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Project Presentation Midyear
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Project Presentation Midyear


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openbts Egyptian team presentation at made in Egypt competetion

openbts Egyptian team presentation at made in Egypt competetion

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  • 1. Shorouk-Com-5-03
  • 2. Outlines
    • What’s the problem?
    • What are the available solutions?
    • OpenBTS … What’s it ?!
    • How does it work?
    • Our expected customers?
    • Where we are?
    • Future Vision. Always connected
  • 3. What’s the problem?
    • "The poor cellular network coverage in rural areas"
    • Huge amount of investment required by the operator
    • Coverage ignorant
    • Low efficient services Always connected
  • 4. What are Our solutions ?
    • Very expensive equipments
    • Special propose hand-sets
    • Expensive prices
    • No subscribers
    • OpenBTS
    • Use an existing technology ”GSM”
    • Available and cheap hand-sets
    • Less hardware required compared to existing System Always connected
  • 5. OpenBTS ... What is it ?!
    • The OpenBTS project is an effort to construct a software application that uses a SDR(software defined radio) to present a GSM air interface ("Um") to standard GSM handsets and uses a VoIP PBX server to connect calls. Always connected
  • 6. How Does it work ?
    • BTS site area = antenna , large , costly hardware and some thing that propagates radio signals
    • BTS = the core equipment that generate the air interface for the cellular network
    • OpenBTS is a software implementation of the air interface for GSM
    Always connected
  • 7.
    • It is a piece of open source SW runs a piece of open source Hardware to generate an air interface that to a cell phone looks just like any GSM cellular network
    • This combination of SW and HW is just a SDR “software defined radio”
    Always connected
  • 8. SDR “software defined radio”
    • A type of software applications that replace the radio system hardware elements [MUX's,DAC's,etc...] with equivalent pieces of code
    • It has two parts:
    • Software Framework “GNU Radio”
    • Hardware Board “USRP”
    Always connected
  • 9. USRP Always connected
  • 10. Traditional GSM network Always connected
  • 11. OpenBTS system over-view “Block Diagram” Always connected
  • 12. OpenBTS Hardware Requirements Always connected
  • 13. Always connected
  • 14. Our excepted customers .
    • Cellular network operators.
    • Our system can be complicated to the others communication systems like (PSTN,PLMN,internet,....).
    • Isolated Facilities (Oil rigs, Airplanes, Ships).
    • Local cellular networks.
    Always connected
  • 15. Where we are?
    • USRP.
    • Installation problems.
    • Getting sponsored technically (Operator).
    Always connected
  • 16. Future Vision.
    • Multi-Cell system implementation
    • GPRS
    • EDGE
    Always connected
  • 17. Sponsors
    • Financial – El-Shorouk Academy
    • Technical – still searching
    Always connected
  • 18. Thank you ... See you at finals Always connected