Why does it seduce soccer?
         What has this sport that it anywhere in the world seduces thousands of
   million peop...
Iniesta before the party with the Chelsea). In this sense, it is a cruel game that
can get to be unjust and for who loses....
company Pirelli near Milan stopped the production during ninety minutes and
they settled maxipantallas in the industrial p...
Because it teaches values. Soccer in any climatic condition practices, by
very hard that is: a épica dimension in this gam...
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This is my project to present on July 30th, 2009

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  1. 1. Why does it seduce soccer? What has this sport that it anywhere in the world seduces thousands of million people? Soccer is something only. There are many reasons to love it. Discover which is his. The next Wednesday will take place the awaited end of Liga de Campeones between Barcelona and the Manchester United, one of the algider sport moments of the year, that it anywhere in the world attracts million spectators. A passion that merely extends the aspects sport and related to the competition. “Soccer is mainly a great collective psychological adventure that involves directors, technicians, players and fans”, it declared in one recent one interviews the trainer of the Liverpool, Rafa Benítez. History demonstrates that this game is much more that a current sport: it drags to the masses and until it can get to become subject of State. Next we are going to try to respond to an apparently simple question but that has multiple and complex answers. Why does soccer like us? Because it is easy, simple and reasonable to the majority We think a little about other sport disciplines: in order to play tennis one needs a field and a racket; in order to sail a boat and the sea; for formula one, a car and a circuit; for the basketball a specific field with a basket… In soccer which is essential it is a ball and it already is. Sometimes even nor that…. a fragmentation hand grenade, one bark, a bottle, an orange… By all means, the best parties are those than they gamble in a turf care very, but a land is enough anyone and a little desire to mount a party. And in absence of porterías, a purse or articles thrown in the ground can be a good substitute. Johan Cruyff, in his book “I like soccer” (ed. RBA), tells that in a party in Amsterdam for children they remained to last hour without porterías because of an organization problem, “until somebody had the idea to place two trucks of firemen like posts. Then that: how many young they have used sometimes in its life knapsacks, shelters or stones for this aim. This detail, just as others, it demonstrates us that not always it is necessary to have all the elements and that there are to replace to the deficiencies with imagination and illusion ". The simplicity of soccer is also reflected in its rules, very essential if they are compared with other sports (it is not necessary to know no regulation retail and only the more complex is out of play, that practices only in the high competition). That facilitates the understanding and the development of the party. Also, it is an accessible discipline to anyone. The cost of the equipment is practically limited and is within reach of any pocket. Because he is unforseeable and it does not have logic. In many sport disciplines usually it gains the best one. In athletics, for example, the winner of a race will be the one that finishes to the route of the track in the smaller time and point. But in soccer it is not thus. Its game is very variable. He offers a great amount of tactical alternatives, expositions, game philosophies, although the players always have a great autonomy at the moment for making the decision on the land. Result: by much theory that is tried to apply, the reality is that it can gain an equipment with a single closing to door (and if no, they ask to him
  2. 2. Iniesta before the party with the Chelsea). In this sense, it is a cruel game that can get to be unjust and for who loses. “Any party, from that the children in an open of terrain play to of professionals in a stage, has a shakespeariana complexity. It has the virtue to become a dramatic spectacle ", says Jorge Valdano, ex- soccer player, trainer and sport director. “There are many elements that influence in the result, the referee, the game land, the chance. Soccer does not have logic, at least in the short term ", maintains. More the scientists could until trying to summarize soccer in a mathematical formula: Resultado= yield equipment own-yield opposite equipment +/-factor luck. But the numbers in this game do not work. Cruyff mentions the example of the mythical Brazilian attacker Romario: “The statistic cannot be applied to soccer. Inténtelo with Romario: it touched few balls in the party, but two of them were goal. Statistically, a disaster. Soccer, a genius ". Because it foments the property (and the propaganda). The dictators know it well: a victory of the selection constitutes a propaganda vehicle. It was thus in Italy de Mussolini and Argentina de Videla, both selections campeonas of the world during this painful stage. But soccer also foments the feeling of property of positive form. Eduardo Galeano, in its book “soccer to sun and shade” (ed. SigloXXI), ties the practice of this sport with the construction of the identity. “Game, soon I am: the game style is a way of being, that reveals the own profile of each social community and affirms its right to the difference. “. In its opinion, soccer contributes to print a certain character to the society. “The t- shirt has become the most doubtless symbol of collective identity and not only in the poor or small countries, that depend on soccer to appear in the map”, it maintains. This explains so that we are of an equipment not necessarily because it wins, but because he is ours. Dani Farrerons, president of the españolista rock of Sitges, this year has suffered by the results of its equipment. But in spite of it, it does not throw the towel. She is one of the magic of soccer. “To be become fond of it is like being member of a family: this one sometimes gives joys you, other misfortunes. But your support is a commitment, you cannot fail the club to him because he is something yours. It compensates the fact to belong to an organization, because forms a union with social mass, players, directors, fans ", counts Farrerons. Because it defends the premises, Stephen Redhead, professor of sports and culture of means in the University of Brighton, in the United Kingdom, assign to soccer an essential paper in the safekeeping by the roots. “This game still represents a bastion of the traditional culture, the one that is tie to the territory, to the local pride, history…. all elements that are disappearing quickly in the economic globalización of the developed nations ", affirm in an interview to IS. “Somehow, to go with an equipment it is a way to maintain the anchorage with the past”, concludes. Because it does not distinguish between social classes. The Melendi singer I have a titled subject “likes the soccer” whose letter says: “It is not thing of children, is not thing of old the depor of kings, worker heart”. Then he is a little thus. During the party all the differences of estatus and social paper disappear because all see an a solely the others as fans of a football team. For example, during the edition of the World-wide ones of Korea, in the Italian
  3. 3. company Pirelli near Milan stopped the production during ninety minutes and they settled maxipantallas in the industrial plant so that directors and workers seated all together ones to see the party of the selection. In fact, the hierarchies in a soccer rock do not agree with the social ones. The worker can easily become a charismatic leader even over people who play a social role in much more important the daily life. Because the physicist does not discriminate. Another democratic aspect of soccer is that a special physicist is not needed to practice it, like being high in the basketball, shorter in formula one, with strong musculación in halterofilia, muscular flexibility in gymnastics. It is not necessary to be a superman to be soccer player. In history there are many examples, Garrincha was average cripple, Messi is short, Ronaldo with tendency to get fat…. And nevertheless, it is enough with having some physical or technical quality and knowing how it to explode to obtain the success. Because he is beautiful. , Not always clear. But a play of crack can get to represent an aesthetic work of art. Maradona, Pelé, I only gave Stefano… to mention to some, have demonstrated with its qualities that the beauty comprises of soccer. He is something that is not exclusive of players, but of clubs or the selections. The call “mechanical orange” of Holland in the Seventies, mythical Milan de Arrigo Sacchi in the ninety or Manchester United of sir Alex Ferguson has contributed to fortify in the imaginary group this artistic image of soccer. The philosopher Edgar Morin also has surrendered before the beauty of this sport: “I do not see soccer as a form of modern alienation, I rather feel it like a collective poetry”, affirmed. Because it is not necessary to play to participate. She is another one of the consequences of the masificación of soccer. The more popular it is a sport, the more one extends by the world and in multiple formats. It is like a virtuous circle. Thus, everything what turns around soccer contributes to foment its interest: from dressing a t-shirt as article of tendencies until interchanging photos of players in the Panini albums, happening through a match Fifa de PlayStation, are many forms to enjoy the game without having to put the boots. Because it creates heroes (mediatic). Any person who has played soccer has represented, during those ninety minutes, something: its district, its school. “To be soccer player it implies to have a great social responsibility. It is a model for much people and, in addition, it represents colors and a liking ", writes Cruyff. Then the recent mediatización of this sport has accentuated east aspect. Each person needs to recognize itself in some figure, in a hero, in whom to project its dreams, its hopes of wealth, influences, to be able, slopes to be carried out. The soccer player, in this sense, is the ideal figure. And if the protagonist of this projection is somebody that without hardly resources and of humble origin is able to become millionaire, then the mediatic message is still more impressive: each person can obtain it, even without having studies. For Valdano, “soccer is the reflection of the time in that we lived, of infantilización of the society. The image is in center and soccer has not made another thing that to adapt to that ".
  4. 4. Because it teaches values. Soccer in any climatic condition practices, by very hard that is: a épica dimension in this game exists. Soccer transmits certain inherent values to the competition, like the overcoming, the effort, the sacrifice. Some intellectuals have even recognized these aspects. The politician Antonio Gramsci raised it like “the kingdom of outdoors exerted human loyalty”. The writer Albert Camus, who in his youth played like doorman, wrote: “everything what I know on moral I must to soccer”. The professor of the University of Buenos Aires Pablo Alabarces, considered one of the founders of the sociology of the sport in Latin America, declared in an interview to IS that “the football teams work like a metaphor of the industrial society, when reproducing the division of the work. There is one who is in charge to defend and to attack and to play collectively. Because until great the sport heroes they have been simultaneously great individualists and great players of equipment ". Soccer, somehow, is the mirror of the real life. Because it comprises of our past. Soccer allows to remove to shine the playful facet of the human being, the one of a boy. In the childhood, we constructed a symbolic world that is left us for always. And soccer comprises of him. “This sport has something very important: history. Form leaves from the socialization of the human being: with soccer we have learned to win, to lose, to enjoy the others. We associated parties to memories of our lives and to our cognitivo system ", Llopis remembers. He himself Camus recognized that “there is no a place of greater human happiness than a full stage of soccer”. The French writer Françoise Sagan ties this sport to very deep and alive feelings. “Soccer remembers old and intense loves to me, because in no other place as in the stage so much to somebody can be wanted and be hated”. A journalist asked German theologian Dorothee Sölle once: “ How you would explain you to a boy which is the happiness”. “Would not be explained it - it responded. It would throw a ball to him so that it played ".