Symptoms Of Stress


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At times, stress seems to bombard you at every turn. Work, home, family, relationships and money can all contribute to feelings of stress.

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Symptoms Of Stress

  1. 1. Symptoms Of Stress
  2. 2. At times, stress seems to bombard you at every turn. Work, home, family, relationships and money can all contribute to feelings of stress. For most of us, these factors will occasionally combine to result in negative physical or mental effects on the body.
  3. 3. What is Stress? Stress is a completely normal physical response to any event or occurrence that impresses pressures or danger upon your daily life. Your body’s response to stress evolved as a way to remain alert and aware during times of physical danger.
  4. 4. Early Symptoms of Stress Stress is such a common part of everyday life that many people fail to recognize when it begins to adversely affect health. Simply by being self-aware and pinpointing early symptoms, you can often take steps to alleviate stress before it causes more detrimental and hazardous symptoms. Some of these early symptoms are physical, while other are emotional.
  5. 5. Early physical symptoms of stress include the following
  6. 6. Headaches
  7. 7. Problems with digestion
  8. 8. Increase blood pressure
  9. 9. Lowered sex drive
  10. 10. Constantly feeling tired or worn out
  11. 11. Emotional and behavioral symptoms that may indicate the necessity to cope with stress includes the following
  12. 12. Poor memory
  13. 13. Poor concentration
  14. 14. Pessimistic attitude
  15. 15. Anxiety
  16. 16. Mood swings
  17. 17. Short temper
  18. 18. Altered eating habits
  19. 19. Long-Term Symptoms of Stress If stress continues long enough without proper management techniques, then symptoms will exacerbate and could lead to more long-term symptoms. Long-term symptoms associated with stress includes the followings
  20. 20. Constant aches and pains
  21. 21. colds and other viruses
  22. 22. Obesity
  23. 23. Depression
  24. 24. Heart disease
  25. 25. Diabetes
  26. 26. Eczema
  27. 27. Hair loss
  28. 28. Ulcers
  29. 29. Tooth and gum disease
  30. 30. Achieving Proper Stress Management Identifying the symptoms associated with stress is just the first step in learning how to manage problems related to physical and mental health. Once you have admitted that you are stressed out, the next logical step is finding ways to minimize and manage the stress While it may seem impossible, even the busiest, most stressed out people can cope with stress.
  31. 31. The Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety 12300 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 325 Los Angeles, CA 90025 CALL: 1-866-771-9858 Website: