Dr. Calora's presentation


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Presentation during the Public Presentation of Benguet State University Presidency Candides last October 19, 2011 at the CTE Function Hall

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Dr. Calora's presentation

  1. 1. Benguet State University in the next decadeFeliciano G. Calora Jr.
  2. 2. PAST POSITIONS Faculty, College of Forestry (1985-present) Dean, College of Forestry (1992-1998) Deputy Director and Agroforestry Coordinator, Institute of Highland Policy Studies and Socio- Economic Research and Development (2002-2003) Vice President for Academic Affairs (2003- 2007) Director, Planning and Development (2008- present)Motto : QUALITY HAS A WAY OF CREATING ITS OWN IMAGE
  3. 3. BSU’s MANDATE To provide graduate andundergraduate courses in the arts,sciences, humanities and professionalfields in agriculture, natural sciences,technology and other technical andprofessional courses and promoteresearch, extension, agribusiness,advanced studies and progressiveleadership in its fields of specialization. P.D. 2010
  4. 4. ProposedVision, Mission, an d Development Goals
  5. 5. VISIONIn the next decade BSU will be: an International Teaching andResearch University recognized for thequality of its curricular programs andeffectiveness of its research, outreachprograms and agribusiness ventureswith broad access provided throughthe innovative use of informationtechnology
  6. 6. MISSION To expand national andinternational alliance that createopportunities for advancedstudies, research, communityservice and agribusiness tosupport the university’s mandateof providing quality education forour students and other clientele
  7. 7. COREVALUES Diversity Sustainability AdaptabilityTransparency Collaboration Customer Satisfaction Accountability
  8. 8. CORE VALUES1. Diversity - equal opportunity and respect for the rights and opinions of others2. Adaptability – unlearning negative attitudes to develop and follow new trends3. Collaboration - working together to achieve a common goal4. Accountability - accept responsibility and consequences for actions taken5. Customer Satisfaction – providing the best services to all clientele6. Transparency - be open to scrutiny, good or bad7. Sustainability - creating and maintaining conditions that will enable BSU to provide Customer Satisfaction
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT GOALS Student Agribusiness Welfare Faculty Programs WelfareExtension EmployeesPrograms WelfareResearch AlumniPrograms Relations Curricular Community Programs Governance Relations and Finance
  10. 10. DEVELOPMENT GOALSSTUDENT WELFARE To promote student-centeredactivities that support criticalthinking, communication skills andrecognize cultural identity thatwill serve as the hallmark of BSUgraduates as leaders of theirgeneration
  11. 11. DEVELOPMENT GOALSFACULTY WELFARE To provide training for faculty onICT tools for instruction and researchto support broad access ofinformation To provide opportunities foradvanced studies, research andpersonal development in preparationfor their role as ambassadors of BSUas an international teaching andresearch university
  12. 12. DEVELOPMENT GOALSEMPLOYEES WELFARE To provide training foremployees who will be skilledand well-informed byproviding opportunities forpersonal development in linewith the quality managementsystem of the university
  13. 13. DEVELOPMENT GOALSALUMNI RELATIONS To facilitate national andinternational alumni alliance inidentifying partners in industrywho will provide assistance,guidance, and opportunities foruniversity business ventures andemployment for our graduates
  14. 14. DEVELOPMENT GOALSCOMMUNITY RELATIONS To develop and strengthenmutually beneficial alliances that willpromote the products of Benguetthrough basic and advanced studies,promotion of culture, andagribusiness joint ventureopportunities
  15. 15. DEVELOPMENT GOALSGOVERNANCE AND FINANCE To continually improveadministrative and fiscal reforms thatare transparent, measurable, effectiveand efficient to insure quality serviceto university employees, students andother university clients
  16. 16. DEVELOPMENT GOALSCURRICULAR PROGRAMS To improve curricular programs andits support services benchmarked withCHED requirements, accreditation, ISOand other international standards tofacilitate international alliances forstudent exchange, advance studies andresearch
  17. 17. DEVELOPMENT GOALSRESEARCH PROGRAMS To integrate collaborative appliedresearch to instruction between senior andjunior university researchers and students toincrease the critical mass of universityresearchers To expand national and internationalalliance with research universities,foundations and donors that will build andadd to the university’s recognition as aninternational and research university
  18. 18. DEVELOPMENT GOALSEXTENSION PROGRAMS To develop appropriatemonitoring and evaluation models foruniversity extension programs toassess relevance, adoption andimpacts of these programs
  19. 19. DEVELOPMENT GOALSAGRIBUSINESS PROGRAMS To develop university businessplans for the products and assets that willtake into consideration the competitiveadvantage and market niche of itsproducts and assets to provide additionalbudget for instruction, research andextension
  20. 20. ROAD MAP• Organic Agriculture• Strengthen Distance Learning Modalities• Math/Science/English International Proficiency Programs Teaching and 2022 Research• Strengthen International Relations Office University• COE/COD• DRRM • New Curricular Programs• Business Affairs • ISO 9001:2016 Certification• Franchising/Stocks Options • International Alliance• E-commerce • Membership in• Accreditation International Organizations• University Mall / Agri Trading • Millennium Development Center Goals• ICT Development • World University Standing • GAD/Culture/Sports • Management and Financial Audit • New Technology/Patents • Asset Inventory • International Faculty and • Policy Review Students • Quality Management System • Empowered Students • Land Capability/ Suitability Analysis • Internet Provider • OPIF • OPES 2012 DEVELOPMENT GOALS
  21. 21. Thank you and Good day...