Benefits of being a Lifevantage Customer Expectations


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Benefits Lifevantage Customer Expectations

What to expect as a preferred customer of Lifevantage. What to expect as you use Lifevantage Protandim and Truescience Anti-Aging Cream to change your health.

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Benefits of being a Lifevantage Customer Expectations

  1. 1. Setting the proper expectations for customers Setting the proper expectations for your customer will increase retention and improve their Protandim experience. By following these steps, you will help to inform and educated your customers: • Establish a welcome/get start 3 way call for each new customer. The purpose of the 3 way is to thank the customer and establish further validation of LifeVantage and its products. • Reference the studies in Pub Med to establish further creditability.
  2. 2. Educate Customers on Protandim & Truescience •Every customer must know that taking Protandim and using TrueScience is a 120 day commitment. This can be done by referencing the 1st and 2nd studies about decreased oxidation and the ability of increasing the survival genes, like Glutathione by 300%, at the 120 day mark. The studies can be accessed at by typing Protandim in the search box. Studies 1 and 2 can be found toward the bottom of the list. •Each customer must know that individual experiences will vary. You may or may not feel any physical change, but the product does work 100% of the time in reducing oxidative stress; which is related to most diseases. Once again, reference Pub Med and the published studies.
  3. 3. Oxidative Stress is Real! • Reiterate that oxidative stress, caused by free radical damage to their cells, is a constant and after 30 days without Protandim they will revert back to their original state of increased cellular oxidation. •Let the customer know that Protandim is the only natural supplement and the combination of the 5 botanicals create a NRF2 synergetic response. This is a special dynamic that cannot be duplicated by taking each individual component separately. This NRF2 affect allows Protandim to enter into the cell where the actual damage occurs, rather than working inefficiently in the blood stream like most other antioxidant products. This difference puts Protandim in a class of its own.
  4. 4. Get Protandim for Free •Review the referral program to inform the customer they can receive a discount of up to 100% (free product by referring 4 customers). •Review briefly the business opportunity that allows for the ability of receiving an income stream. Educate the customer that by owning a homebased business they are eligible for additional tax deductions, such as deducting their own auto shipment.
  5. 5. Setting the proper expectations for customers •Continue to communicate with your customers monthly or quarterly. In addition to keeping the communication lines open, be sure to keep them updated on scientific developments.