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Porfolio & CV Miriam Esteve Engieneer Multimedia

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Cv miriam esteve_engieneer multimedia

  1. 1. M M Miriam Esteve Curriculum VitaeTechnical Computer Engineer, Creative Multimedia, Polyglot
  2. 2. M Personal InformationM Miriam Esteve Velázquez Technical Computer Engineer and Creative Multimedia Polyglot Born March 03, 1984 | 29 Years old Alcoy | Spain Now living in Nürnberg | Germany
  3. 3. M who am I? MEngineering and creative hybrid with great imaginative power, able to investigate and solve interactive,multimedia and visual art projects.I am a person with good interpersonal skills, curious, persistent, proactive. I consider it important to findcompanionship, affection and freedom in my work, creating a comfortable work environment.Variation is a key requirement in my work, as well as in my environment.I work purposeful, enjoy working with people and want to reach for tangible results. optimistic spontaneous energetic empathy curious flexible creative outspoken social proficient autodidact obliging enthusiastic free minded
  4. 4. M Academic EduactionM Master’s Degree in Multimedia and Visual Arts 2010 - 2012 (2 years) | Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Final Master Project: “Intermedial Scenography: new media and technology applied to Scene” Mark: 10 Distinction *granted also with an Artistic Residence in Barcelona Master’s Degree in Training and E-Learning Technologies 2009 - 2011 (2 years) | Universidad de Sevilla Technical Computer Engineering 2002 - 2006 (4 years) | Universidad de Alicante Erasmus Grant in 3th Technical Computer Engineering year in Fachhochschule Aachen (Germany)
  5. 5. M Work Experience M La Lola Boreal Artistic Company Valencia | September 2011 - Today (1 year and 5 months)Multimedia & Interactive Creative Programmer, Audovisual Creative,Technical in Performance, Community ManagerIn the company: Creator and member of the multidisciplinary company La Lola Boreal, which wasborn to the specific creation of the project "Villa Quitapenas".La Lola Boreal researches and experiments with the possibilities of interaction with the public withinthe scenic area, combining technology, visual arts and dance.Show web: the show: Creator of the audiovisual work, Mapping and 3D Scenography, Interactives, TrackingVideo. *granted also with an Artistic Residence Programm in BarcelonaProcess web:
  6. 6. M Work Experience M EU4ALL European Investigation Project (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) Valencia | December 2010 - April 2011 (4 months)Java J2EE Analyst & ProgrammerDesign, development and implementation of information systems in the LMS (Sakai) Samoo Valencia | November 2009 - November 2010 (1 year)Java J2EE Analyst & Programmer - Responsible of e-learning areaDesign, development and implementation of information systems LMS (Sakai)Teaching content and technical supportDevelopment of videos and multimedia courses for the company and for the customer. everis Barcelona / Valencia | May 2007 - November 2009 (2 years and 6 months)Java J2EE ProgrammerImplementation of management information systems in Diputacion Comunidad Valenciana and La CaixaBank, troubleshooting and customer contact. Netconsulting Alicante | December 2006 - April 2007 (5 months)System AdministratorSystem administration, troubleshooting and customer contact
  7. 7. M Grants, Residences & Prizes M Artist in residence program for audiovisual artistic creation Barcelona | June and September of 2012The creation factory Fabra i Coats, Mira!- Telenoika (Barcelona), granted the artistic residenceprogramm for audiovisual artistic creation (specifically scenic) to La Lola Boreal. I have worked on theinteractive and audiovisual aspects of the show Villa Quitapenas, and also in the creation of the dramawith the rest of the La Lola Boreal team.On November 10th 2012, we show a sample of the work in progress at the electronic music andaudiovisual research MIRA! festival (Barcelona).On Januar 3th, 4th, 5th 2013 we have shown the complete show in Espacio Inestable Theater (Valencia). Photograpy contest | First & Second Prize Alicante | March 2007First and Second prize of a photopraphy contest from the Universidad de Alicante “Scenes of everyday life of students and teachers of the EPS”.
  8. 8. M Visual Arts SkillsM High Medium Low Computational & Code Design Java, Processing, Box2D, Openni, Pure Data, Gamuza (Based on OpenFrameworks), Actionscript 3.0 3D & Mapping Blender, Affter Effects Live Videocreation Resolume Arena, Modul-8 Video Editing & Postproduction Premiere, AVID, Vegas, Final Cut, After Effects Electronic Creative & Audiovisual Synchrony Arduino, Ableton Live, OSC Design & Digital photography inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop *See Courses Annex
  9. 9. M Technical SkillsM High Medium Low Programming Java J2EE, JSF(Java Server Faces Myfaces), Struts, Jsp, JavaScript, HTML, JavaScript, XML Data Bases MySQL, SQL, Hibernate, Postgres Networks CCNA 1 and 2 Cisco Systems Certificate (Germany): Networking Basics and Routers and Routing Basics Application server Tomcat, Websphere Operating systems Linux. Mac OSX, Windows LMS & SCORM Contents Sakai, Moodle, MosSolo, CourseLab, Chamilo *See Courses Annex
  10. 10. M Languages SkillsM High Medium Low Spanish and Catalan | Native English | level B2 Several courses at University | Medium level High level writing, listening, reading and medium level on conversation German | level B2 Several courses Aachen and Nürnberg Confortable with writing, listening, reading and speaking in everyday situations Currently studyng and living in Germany *See Courses Annex
  11. 11. M Interest M Literature Travelling ChocolateGood conversations Cycling Technology Film & Video Photography Swimming Design Cooking Fitness Music Theater & Dance
  12. 12. M Courses AnnexM 2012 Workshop: Introduction to Live Videocreation in Las Naves (Valencia) (25h) Workshop: Arduino. Prof. David Cuartielles of Malmö University in Universidad Politécnica Valencia (25h) Workshop: Game Art. Prof. Mathias Fuchs of Salford University in Universidad Politécnica Valencia (25h) Workshop: Image and Sound in Real Time. Prof. Max Neupert of Bauhaus University in Universidad Politécnica Valencia (25h) Workshop: 3D with Blender. Telenoika - Audiovisual Open Creative Community (Barcelona) (25h) Workshop: Audiovisual Synchrony. Telenoika - Audiovisual Open Creative Community (Barcelona) (25h) Workshop: Mapping. Telenoika - Audiovisual Open Creative Community (Barcelona) (25h) Workshop: Generated video and communication architectures with Gamuza in Universidad Politécnica Valencia (100h) Course: German B1.2 in Smart Academy Nürnberg (Germany) (100h) 2011 Course: Image Editor & Postproduction with Avid Media Composer. SERVEF (220h) Course: German B1.1 in Bildungszentrum Stadt Nürnberg (Germany) (100h) 2010 Workshop: Graphic Design with Photoshop CS3. Upta (Plan Avanza) (20h) Workshop: Digital Photography. Universidad Politécnica Valencia (20h) 2009 Workshop: Social Networks Marketing (AECTA) (20h) Course: English Conversation in Setival (50h) 2008 Workshop: PL/SQL. Corporate University Everis. (45h) Workshop: Effective communication. Corporate University Everis. (45h) 2007 Course: Web Design and Multimedia (MACROMEDIA MX). SERVEF (359h) Workshop: Basic SQL. Corporate University Everis. (45h) Workshop: J2EE: JSP and Servlets. Corporate University Everis. (45h) 2006 Course: German Mittelstuffe 1 und 2 in Volkhochschule Aachen (Germany) (98h) Course: German ‘Deutsch als Fremdsprache’ in Fachhochschule Aachen (Germany) (60h) 2005 Course: A1 German. A.U.L.A.S (Alicante University Language Service) (50h) Course: B2 English. A.U.L.A.S (Alicante University Language Service) (50h) Workshop: Java Language Programming. Universidad Alicante (45h) Course. CCNA 1 and 2 Cisco Systems: Networking, Routers and Routing Basics in Volkhochschule Aachen (Germany) (140h)
  13. 13. MM PROJECTS
  14. 14. M Interactive ParticlesM January 2012 - June 2012 | included in the Villa Quitapenas* Show This installation involves video tracking, Kinect camera, a des- cending particle simulation, dance, performers and the audience. Kinect is used as 3D and infrared camera, to locate objects and people moving in real time (video tracking). A program with Processing and Box2D (physics engine library) process the data captured by the camera to generate particles that react to the performers and audience.
  15. 15. M Mapping ScenographyM June 2012 - September 2012 | included in the Villa Quitapenas* Show Mapping is a technique that involves projecting visual images and 3D animations on real surfaces for effects of alterations with the movement and real-time 3D. I have done a mapping scenography at different times of the performance. Playing with the visual perception of the public transforming the 2D drawing into a 3D structure with movements that also changes the position on stage during the play.
  16. 16. M 3D ShadowsM May 2012 - September 2012 | included in the Villa Quitapenas* Show I have investigated Blender Game Engine, the virtual lights and the similarities between the real and the virtual scene. I have duplicated the boxes in the real scene in the 3D scene. In real time in the performance, I move, as a technician, the virtual lights, touching the buttons in keyboard before defined (Game Engine). Then projected it on stage, and thus the virtual shadows of the stage, interacts with the actor and the audience.
  17. 17. M Projector Shutter (Arduino)M May 2012 | Work together with Aurora Diago Realization of a projector shutter with Arduino. I did also a detailed manual and an explainatory video for the Arduino and Theater community. The projector shutter can completely obscure a scene, or switch from one program to another without showing a direct screenshots. It is especially useful in theaters.
  18. 18. M Gamuza Interactive ScriptM March 2012 Audiovisual and interactive scripts done with Gamuza (Open Frameworks based) for a disco party on March 31th 2012, at the Music Box Club (Valencia). Graphics react to pitch and volume of music creating geometric shapes and colors according to the value taking these fields.
  19. 19. M Intro documentary NGO ESFM September 2011 Introduction to the documentary NGO ESF - Spain (Estudios Sin Fronteras)
  20. 20. Augmented Reality VideoclipMM Gatointeractivo February 2010- May 2011 Realization of a prototype for an interactive videoclip for Gatomidi music band, by an interactive installation made in a puppet theater with Augmented Reality (Actionscript 3.0) - project on standby until release of the new album of the band -
  21. 21. Thank you for taking the time to look over my curriculum vitae. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Miriam Esteve Velázquez |