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Marthin Luther King

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Pecha fin

  1. 1. Martin Luther King
  2. 2. StudiesHe was so clever, so he skipped two grades in high school and started his college education at Morehouse College when he was 15.
  3. 3. He got his degree in sociology from Morehouse, andlater he also got his doctors degree in theology from Boston University
  4. 4. His familyMartins dad was minister, and inspired Martins carreer. He had a younger brother and an older sister.In 1953 he married Coretta Scott. Later they had four children.
  5. 5. Segregation – The main problemPeople were very racist, so MLK was protesting against that.White people treat black people like if they were from a lower class.
  6. 6. Segregation in transportOne day, Rosa Parks, a black woman, was sitting in a bus, and he refused to leave theseat to the white man, and he went to jail. The bus boycott started, with MLKs help.
  7. 7. Bus boycott It was a political and social protest that began in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama,intended to oppose the policy of racial segregation in the public transport system. It was just a step to avoid the racism.
  8. 8. MLK Speeches Apart from demonstrations, MLK didsome speeches,but the most important one was in Washington on August 28,1963, when he uttered the phrase that everyone now recognizes "I Have A Dream", and also made thepronouncements in another speech the day before he died.
  9. 9. I HAVE A DREAMI Have a Dream was and is one of the most popular sentencespronunciated in this world and thissentence was pronunciated in the speech of Martin Luther King that shocked thousands of people.
  10. 10. The topic of this speech was, that all the humans have the same rights, without depending on their skin colour.
  11. 11. MLK and Gandhi Gandhi was a great influece on Martin Luther King Jr. as this philosophy had as"the principle of non-violence" or resistance by force.
  12. 12. Martin Luther King Jr. became interested in the philosophical principle of Gandhi when he performed his graduate studies at Boston University.
  13. 13. The nobel prize After all the movements against racial discrimination through non-violent means, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.
  14. 14. Four years later, at a time when his work wasbased mainly on opposition to the war and the fight against poverty.
  15. 15. How did he died?At 6:00 p.m. on April 4, 1968, Martin LutherKing Jr. was standing on the balcony of his hotel room in Memphis. One minute later he was shot.
  16. 16. When did he died?Martin Luther King, Jr. was pronounced deadat 7:05 p.m. He was 39 years old. June 10 ofthat year, James Earl Ray was arrested and charged with the crime. 
  17. 17. MLK day Martin Luther King Jr.s day is celebrated in honour tothis national hero and the labour he did fighting for Civil rights and equality.
  18. 18. What do we have to do - End wars. - Achieving equal rights - That there was hunger in the world.-That there were no poor country
  19. 19. MADE BYMiguel Ángel Fernández Antonio Martín