I really need cloud?Trending topicOur CIO says we need to be thereFaster time to marketAccess to pooled resourcesHybrid IT
  8. 8. 5 main features of cloudOn demand self serviceBroad network accessResources poolingRapid elasticityMeasured service
  9. 9. Liferay and CloudDeploying Liferay at Amazon Cloud
  10. 10. 44 Load Balancer 3 3 Web Web Server Server 1 1 App App Server Server App Tier 2 2 AZ-1 AZ-2
  11. 11. 11 The application tierAmazon Compute Service (EC2)Important! compute units != CPU != coreCluster Compute Quadruple Extra About 33.5 EC Compute UnitsEBS optimized could be a good allyTake account of virtualization overhead in your provisioningplanning
  12. 12. 1 1 The application tierUse AMI to easier and quicker scaling.EBS backed are preferred (personal opinion).Tune connection pools, Java heap, garbage collector, … Same than physical deployments
  13. 13. 1 1 The application tierUse JDBC_PING for Jgroups Discovery mechanism Clusterlink, cache replicationS3_PING Alternative“Documents and Media” application S3 storage
  14. 14. 2 2 The database tierTwo approaches RDS service versus own managed database serverDepends on your needs and requirementsRDS is extremely easy: completely managed Easy to scale ReliableAbsence of low level control: tunning, optimizingLimited set of databases: Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server
  15. 15. 3 3 Load balancingAlternative to HAProxy/ApacheScales based on incoming requestsEC2 instances health detectionSupport for sticky sessionSupport IPv4 an IPv6
  16. 16. 3 3 Load balancingCreate a new load balancerSelect the protocol: HTTP(s), TCP, SSL or CustomConfigure health checksSelect the instances behind the load balancer
  17. 17. 4 4 Monitoring our systemUsing the Cloud Watch serviceNo additional software requiredReal time monitoringSet alarms, view graphs and statisticsCustom metricsCombine it with the auto scaling service
  18. 18. How can we achieve this?A proposed solution
  19. 19. Which is our goal?Create any kind of environment Development, testing, production, …Do it very quickly!Dynamically and customizableDo it on a cloud infrastructure Don´t get tight to AWS
  20. 20. Additional challengesBe able to scale dynamicallyManage “non-software” components Network configs App level configs System configs
  21. 21. Proposed tools
  22. 22. Multi cloud library written in Java + ClojureAbstraction layer over resource managementCoding our infrastructure management Port between different providers
  23. 23. PalletProvision nodes with software and configurationVerifies nodes and services are working fineOperates the services in nodesUses JClouds under the hood Creating and managing nodes
  24. 24. Why Pallet??Integrates perfectly with the infrastructure managementScalable programming model (thanks to Clojure)No central serverNo required agents on nodesAll node configuration is done via ssh + scripts (generated)DSL for generating scriptsTesting
  25. 25. ClojurePallet is built on top of ClojureClojure is a JVM based Lisp dialect Integration with Java and awesome concurrencyHigher level of abstractionBecoming extremely popular (many books have been writtenrecently)
  26. 26. This is very cool but . . . How!?
  27. 27. Cloud infra-structureI want a bunch C ELB ELBHow is itstuff Apply going? of nodes l JClouds s o Liferay JCloud Pallet u Liferay Liferay Pallet d Liferay Liferay Liferay Pallet A P I Database Database Database Database Database Database
  28. 28. Configuration management
  29. 29. Managing nodes
  30. 30. Question & Answers?