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  • 1. Mono Documentation Pipeline
  • 3. MonoDoc Engine• Provides documentation for a given member – Use C# ECMA type reference syntax, ex: – T:System.String – M:System.Int32.ToString () – P:System.Int32.MaxValue – E:System.Foo.MyEvent• Full text body search, or book-like Index search
  • 4. MonoDoc Data Sources• At runtime MonoDoc uses compiled docs – For the library “MyLibrary” it has: – Hierarchy data: MyLibrary.tree – Actual docs: MyLibrary.zip• Installed in the Mono prefix directory• On Mac also in “External/monodoc”
  • 5. MonoDoc Front-ends• Multiple front-ends built on top of the engine• Native clients – MacDoc on OSX – MonoDoc on Gtk# for Linux and Windows• Web Client – Webclient• MonoDevelop – Uses it to provide documentation during code completion
  • 7. CLI ECMA XML Documents• We use the ECMA CLI XML format to doc• The “mdoc” tool can: – Compile the ECMA XML docs into .tree/.zip – Export csc/doc out to ECMA XML – Update existing XML docs to reflect changes in API – Export ECMA XML to VS’s Intellisense XML
  • 8. ECMA XML• Use ECMA XML to document your code• Generate stubs and document them• Our tools will update your docs as your API evolves, without destroying existing docs. – Designed to maintain the docs long-term.
  • 9. ECMA XML Maintenance Basics• Build your library: – csc /target:library Demo.dll• Generate stubs: – mdoc update --delete -o DemoDocs Demo.dll• Edit at will – All places that say “To be added.”• Maintain, repeat as many times as needed: – Upgrade your C# code, develop – Re-run mdoc update command.
  • 10. Publish Your Docs• Assemble your XML files into a tree/zip file: – mdoc assemble -o Demo DemoDocs – The above generates Demo.zip and Demo.tree• Distribute .zip and .tree file• Create “Demo.source” with metadata – Used to specify where docs show up in hierarchy
  • 11. More Information• Generating Docs: – http://www.mono-project.com/Generating_Documentation• ECMA XML markup: – http://www.mono-project.com/Monodoc_Editing
  • 12. C# inline docs• They are typically poor – Best case scenario, they document <summary> – Often not enough – Lack samples, remarks others – If you are starting to document, avoid it.• We can export/merge those into ECMA XML – Useful when master docs are in source
  • 13. FAQ• Should I maintain my docs in C# /// comments? – Avoid if you can. Go full external ECMA XML• Are there redeeming qualites about C# ///? – None, more trouble than they are worth.