How to stand out from the crowd


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How to stand out from the crowd

  1. 1. How to Stand Out from the CrowdA person who stands out from the crowd is someone who iscomfortable with who they are, has the confidence to be uniqueand to let their individuality shine. Standing out from the crowdmeans that youre not afraid to speak your mind and to avoidfollowing others when to do so results in sameness andconformity. A person who stands out from the crowd may besomeone whose appearance is striking in some way, but moreoften than not, it is about someone who generates admiration andis remembered by others for being someone special and worthy oflooking up to.While standing out from the crowd might not be something youcan achieve every day of your life, its definitely a worthwhile goalto aspire to as a whole, especially if it helps you achieve yourother goals in life.StepsHow to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  2. 2. 1Decide what standing outfrom the crowd means for you.2Think for yourself.Decide what standing out from the crowd means foryou. Is this about looking as different from everyone elsearound you as you can possibly be or is it about going theextra mile to prove that you are one of a kind in skills,talent, or personality? Standing out from the crowd mightbe about trying to live your best and be your best. Or, itmight be about trying to have a unique style or look thatyouve created yourself without borrowing from otherpeoples ideas. At its most basic, standing out from thecrowd means embracing your individuality and trustingthat your own choices are good ones. The person youreprojecting out to everyone will stand out moresuccessfully if youre fully confident about yourself.Read How to be confident to help improve your confidence.Think for yourself. Standing out from the crowdwont happen if youre thinking with the crowd.While there will be times when the crowd-thinkdoes align with your own thoughts, what about allthose times it hasnt? Be prepared to voice yourdifferences, your concerns, and your preferences.When talking, it is important to come across asself-assured and knowledgeable, so be sure tohave done your research and know your factsbeforehand.How to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  3. 3. 3Dont be swayed by the crowd.4Take chances or risks and workhard.5Do things differently.Dont be swayed by the crowd. The pace of thecrowd can be relentless and the ease with whichthe crowd can change its mind, its clothes, or itslatest fad is breathtaking. Barely anyone in thecrowd stops a moment to wonder if this sharedmomentum is responsible in a big picture way orwhether its conscious of individual needs. If youwant to stand out from the crowd, youre going toneed to stop and ask the hard questions, such as"Is there a point to this?" or "Just becauseeveryone else has X gadget, why do I also needone? Will it enhance my life?"Learn how to respond to insistent people who tell you that youre missing out onsomething if you dont join in. Sometimes their agenda is to ensure that youre asindebted, engrossed, or mystically enthralled by something as they are rather than itbeing of any real benefit to you personally.Read How to avoid fads for more details.Take chances or risks and work hard. Risks andchances are the things in life that can catapult youforward if they work out. Many people wont take upthe challenge because theyre afraid of failure. Yet,without failure nothing new can be gained and it isonly those who are willing to take risks and to workhard at their dreams who eventually break throughand succeed. Have a well-placed sense of faith inyour mission, and a willingness to take risks if youwant to stand out from the crowd.Do things differently. Find new ways to getpeoples attention and to stay noticed. Many peoplehave found out how to create jobs and/or highprofiles for themselves by using the internet inamazing ways, such as blogs, gimmicks, videos,and more. For example, Kyle Clarke created anonline campaign called "Hire Me" in which heencouraged employers to bid for him and he endedup with more job offers than he knew what to dowith in a time of recession. And Alex Tewinvented the Million Dollar Homepage to raisemoney for his university education, a website inwhich he sold one million pixels, grossing him overone million dollars and spawning many copycats.And of course there are sites like Facebook andTwitter, demonstrating the power of being the firstto do things differently and to stand out from the crowd. These kinds of unique initiatives arebound to make you stand out from the crowd; youll just need to be the first to do something[1][2]How to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  4. 4. 6Have good manners.7Dont keep people waiting8differently.Have good manners. Politeness opens doors and keepsthem open. Manners might seem old-fashioned to somethese days but they are the currency of respect and whena person feels respected, they remember thewell-mannered person forever. People are very fond oftelling one another about the rare acquaintance of theirswho has "impeccable manners"; make sure that person isyou.Say thank you for all the little things people do, as well as the big things. Send thankyou cards to people who have helped you with a deadline, held open a door for youwhen your hands were full, or took you out for a lovely evening. In business this isalso very important when people youve networked with help you on your way.Shake peoples hands with strength and passion. Show them from the outset thatyoure someone with heart and conviction.Smile. There are never enough smiles to go around; be someone who provides atleast five smiles for every one frown you spot.Do what you say youll do. When you makesomeone a promise, do your very best to keep it.People who stand out from the crowd are peoplewho keep their word and follow up their promisesto help, to be somewhere, to do something forsomeone. The reason youll stand out is becauseso many people do not do what they say they will.Reliability makes you memorable and causes youto stand well above all the forgotten promise-breakers.Show initiative. Standing out from the crowd often means that you take action whileeveryone else stands back, wondering what to do next. If you learn to sum up situationsquickly and to respond according to what needs to be done, you place yourself in a positionof being different from the silent majority waiting to be shown what should happen next.How to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  5. 5. Show initiative.9Dress stylishly and wearwhat suits you.Innovate at work, at home, in your volunteer group. Be the first to point out whatsworking and what is not, and how to make the most of whats great and improve onwhats not. Leadership requires tenacity and certainty of purpose and will ensure thatyou stand out from the crowd.If you see someone in trouble, dont assume theyre getting help. Stop and ask if theyneed help to change the tire, or to pick up their dropped papers. Call the police if yousee someone in terrible trouble and its too dangerous to intervene; dont assumesomeone else has already done so!Dress stylishly and wear what suits you. Clothingspeaks in its own way, and a well-tailored outfit that fitsyou perfectly is bound to have people notice you. Getyourself fitted in good clothes and only buy a few of thebest rather than a lot of the cheapest. Durable, perfectly-fitting clothes will free you from having to worry about yourappearance because you just know you look good,whatever physical attributes you were born with.Ensure good grooming too. Keep your hair in fantastic shape and keep your skin andnails clean and well cared for.If youre going to dress "way out", make sure the choices are good quality, well made,interesting, and that youre comfortable carrying off something that is very differentfrom the norm around you.How to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  6. 6. 10Check your posture.11Be attentive.12Remind people how great they are.Check your posture. The person who stands out fromthe crowd will also stand tall, no matter your height.Slouching is a defensive strategy that does nothing todraw attention to you in a crowd, not to mention its harmfor your overall body alignment. If youre havingdifficulties standing tall, talk to a physiotherapist whomight be able to help you improve your posture throughexercise and stretching. Usually though, its enough toremind yourself to stand up straight, to keep your chin up,and to make eye contact with others.Be attentive. The greatest honor you can doanother person is to show youve really heardthem, and to show that what theyve said matters.Since most people are too busy wondering what tosay next, and how to explain their own thoughts,feelings, and ideas, a listener will stand out fromthe rest. Be willing to give people the space to talkabout themselves and show that you clearlyrespect their thoughts. Not only will this flatter themand reassure them that they matter, but theyllrealize very quickly that youre someone totreasure and theyll follow your lead.Put away the cell phone in restaurants, at meetings, and during conversations. Havinga romantic get together? Turn the cell phone right off. Having a chat with friends?Leave the cell phone in your bag, even when it rings.Stop your eyes from wandering around the crowd when youre with someone. Focusfully on them and be truly interested in them; this will show them that theyre the onestanding out from the crowd in your eyes. In turn, theyll see you as the most amazingperson around.Remind people how great they are. Regularlysingle out people in your life, from the workplace tohome, to remind them how great they are. So fewof us take the time to acknowledge the people inour lives whom we take for granted that whensomeone does validate us in this way, it comes asa totally sweet surprise and is so out of theordinary that it gets remembered. Its also a verygenuine way of establishing rapport with people,and maintaining goodwill.How to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  7. 7. Another possible way to stand out where everyone else isvery busy.Dont be afraid. People will actually admire people who stand out from the crowd.Never, ever let people tell you that youre a loser because youre different.Be yourself and dont just follow the crowd! If people dont like it then they are probably justjealous.How to Build Self ConfidenceVideoTipsRelated wikiHowsHow to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM
  8. 8. How to Defend Your Unique StyleHow to Look SexyHow to Be IntelligentHow to Look AmazingHow to Be UniqueHow to Be Exciting↑ Nick Wyke, Stand out from the crowd and blog a job,↑ Wikipedia, The Million Dollar Homepage, and CitationsHow to Stand Out from the Crowd: 12 Steps (with Pict... of 8 06/18/2013 01:45 PM