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slight edit to the original script...

slight edit to the original script...

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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  • 1. LOST 7.00 “EX OBLIVIONE”
    For: Righters Untie contest
    “Ex Oblivione” Synopsis:
    Richard runs through the jungle and across the beach to join a middle-aged Charles Widmore, Ellie, Background Other #1, Bernard, Rose, Vincent, and Horace Goodspeed at a set of two larger outriggers. The group attempt to leave the island through the right compass bearing, but they are halted as a group of zombie tropical birds and aquatic beasts attack one craft and tear it apart. Richard sacrifices himself to save the other outrigger, as The Galaga rises out of the water to rescue them. Simultaneously, we’re given a point of view through Richard’s eyes as he sees Locke and Ben exit the Statue after Jacob’s death. Locke inspires the Others with a speech, and condemns Ben, Richard, Ilana, and Bram to death for plotting against them.
    As the four prisoners sit in a small cell inside the Temple, they are administered a sedative by Vanessa. The group are all fast asleep when a dark, costumed figure enters the chamber and wakes Richard. She convinces the group to go with her to The Bow, an old DHARMA station. As the group attempts their escape, they are spotted by Aldo, who alerts the rest of The Others before he is knocked unconscious. They continue to be pursued deep into the jungle and The Monster makes an appearance in the Dark Territory, where it pulls Bram underground. The group finally enters the station, where it’s revealed that the masked figure is Sun, who’s working with Claire in The Bow. Their work entails a mysterious pit in a room within the station.
    In flashbacks, we see Sun escaping the Others’ camp near the statue with Frank Lapidus. They run through the jungle but a vision of Christian stops Sun in her tracks and she and Frank are knocked unconscious. She awakens with Claire inside a room, where she shows Sun an orientation film for The Bow and explains her motives for wanting to help the island against John Locke.
    Back in the present, the group utilize the lift within The Bow and start to descent into the large pit. A red light fills the air around them and everything within the room surrounding the pit is torn apart and flies into the pit. Locke watches from the beach as the light erupts from a point further down the rocky beach. Locke orders the Others to prepare for war, and brings a battered Bram with him as he walks toward the light.
    In a scene taking place off the island, we are shown a busy street full of bustling people in suits. A bright flash occurs and Richard is suddenly visible in the crowd, shouting for Sun and Ben. Unsuccessful in trying to locate his party, Richard runs directly into Jack, who silences him and points to the street. A man is shouting about the “end of days” on top of a car and people are harassing him as a police force shows up. The man is shown to be Horace Goodspeed and he is interrupted by the snide officers. However, before they can arrest him, a zombie Ellie Widmore appears and attacks one of the officers, leaving the crowd panicked and running down the streets. Jack concludes the episode by looking at Alpert and stating the two have “work to do”.
    Ex Oblivione
    Camera opens on shot of an eye. Pans back to show Richard, heavily breathing as he runs at full speed through the jungle. Looking panicked and paranoid, he glances over his shoulders several times and continues leaping over logs and dodging branches.
    The camera cuts to Richard emerging from the foliage onto the beach, checking something concealed in his hand for a brief moment.
    The shot is a wide image of the beach-line as Richard steams ahead, even faster than before. The branches begin to rustle and as Richard passes the camera we see a giant horde of people dressed in both bloodstained DHARMA jumpsuits and Others clothing pursuing him. However, these are not the ordinary island inhabitants we know and love. These are savage, raving ZOMBIES.
    Richard looks back one last time and stumbles over himself, falling face-first into the sand, which cuts the camera to black.
    Cut to another shot of an eye opening, this time from within the eye of the person we’re flashing to. The eye looks around at the group of Others outside the statue. A commotion develops.
    He’s coming! Everybody, it’s him!
    Still in point of view (now obviously Richard’s), he gets up, exchanges glances and a nod with Ilana and Bram, and the three approach the open statue door.
    Locke emerges and marches directly over to Richard, with Ben reluctantly walking a few beats behind him. He stops almost nose to nose with Richard.
    John, I was just informed you may have some significant explaining to do…
    Locke responds by punching Richard in the gut. As Richard sinks to the ground in pain, he glances up to see Locke knife Bram in the leg and point it at Ilana to keep her at bay.
    LOCKE (with a look of dissatisfaction):
    No, I believe you’re the one that should be answering some questions, old friend.
    Camera fades to black and opens back on Richard at the beach.
    He is hurriedly helped out of the sand and into one of two large outriggers by an unnamed Other.
    In one outrigger sits an anxious Bernard, Rose, Vincent, and Horace Goodspeed. Richard’s boat contains the Other that saved him, as well as a distressed ’77-era Charles Widmore watching over his injured love, Ellie.
    The two boats shove off just as the zombies begin to wade through the shallow waters. All able-bodied passengers of the canoes paddle like hell is on their tails to get away from the threat.
    OTHER 1:
    So what the hell was so important back in that jungle anyways, Richard?
    Richard reveals he’s holding his old compass in the palm of his hand.
    A compass! You risked all of our deaths for a damn compass!
    Without that compass, none of us are going anywhere. Not that we are anyways in these shoddy wooden crafts.
    RICHARD (dismissively glancing at Widmore):
    It’s the only chance we’ll have. And Jacob would not let us die out here, not like this.
    Well, your friend and savior Jacob didn’t care enough to stop what just happened back there; what happened to all of us. (he glances quickly at Widmore)
    Bernard, show a little common courtesy and politely shut it!
    WIDMORE (looking down at Ellie):
    No, he’s right. This shouldn’t have happened…couldn’t have happened.
    I still have faith. (looks at the compass and checks the 305 bearing)
    OTHER 1:
    Well, good to know someone still thinks the apocalyptic glass is half-full.
    Other 1 looks at a shadow moving below the water’s surface
    OTHER 1:
    Say, what do you make of that??
    Richard gets up and stares with the Other into the water.
    A loud screech is heard and Richard turns around as the Hurley Bird swoops down from the air and takes a considerably large bite of Other 1’s shoulder muscle.
    OTHER 1:
    Rose and Widmore scream and yell, as Horace and Bernard stare horrified at the scene.
    Camera cuts back to the present, where Locke hoists Richard up and looks upon the surrounding Others intently.
    I’ve come here, to this Island, to protect you sorry folks from people like this. And people like Ben Linus, who not but 3 hours ago, killed our leader, Jacob.
    Richard raises his head in shock.
    Don’t look so surprised, you old fool. My people, there’s a war on the horizon, greater than anything you could imagine. The part you’ve all missed out on is that this man has been carefully setting it up the entire time you people have been sitting around this Island waiting for your ‘savior’.
    John, I have no idea what you’re talking about or if you’re really the John I know, but…
    You know very well who I am and what happened to me in an attempt to stop my return. (pointing to Ben) This man killed me, and the femme-fatale in the Russian ward and her pen pal over here have attempted to do much worse. (as he gestures to Ilana and Bram standing over the opened crate) I am not the John Locke you knew and believed to be your savior, and I won’t lie to you about that, but I am a very real person, and a very dedicated servant to Jacob.
    Why should we believe anything you’re saying? You were inside the statue too!
    I’m not telling these people they have to believe anything. They don’t need to be pushed around and ordered, which is the one thing some of their leaders have forgotten (glancing at Ben). What you’re looking at is a man who’s come from great lengths and hardships just to talk to you, and yet again, you’re trying to turn them against me.
    Don’t believe him! He’s done this before!
    Locke throws his knife into the same leg that he stabbed Bram in before, doubling him over in further agony.
    LOCKE (turning to the crowd once more):
    These people have made a living trying to exploit this Island, and haven’t looked at the big picture. My advice to you as a polite suggestion would be to silence them for good. Let’s send a message to any others out there who have put their own needs over that of this society and the wishes of Jacob. (raising his fist to the air) Let’s avenge both of your fallen leaders!
    The crowd erupts in cheering.
    LOCKE (calming back down):
    Again, that’s just a suggestion.

    We should kill them at sunrise, at the Temple walls!
    No, why not let them be judged by the Island?
    We have our judge now. This man’s Jacob’s friend and these people have all left us worse off than we’ve ever been!
    More cheering from the crowd.
    Richard and company exchange worried glances as Ben remains sullen and regretful, avoiding eye contact with anyone.
    As Richard, Ben, Ilana, and the wounded Bram are rounded up by the cheering Others and led away, the camera remains on Locke, who gives a smug, knowing smile in appreciation of his new followers.
    As the camera jolts back to the outrigger scene, more of the zombie tropical birds descend upon the Others’ boat, attacking the four. Widmore fends them off as best he can, but they’re starting to overpower him. As the unnamed Other lies on the floor, he picks up his head for one second to hear and see a terrified Rose.
    Watch out!
    A fin breaks the surface of the water and a crazed DHARMA shark tears through the lining of the outrigger, sending Widmore toppling into the water as more sharks swarm around them. Richard, noticing that the other canoe is not being attacked, throws the compass towards Horace and promptly dives into the water. Horace catches the compass and looks to the other 3 in his craft.
    HORACE: Honestly, I don’t think we’ll be needing this, everyone.
    As the shadow underwater grows, we see the Galaga surface and a look of relief and shock fill the faces of the survivors. Horace gives a quick smile to his friends and motions them aboard, then pulls the floating and injured Eloise out of the water.
    Richard surfaces from his dive in time to see the carnage that remains where his outrigger once was. He gasps for air one last time and is yanked forcefully under the ocean waves.
    (fade to Lost intro)
    Camera opens in the interior of a sealed Temple-esque room with one bench. Shouting is heard outside.
    You have no idea what you’re doing! Can’t you people think for yourselves for a change?!
    A door in the corner opens. A restrained Ilana, Richard, Ben, and Bram are led into the chamber by the bearded Other (background #7), background Other #16, and Vanessa (who follows them all into the chamber, suggesting she has some authority over the two men).
    Mark (pointing to Other #16), keep an eye on them! Sam (gestures toward Other #7), take the cuffs off and explain the rules, I’ll take care of the rest…
    Mark raises his rifle in one hand and the Others’ branding iron in the other as Vanessa reaches into a small tote bag and removes a large syringe. Samuel circles the small group as he unlocks the handcuffs one by one.
    Alright, to get formalities outta the way, I hate two of you guys for crashing me here on this friggin’ island when I was on my way to the best concert I’ve ever missed. And I’m not too partial to you other goons for helping to bring one of these guys back here. So, to make myself clear, you try to get outta here, you won’t need to worry about my pal with the gun over there, cause I’ll personally see to it that your necks get snapped.
    He roughly tugs Richard’s cuffs away, the last in line.
    Now, my lovely associate Vanessa Murray here is going to administer a small sedative to ease your tensions and worries about this whole execution thing. When you wake up, you won’t realize it but the sun will be rising and we’ll be preparing a set of lovely Craphole-Island-brand burlap sacks for your traveling convenience. When the time is right, my friends and I will be back to wish you all a pleasant journey as we wrap you up and lead you to the pit. Any questions?
    Yes, I have one.
    SAMUEL (sarcastically):
    Well, what’ll it be, Mr. Linus, oh wise leader.
    What was the band?
    The concert. You said you were heading to a concert. What band was playing?
    Just shut up! That damn voice! It always made me feel like you were in my mind! Like you were from Hell or something!!
    Samuel turns away on the brink of tears and insanity. Ben looks puzzled and slightly amused by this spectacle as Vanessa moves over and jabs the needle into Ben’s arm.
    SAMUEL (in a muffled, defeated voice):
    It was The Zombies.
    Bram starts laughing under his breath and mutters.
    hehehe, really? The Zombies?
    SAMUEL (spinning around quickly in blind rage):
    Samuel swings and smashes his fist squarely into Bram’s jaw, knocking a few teeth out and leaving Bram lying in further pain upon the floor as he watches Vanessa move on to Ilana, then towards him.
    Watch it, Sam! We kill any of them now and you-know-who…erm…what is going to be all over us for breaking the rules and we’ll be worse-off than they are.
    Richard looks up at Vanessa as she approaches him.
    VANESSA (bitterly):
    If you’re wondering how I know all about the little “Island-rulebook” all of a sudden, love, let’s just say that our newest friend actually lets us know every bit of information he’s received from Jacob, as well as exactly what it means.
    I’m sorry Vanessa, some of the orders I was given involved actions and results that made me doubt my faith sometimes. I was frightened of losing everything I gave so much to be a part of, frightened of losing you. I made a mistake not disclosing all my information, but I assure you, killing anyone is not going to be a solution to your problem.
    VANESSA (administering the shot):
    Richard, you of all people should know that the rules can’t make an exception for you. I’ll see you and your party in the morning.
    Camera fades to black.
    Camera opens in darkness, and cuts into the chamber as the door swings open, which wakes Richard.
    He looks around, still dazed from the combination of change in lighting and the effects of the sedative.
    A hand reaches around Richard and covers his mouth.
    The mysterious, cloaked figure, slender and feminine in appearance skin-tight, all black attire wears a silk mask with a single cut at the eye-level. She kneels down before Richard.
    Richard, I need you to do me a favor.
    Wh-who are you? What kind of life-threatening things are you trying to get me to do now?
    Just keep quiet. I’m giving you a chance to get out of here. We’re going to The Bow.
    Richard gives a look of pure alarm and disbelief.
    Look, I don’t know who you are or why you need my help, but The Door was never finished before the…
    We don’t need your help with anything. However, a lot of people are going to need you to stick around.
    At this point, Ilana has also woken up and slowly stirs to attention.
    So are you ready to help us now and become one of the good guys?
    Richard looks over quickly. Ilana nods in silent communication.
    Alright, lead the way.
    Cut to shot of a small corridor near a Temple exit where the masked figure and the group of four prisoners stealthily move through the hallway.
    As the masked figure rounds the corner, she runs directly into an armed Aldo.
    (he pulls out a radio-device and pushes a button)
    Aldo doesn’t have time to finish his sentiment though as Ilana jumps out of the shadows and knees him in the groin, leaving him falling to the ground unconscious.
    Nice one! Let’s get going, they’ll be coming to look any second.
    As Aldo hits the floor, his gun is set off, the bullet grazing Bram’s ear.
    Aaaagh, what the hell?! Again?!?
    Well, if they weren’t on their way before, that sure didn’t help us any.
    The camera shows the runaways exiting the Temple and being greeted by a barrage of arrows raining down from above. The group manages to dodge the arrows and notice a large group of Others following them.
    This way!
    After a brief moment of the crew running through the jungle, Ben looks behind him and notices that the Others have stopped pursuing them.
    Richard, they’re gone!
    They probably have good reason to be so there’s not much time to rest. Why are we heading to The Bow? Who are you and how did you even know about it?
    Yeah, while you two chat it out, I’m gonna find a nice tree to take a nap under. Lemme know if the Swiss Family Chainsaw Massacre cult come back, ok? Ridicu…
    A piercing metallic sound fills the air and cuts Bram off mid-word. The ground shakes and without pause a spot of Earth erupts and Bram is engulfed by the Smoke Monster. Ilana screams as the masked figure grabs her.
    Come on!
    Ilana claws at the figure’s face in an attempt to go back and inadvertently pulls off her mask. The camera pans over to see that Sun was the woman in the disguise. Richard gives a curious glance before shrugging and taking off with the group.
    In a flashback, sometime between Ben and Locke entering the statue and their return, Richard and Sun have just finished a conversation at the small camp set up near the statue.
    Well, to be honest with you Sun, I’m not entirely sure why I told you I saw your friends die. I mean, it’s there in my mind, I can remember seeing their bodies, clear as day, but I can’t for the life of me recall how it happened, like some twisted déjà vu.
    That’s alright, a lot of strange ideas have popped into people’s heads when they hang around this place too long. (She glances at the body of Locke)
    I just don’t understand. In the amount of time I’ve resided on this island, there has never been a situation like this. And I feel partially responsible. Hell, if it weren’t for me, John wouldn’t have ended up on that plane, probably would have never been here. Now what’s happened to him…or whatever’s in there acting as him…is something I’ve never heard about from Jacob.
    Well, maybe a few hours of sleep will do you some good and clear your mind. I know I can’t stand this waiting for too much longer combined with the stress of the crash.
    Yes, well, try amplifying your stress level by an infinite amount and figure out how much sleep I should really be getting. (chuckles) Goodnight, Sun. And I do wish you the best of luck in whatever this island has planned for you and your husband.
    Thank you Richard, have a good night.
    Sun exits the tent and sneaks around the backside of it. She continues to walk stealthily over to the border between the beach and the jungle. There, she takes one glance back at the camp and turns back to be startled by Frank Lapidus standing before her.
    Oh, sorry Sun! Didn’t mean to startle ya! All set?
    Yes, let’s get out of here before things turn ugly, I’ve got to find the radio tower so I can let Mr. Widmore know what happened back there.
    Alright, lead the way. I’ll do what I can to help.
    Sun and Frank begin trekking into the jungle. As they continue their hike, Frank pauses.
    What does Widmore want from you anyways? You really did come here to find your husband right?
    I came here to protect my entire family. I was assured that protection and more if I complied with his requests to…
    Suddenly, a bola whips through the air and strikes Frank, knocking him out. Sun panics and begins to run further into the jungle. The whispers become audible and Christian Shephard appears before her, stopping Sun dead in her tracks.
    Hello again, Sun.
    Where did you come from? How do you know my name?!
    Sun, do you remember what I said about having a journey ahead of you if you want to see your husband?
    Sun nods.
    Well, I have to add that this journey will have to begin right now.
    Sun stares at Christian, bewildered, but before she has time to inquire further about the details of her journey, she is clubbed from behind by an unseen assailant and falls unconscious to the jungle floor.
    Cut to black.
    Camera opens on the disheveled group of four making their way up the rocky shore where the Others once set up a decoy camp to fool Sayid.
    So, if they actually finished construction on The Bow, where is it?
    Yeah, that doesn’t seem like anything other than a door.
    Please, just follow me.
    The group heads over to the set of large steel doors. Sun gives one a pull and Richard helps with the other.
    Ooh, look, a wall of nothing. Big surprise there…
    Sun disregards Ben and steps into the small room, feeling about the rock wall in front of her.
    Yeah, Sun. I don’t know what you’ve been told and by whom, but this place looks the same as it did when I had Bea take Walt and Michael there.
    I don’t think ‘Bea’ let either of you in on exactly what she was doing when you sent her here.
    Sun stops on the lower left side of the wall and knocks on a hollow spot eight times in quick succession. She turns to the crew.
    Hurry, everyone get inside.
    Ilana and Richard move into the small chamber. Ben follows and shuts the steel doors behind him. A cage-door slides across the area in front of the steel doors and the entire chamber begins to move downward. Richard and Ben exchange confused and embarrassed glances.
    BEN (whispering):
    I thought you said you knew…
    RICHARD (cutting him off):
    Well, I also wasn’t in on the whole ‘your former leader’s going to kill your newly-selected leader and resurrect him on the island when they get back…or maybe not!’.
    The elevator jolts to an abrupt stop as it reaches a lower level with another steel door. Sun pushes the door outwards and leads the group into a large living quarters.
    Ben, Richard, and Ilana gaze in awe at the room and its connecting doors. One of these doors is wide open and a large channel of water is visible with a small boat anchored within. There is another open door directly next to them leading to a spiral staircase. Footsteps are soon audible as someone comes down the stairs.
    What’s going on here?
    Ilana raises her rifle at the shadowy person exiting the doorway.
    Ready to get this over with?
    The figure steps into the open light to reveal herself as Claire Littleton. Ilana looks to Sun and lowers her weapon after they exchange a nod.
    Cut to black.
    In Sun’s flashback, we open as she wakes up and sees a ragged and wilderness-torn Claire standing above her with a glass of water.
    I’m sorry about the bump on your head, Sun. I didn’t have much time back there, I had to improvise a bit.
    Sun groggily rolls on her side and notices Frank lying on a cot near hers and that the three of them are in a DHARMA living-quarters similar to the Swan. A low, grinding tone emits from behind a shut door in the back of the room.
    You’re probably wondering where you are right now.
    We all thought you were...
    CLAIRE (interrupting):
    Sun stares back up, still in shock and disbelief.
    Well, you just disappeared. Nobody knew what was…
    But I wasn’t dead. If you didn’t see it, don’t believe it. (Claire smiles)
    Claire goes over and checks something on a computer in the corner of the room. She walks back over with a tape in hand and sits down, placing the tape in a VCR on the table next to Sun.
    Just watch and learn.
    The tape rolls and an image of a young man appears.
    Welcome, and Namaste. My name is Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk and this is the orientation film for station 7 of the DHARMA Initiative.
    In the event that this video is being played, (muffled speech and cut in the video) has most likely replaced the DHARMA Initiative, as planned. The Pearl has become a usurp experiment and the direction of research within the Initiative has been drastically altered after the events of 1977’s ‘Incident’. Though Dr. Pierre Chang has made unbelievable strides in the field of human psychology and its relation with regards to the effects of this island’s various unique energies under the command of (cut) DeGroot, Alvar Hanso has personally sanctioned me to orchestrate the construction and maintenance of a new study which will utilize the exotic matter residing under this rock formation to help us in our efforts to alter the Valenzetti Equation and answer the questions we all have concerning the disappearance of multiple DHARMA recruits following the Incident.
    Images of Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Miles, and Jin flash on the screen. Sun gasps when she sees and hears the mention of her husband.
    Had you arrived here by way of the Arrow and through the elevator tower, your first step is to enter the Valenzetti equation on the computer terminal in order to activate and operate the station’s machinery to its full potential.” (cut to slightly different setting, but still apparent) “If you have entered via the underground aquatic transport system, inspect the entirety of the station for signs of Hostile presence, and eliminate those signs. Then, proceed to the operations room of the station and carry out the Secondary Protocol at any cost.
    (cut back to the original film)
    Once entering the code into the computer, retrieve the information concerning The Bow’s intricate mechanisms from your partner. When running experiments utilizing Charon’s lift, make sure (warbled audio and video cut) “and do not, under any circumstances, allow an incursion of the station by…” (video cuts and skips)
    Congratulations! Until your replacements arrive, the future of the project is in your hands.On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso, and all of us at the DHARMA Initiative, thank you, namaste, and... good luck.
    © The Hanso Foundation 1984
    (Film ends)
    Sun sits in disbelief and confusion.
    I hope that covered all your questions. That man sure likes to hear himself talk, at least.
    But, how did you come about finding this place…and why?
    CLAIRE (nonchalantly):
    Well, my dead dad told me.
    Claire smiles to Sun and camera cuts to black.
    Within the present-day Bow station, Claire and Sun lead the group into the last remaining room where the low humming sound has been coming from.
    ...and here we have the only thing that’s going to keep you out of trouble for a while (glances back at Richard, Ben, and Ilana)
    Ben enters the room and stares wide-eyed, taken aback at the sight of a large, metal platform that hangs above a gaping, but covered, circular pit. The group look around the room at the series of computerized and mechanical equipment that keep this lift suspended in midair. Richard shakes his head in awe.
    CLAIRE (cheerfully):
    All aboard!
    The group huddles onto the lift one by one. Ilana begins to step on, but draws a pistol out of her pocket.
    Alright, for the last time, what is really going on here and where does this lead.
    We don’t have time for this, I can only tell you that you’re…
    Sun takes the moment of confusion where Ilana’s attention is dedicated to Claire and swiftly knocks the gun out of her hand and pulls her onto the lift by her arm as she reels in pain and shock.
    We have to hurry, they may know the other way here already! (glancing at Claire) You’re positive that we can do this and we’ll all be alright?
    You’ll be fine. It worked with your pilot friend, right? (Claire turns a large lever and the machine lurches into downward motion as the cover above the pit opens) Only difference this time is, there’s not going to be any room for error.
    Richard looks over at Ben as the machine descends and the droning sound of the pit gets louder.
    I’m sorry, Ben.
    I’m sorry. I’m sorry for giving you false hope, for making you believe that you were destined to lead us all and then taking that all away just because I changed my mind. Now look at the mess we’re in. I’m eternally sorry.
    Well, those were some riveting potentially last sentiments from someone who probably hasn’t had to fear death much before now. (Ben glances at Richard in an incredulous way and smirks)
    Richard nods in humorous relief as he notices that his old, quip-laden friend is back to himself.
    And I’m sorry about Vanessa choosing ‘them’ over you.
    Well, after what happened when you joined us, you always told me I had no idea what it was like to lose someone that important, now I…
    Their conversation is cut off as the lift unexpectedly drops down a few feet and stops, soon regaining its journey down the pit. A red light begins to illuminate the lift and walls of the chamber, ancient glyphs are visible on the walls above, but are cut off at a level point and the only further indentation is a long scrape cut down the rest of the wall and continuing well below where the lift is hanging.
    Claire reaches into a pocket and produces three cards, giving one to Ben, Richard, and Ilana.
    It’s very important that you meet us all at this exact location as soon as you arrive.
    Don’t forget.
    Arrive where, exactly?
    Before any answers are given, the light completely fills the pit and nothing is visible.
    (flashback noise and camera goes to next scene)
    One last flashback shows Sun listening intently to Claire as Frank begins to stir from his slumber.
    So where did you go, after John moved the Island?
    When I saw my father, he promised that he’d protect me. We walked to a small cabin deep in the jungle. When I asked how this wooden home could protect us from anything out here, he assured me that it wasn’t just the cabin that would help us. I found out from my father and a woman who, like myself, gave birth on the island, that the cabin was a byproduct of many unique energies on the island. These energies previously existed separately, but when a feud erupted between the man who built the cabin and another leader of the scientists that experimented on these energies, the rival leader tunneled under the cabin, and collapsed it as his wife was inside. One of the energies that made the cabin come back and haunt those who inhabit the island is an energy that allows it to not just move through time and space, but other spaces. The place we’re currently staying in was originally made to investigate that energy what it did to things that encountered it.
    FRANK (groggily and sarcastically):
    That’s a great little Twilight Zone story and all, dear, but I think I’d rather keep on napping over in the safe magic-cabin than listen to more of this confusing quantum-talk and go on your save-the-day-mission.
    Well, to put things in easier terms, Jin went to the other space that may exist, and we’re gonna need to get him back to stop a lot of bad things from happening.
    Frank, you’ve promised me that you’d help with whatever it takes to find Jin. Claire says this is the way to do it
    Frank sighs reluctantly and Sun glances back to Claire.
    Frank does bring up a good point though. Why are you so interested in risking your life saving Jin or anyone else when you’ve been just fine here on your own?
    CLAIRE (turns a little and says in a shaking voice):
    If we can’t do this, one of those bad things is going to happen to my son. (She looks back and smiles a bit as a single tear rolls down her cheek) The one thing my father added is that Charlie may still be in this ‘other space’.
    (camera goes back to present)
    The camera cuts to above the pit where the chain and pulley system that operates the lift are seen working normally. Suddenly, the chains are pulled taught and screech with the stress being placed on them. The light slowly becomes visible as it exits the pit and some of the office supplies lying about the room are pulled into the pit as the door is pulled shut with a loud slam.
    The mechanism begins to buckle under the pressure and the pulleys snap, sending the entire machine collapsing and hurtling into the void as the red light fills the room.
    (fade to black)
    The camera opens back on the beach, where Locke is shown walking in anger with a large search party, including the Others seen earlier in the episode. He stops as he notices a groggy and bewildered Bram staggering through the sand, attempting to crawl across the beach.
    Ughh, ahh…
    His mumblings are cut short as Locke hoists him up by his arm and un-sheaths his hunting knife, ready to finish the already suffering man off.
    As his arm swings toward Bram’s neck, a loud buzz erupts out of the distance and catches everyone off guard, including Locke, who stops and stares at an endless red beam of light that shines from an area just over the rocky hills.
    Locke drops Bram like a sack back onto the floor of the beach. Bram groans in more pain and discomfort. Locke turns around to the crowd behind him, smiling.
    LOCKE (shouting self-righteously):
    A sign, foretold to me by Jacob himself! The war is coming sooner than we all thought! We don’t have much time and I only want the best of this sorry excuse for a group following me into the battle to come. Charles Widmore must not set foot on this island again, this holds true now more than ever!
    The crowd of surrounding Others erupts in cheering and shouting.
    As Bram scrambles to run away while the group is distracted, Locke quickly and effortlessly grabs him by his shirt collar and lifts him up again, dragging Bram behind him as he walks towards the location of bright light.
    LOCKE (whispers):
    Now, let’s see what your convict-comrades have been up to over yonder.
    Bram emits a whimpering noise as he reluctantly trails Locke.
    The rallied Others are shown, beginning to make preparations in order to defend the beach at all costs. The camera cuts over to John Locke and Bram once more.
    One last shot of Locke gazing up at the sky in wonder and intrigue is seen before the camera cuts to black.
    We open back up in an undisclosed time on an undisclosed city street. People are walking about in the daily commute and a man is heard shouting some ‘end of the world’ talk (as religious-fanatics often do in busy city corners) in the distance.
    Instantaneously, a bright flash of light fills the air and Richard is shown running down the street with a determined look on his face, bumping into a few people who are in his way.
    Some extras shout “Out of the way!” and “Move it, jackass!” as Richard slows his pace and stumbles about.
    A look of bewilderment takes over as Richard scans the city around him. It’s apparent that no one had noticed the flash of light that led to his emergence, but heads turn to stare at him in his ragged Island-attire. He yells out for help.
    RICHARD (shouting):
    Sun?!…Ben?!…What’s going on?…Sun, where are you?!
    As he’s walking, Richard takes note of some billboards in the skyline. One is an advertisement for The Hanso Foundation. It reads “Advancing and Protecting the Human Race. From the Dawn of Time…”
    Richard’s eyes are quickly averted to another shocking billboard. Upon the canvas, American colors are shown and the phrase “John Locke for Vice President!” is visible.
    Richard is so taken aback by the strange setting that he neglects to watch his step and looks back down to see himself staring eye to eye with none other than Jack Shephard.
    JACK (placing a finger to his mouth in a silencing motion):
    Jack points over Alpert’s shoulder. Richard turns around to see the shouting man from before standing on the car. People are jeering at him for being a religious nut. Richard recognizes the man as Horace Goodspeed, who is soaking wet, bloodstained, and visibly terrified.
    Listen to me! The end of the world has arrived! We tried to stop it, we all have, but it’s here and it’s now!
    Shut up, ya wacko, and find a job!!
    (sirens are heard as police cars pull up to deal with Horace)
    Please, just listen to me! Say your prayers tonight! Spend these last moments well! Don’t regret it later as you lie, waiting to be taken from this cruel world.
    OFFICER 1:
    Ok, sir, I’m going to ask you to get down off that car now so traffic can continue passing on this street.
    You don’t understand! It’s all over! It’s happened and it’s all our faults!
    OFFICER 2:
    Alright, I screwed up, didn’t go to church on Sunday, now the world’s gonna end, yadda yadda. Tell ya what, man. You get down off that car and come with us, I’ll say a hundred Hail Maries on the way over to the station. Sound good?
    Officer 1 chuckles under his breath.
    As Officer 1 reaches for his holster to pull the pepper spray, a wounded and dazed-looking Ellie Widmore lumbers from the surrounding crowd of onlookers and lunges onto the officer, knocking him to the ground.
    Ellie hisses and reveals her glazed back eyes and foaming mouth, clawing at the officer relentlessly as the other officer reaches for his gun, the crowd panics, and a mob of people dart down the street in a running-of-the-bulls style.
    Richard…as my father and some of our mutual acquaintances used to say, we’ve got work to do.
    (camera cuts to Lost logo)