Baby Chicks (Venture Lab Project)


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Baby Chicks (Venture Lab Project)

  1. 1. BabyChicks
  2. 2. BabyChicksFoster a baby chick: a family experience • At BabyChicks, we want to contribute to the happiness of your children and your family by taking care of animals and the environment. • Buy a baby chicken pet and foster it in your home. It is the sweetest and most suitable pet for toddlers. • BabyChicks provides you with all that is necessary at an affordable price. You will only need to keep your pet warm and give your love to it.
  3. 3. BabyChicks Let your child enjoy and care of nature• BabyChicks will help you to teach your children to be responsible and respect Nature.• Your pet will help to reduce and recycle your waste, and if you choose a female baby chicken, when she grows your family will have your own fresh eggs for free!• This can be an activity for all your family.
  4. 4. BabyChicks Is it difficult to have this pet?• Your baby chick is cheap and easy to maintain. Just keep it warm and love it.• You dont need much space, and with our welcome pack your family will have all that is needed (chicken, cage, food) to take care of the pet and start enjoying this experience. • Once your chick has grown up you can keep it to have your own fresh and free eggs or return it to us at a small fee.
  5. 5. BabyChicksBut...• Do I need to vaccine it, so it wouldnt transmit any disease to my children? Yes, its quite easy to keep the chick healthy with periodic vaccines and your children can play with it always if theres any adult round there.• How would I receive it (will it suffer)? We take care of our chicks until they get to you. They will be ok, and will arrive at your home in a package that is its house.• How will I feed it? Our welcome pack includes the food for your chick. As it grows up, it can also be feeded with fresh vegetables or even rests of your food.• How will I keep it alive (temperature, ...)? At the same conditions as you. Just a bit warmer during the first week. More info at our website,
  6. 6. BabyChicksBut... • How long lives the chick? Chickens in farms live for 1 or 1 and a half years. A pet chicken may live from 10 to 15 years. • What can I do when the chick grows up? You can keep it and have your own fresh and free eggs or return it to us at a small fee. • Could it hurt my children? As any other pet, you should be around when they are playing with it. However, since you will feed it and take care of it, it will feel confident with you.
  7. 7. BabyChicks Contact us and start enjoying!• You can buy your baby chick at:• For only 20$, you can get our Welcome Pack, including your chick, a cage specially adapted for it, and food for the first week.• We will deliver your baby pet within 5 days at your home.• You can also contact with our local partners.• For more information you would send an email to Buy before May 31st, and you will receive an additional caring set (valued at 5$), second cage and extra food for free!
  8. 8. BabyChicksAnnex I: Marketing and diffusion plan• Target audience: Parents with children 5-10 (25-40), or grandparents with grandchildren of that age.• Type and content of the campaigns: o We need campaigns with the best relation cost-effectiveness. It is necessary to do campaigns with measurable effectiveness. o Thats why we think the most suitable do the advertisements in Internet, where services like Google AdWords can quantify the number of hits of our Ad. Click in the add and youll go to our presentation. o Other sites where we will announce will be: websites of magazines, associations and forums (with thematic relevant to the pets, domestic animals, ecology, family...)• Geographic area: Well start in a smart zone and then, go to expand. We can manage the distribution network and the delivering to the client• Other formula: o Open sessions and meetings with parents/children (schools, nurseries). Campaigns in print media (magazines about family or ecology). o Presence in local press
  9. 9. venture-lab.orgTechnology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012 PROJECT 2: By: • Jaume Botey. • Miguel de Diego. • Luis F. Martínez. • Pablo Ortíz. • Lluís Revilla. • Ernesto S.G. • Manuel Torres.