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Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)
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Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)


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media presentation …

media presentation


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  • 1. Media {NME}
    By Richard Maguire
    And Shawn Gordon
  • 2. Mag price
    Mag Logo
    Inside info
    Free mag inside ( can effect price)
    Broken trumpet = old times
    Name of main guy in issue
    Showing something news coming
  • 3. Front cover
    The image attracts people since its of “famous” people “Liam and noel "who are the classic image of “rock”.(11 September 2010 edition)
    We know the information inside the magazine such from the front cover relating to certain pages and subject’s (such as “inside LA’S new stone scene).
    Its been arranged like this to push the main points and attract readers without boring them.
    Red/white/black since they go great together and are attractive
    There are iconic signs such as “Liam” who represents white rock.
    Yes also there is “symbolic” signs such as “liams red coat” which symbolises ‘hate’.
    All these signs appeal their audience by relating with them. ( young rockers = Appeal to teens//bands in the making).
  • 4. Front cover details
    the colours are significant as they are shown with a red coat s hate between two people and the other person has black symbolising the hate is going to kill him and there is a lack of white colour showing there is no peace which is appealing to the young generation since them colours are Classic involvements in rocks “idealism”.
    (The font) “sans serif”( without tail ) font and looks like a Arial black font.
    Its been choosing to make it look ‘serious’ yet (Out of the world).
    There is a magazine website referring to this such as “Nme’s actual website” found at
    since its majority viewers are “internet” users. At over 5 million.
  • 5. Magazine cost/audience/launch date
    The magazine is only £2.30 and its found at the top left corner.
    Its representational issues are it represents “ the classic young rockers and teens” as the front cover of 2 rockers and the repeating of rock sensations /rockers in the making found inside the magazine.
    as a male gender aged 23 as median. (Abc 1 social status)
    The language is simple and informal so its targeting obviously “teens” and “c2/d” social status males.( with a tiny audience of “girls” as in girlfriends of the readers or at places such as universities).
    The language targets the audience since its speaking in-formal.( Its readers are in-formal and tend to get with the times).
    Also Nme was launched date year was 1952
    Its published By (IPC)
  • 6. Contents Page placements
    Images followed by brief paragraphs of info on the event or subject. Also followed by the page its on.
    The images inform me that's the magazine issue is about hate such as what the information / Facial descriptions of the people being looked at.
    Many fonts such as “A sans serif”( without tail ) font and looks like a Arial black font.
    All the content page images are from “photo banks” or agencies. And are old.
    The language targets the audience using “informal” and Excessive capital letters in short writing to just shout what's happening which teens and rock people will immediately understand.
  • 7. Change (
    They represent the begging of “new rock” of teens and young adults rock coming out from “classic” rock.
    Such as “ I F*** AROUND SHOOTING GUNS” exactly like that . And “ F***,F***YOU CANNOT ASK ME THAT. THIS IS TORTURE!!!”
    Its denotation colour scheme is dull black and white and slowly is going into light and colourful.
    Its connotation colour means is “black and white as old” to “colourful” now as the new.
    (((Old rock to new rock.))
    Its showing the era of “classic rock” going and new rock coming so will attract the young as its their time now!!
  • 8. Double page (article etc)
    Big famous guy “Bret Easton” smoking looking like a tycoon sitting down being interviewed. And the interview details portrayed below him as a article.
    Then some agency photos followed by quick snapshots of information.
    The denotation shows a famous rock author and his favourite albums//inspiration
  • 9. The end
    Hypnotoad Says “This presentation was great wouldn’t you agree?”( Hypnotises)
    For more information on connotation/denotation and signs look at the links below
    To “Semiotics Power point”
    Please judge Maya's presentation bad hypnotoad says DO IT!!!