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Snippets from websites pertaining to my craft. A sneak peek.

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Ekit Mighty Om

  1. 1. William Parrish AKA “Mighty Om”Mightyomvisuals.commightyomvisuals@gmail.com“Visuals for the Music Industry”
  2. 2. William Parrish1622 Darley AveBaltimore, MD 21213443 253 1215williparrish@gmail.comMyspace.com/mightyommusicBorn: Natchez County, Mississippi. 1977.Exhibitions/Performances: 2008 Mentalite Hip Hop 2008 (Guest Appearance), Sala El Tren, Granada, Spain 2008 Miercoles Erasmus “Sexy Student Club Party”, Granada 10, Granada, Spain Sponsored by Granada 10, and Paris Loves my Oui Oui 2009 Granada Doaba CD release party, The Middle East, Boston, Massachusetts. Sponsored by Leedz Entertainment 2010 Organic Soul, Eden’s Lounge Baltimore, Md 2010 UnChained Talent “The Quest”, The Theatre Project, Baltimore, Md 2010 Granada Doaba “Presentado Por DJ Canyon Cody”, Santos Party House, NYC 2010 un{FRAMED} “Masquerade”, Club Reality, Baltimore, Md 2010 “All Hip Hop Summit” Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Baltimore, Md 2010 un{FRAMED} “Bon Voyage”, Club Reality, Baltimore, MdLectures/Teaching: 2010 UnChained Talent, Piano and Visual Art (illustrations) 2010 Morgan State “Art in the City” Summer Program, Baltimore, MdCommissions: 2008 Afro dz ak, Portrait “He’s Deep and He’s Out There” for album entitled “Elevation”
  3. 3. Publications: Winter-Spring 2009 Baltimore’s Indypendent Reader Funk’s Democratic Coffee Spot” comic stripBackground Information:William Parrish is a self taught artist with roots in Baltimore. Working in pencil and ink in his childhood,he graduated to pastels, acrylics, and watercolor by his early teens. His focus then switched to music,studying jazz piano at Peabody Preparatory with Charles Covington. In his early twenties his focusexpanded to spoken word and hip hop performance. Recently inspired by the street artists of Granada(Spain) he began to illustrate his music. Currently Mr. Parrish is a recording artist for Gnawledge Recordsheadquartered in Los Angeles.Mr. Parrish premiered “Guru and the Gangster” on July 15, 2010 at “Unframed” a monthly art show inBaltimore that features live music.Artist’s Statement:I create stories using a collage of media. They are parodies of our world, based on the lives of fictionalcharacters. Religion, economics, politics, sexuality… no subject is taboo. My goal is creating discussionand debate, waking people from the daily grind and encouraging action. My art is an information hub, aone stop shop for intellectual stimulation.I created “Guru and the Gangster“ by drawing on imagery from diverse religious faiths. The charactersinhabiting the realm bring life to my stage as they play their role in the drama. They are involved in aheroic struggle leading to the end of the world. The choices they make that affect their lives are what Idescribe in illustration and music.My art is about the unlimited potential of mankind, the power within.My art forces the viewer to wonder what art is, as I have crafted it in the murky waters between comicsand fine art.The music and the visuals are fused to the core, so that the visuals and the music cannot be spoken ofseparately. Which came first? Chicken or the egg? The entire presentation must be considered as a unit.This new style comic actually takes you into the mind of a songwriter, the images that float through ourheads. At first glance each panel of the artwork may seem to sing its own song. Taken as a whole,however, the viewer sees a story unfold. They enjoy the work two ways: visually and aurally. WilliamParrish (Mighty Om)
  4. 4. Contact: William Parrish FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETel: (443)-253-1215Email: williparrish@gmail.comFulbright Scholar Helps Baltimore Artist Achieve His Dreams.Mighty Om (William Parrish) is a musician and visual artist from Baltimore who bringstogether jazz, Eastern spirituality, and gritty street lyricism. He is the creator of “Guruand the Gangster”, a hip hop web comic that features both his illustration and vocal talent.His upcoming mixtape entitled “Grind Daily” will be released by Gnawledge RecordsSummer 2010.Canyon Cody started Gnawledge Records in 2004. He is a producer, self-taughtethnomusicologist and global music DJ. Granada Doabahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcXMPCTRxdk XXX
  5. 5. William Parrish For Immediate ReleaseTel: (443)-253-1215Email: williparrish@gmail.comDr. Seuss of Hip HopCreator of web comic “Guru and the Gangster” uses illustrations to brings his lyrics to lifeWhat goes together better than peanut butter and chocolate? How about hip hop and comics?Initially William Parrish (Musician and Illustrator) traveled to Spain to study economics inGranada. Instead he found himself pursuing his dreams, meeting and recording with CanyonCody, Fulbright Scholar and C.O.O. of Gnawledge Records. For most musicians creation stopswhen the music is recorded. This project, however, took a unique twist. Mr. Parrish, whoperforms under the stage name Mighty Om, decided to illustrate his music.“I created the album to speak to people around the world, but I realized that the music neededsomething special. After reviewing the album I realized what that something was… I needed toturn the lyrics into pictures. That way a person’s native language would not be a barrier tounderstanding.” The result was “Guru and the Gangster”, a music video illustrated by “MightyOm”.To see “Guru and the Gangster” visithttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcXMPCTRxdk XXX
  6. 6. William Parrish AKA “Mighty Om” Mightyomvisuals.com mightyomvisuals@gmail.com“Visuals for the Music Industry”I provide artwork for artists and labels in the music industry. These illustrations come in twoforms:Music Videos: I illustrate songs verse for verse. Each line of a song gets its’ own uniqueillustration. The illustrations are timed to match the lyrics and the accompanying track. Eachindividual slide can be used in numerous ways: • Promotion • Merchandise • Branding • MarketingDigital Slides: Single slides can also be created for songs: • Collage style illustrations that portray the whole song as one piece of art. • Single panel illustrations that focus on specific lyrics, characters, or moments in the song (i.e. the “verse” or the “hook”)Here are some of the benefits of webcomic music videos over traditional videos:
  7. 7. • Webcomic videos are not limited by film constraints, or CGI budgets. Anything that can be imagined can be illustrated and portrayed. • Each slide of the webcomic is a complete product. The parts of the whole are independent worlds themselves, ready to run as merchandise. The webcomic is advertisement for the musician, the song, the art, and the artist. • Revenue is raised through the sale of merchandise to the artist’s fan base. • Characters in the song come to life and can be developed into other media that is story- based (graphic novels, books, comic books, cartoons, movies, etc…) • Labels and publishers have catalogs of songs gathering dust. The webcomic can turn those songs into revenue streams. • Old songs can be given fresh life by adding illustrations to them. Fans of the song’s lyrics will want to own copies of the artwork as collector’s items. • The illustrations appeal beyond the border of language; art speaks internationally.Pricing:Webcomic $30,000 (full color) 20 slidesDigital Slides $500- $1,000 (full color) 1 slide