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Family powerpoint

Family powerpoint

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  • 1. My Family
  • 2. Lillie Cobb
    Lillie was born in 1896
    The year of her death is unknown
    Her daughter is Ernestine Age
  • 3. Ernestine Age (My Great-grandmother)
    Ernestine was born on September fifth 1916. Her parents were Frank Johnson and Lillie Cobb who were married on the 8th day of February 1919. Ernestine was married twice, first there was Ferdinand Age on October 19th 1940 and Henry Williams on June 2nd 1957. Ernestine had a total of eleven children. There was Bernard, Gladys, Ferdinand (JR), Celestine, Christine, and six miscarriages.
    Ernestine is very funny and full of childhood stories that she loves to tell. Everyone in my family calls her Ma instead of Ernestine Age.
  • 4. Bernard Age
    Bernard was a sweet little boy
    He died when he was three, because he was born with Kidney problems that got worse over time.
    His father was a Jewish man and his mother is Ernestine Age.
  • 5. Ferdinand Age
    Ferdinand Age was a great cook.
    He was born on May 9th 1941
    He died on December 29th 2001
    His mother is Ernestine Age
    It is not known if he has children or grand children
  • 6. Celestine Age (My Great Aunt)
    Celestine was born on October 7th, 1942. She has three girls and had one boy. The girls are Lanette Burroughs, Gladys Reed, Alicia Johns, and Leroy Clipps. Leroy had passed away a while back, but the girls are still living.
  • 7. Lanette Burroughs
    Lanette was born on January 19, 1958
    She is one of the daughters of Celia and Lanette has three children. Their names are Devon, Latisha, and Joey.
    For a while Lanette used to take care of people with special needs in her home.
    The picture to the right is of Tisha and her mother Lanette.
  • 8. Devon Burroughs
    Devon is Lanette Burroughs oldest son. He was born on July 19th, 1981 and lived with my grandparents for part of his childhood. He is a very good guy and has a great heart. Devon has one daughter named Desha, I am not aware of the mothers name or how old she is though.
  • 9. Joey and Mara Burroughs
    Joey and Mara are married and have two children. Their first child is Brent Burroughs and their second is Katelyn Ann Burroughs. They currently live in the orange county area with Maras parents.
  • 10. Brent and Katelyn Ann Burroughs
    Brent was born April 16th,2006 and Katelyn was born on January 29th,2009.
    Brent is a very active little guy he loves to run around and play hide in go seek. He has a very cute laugh and loves to laugh. Katelyn is Brent's little sister, who Brent looks out for all the time.
  • 11. LaTisha Burroughs, Mark Jackson, and Carson.
    Tisha is another cousin of mine and she is married to Mark who is trying to go into the medical field. Tisha and Mark have a son named Carson who is a little character. When I was younger Tisha was one of my cousins that lived with us so she used to be considered a part of my immediate family, but now she has her own family.
    Tisha was born on August 31,1982
  • 12. Gladys Reed
    Gladys has four children and she was born on September 10th. The children's name are Tony Reed, Curtis Johnson, Donta Johnson, and Ray Marie Clipps.
  • 13. Tony Johnson
    Tony is married to Meghan Johnson and they have two boys Tony and King.
    Tony was born on July 2nd. 1976
  • 14. Curtis Johnson
    Curtis Is Gladys second child. I do not know where he lives or if he has children.
    He was born in 1980
  • 15. Donta Wallace
    Donta Wallace was born on August 25th, 1990.
    He lives with his adopted father John
  • 16. Rayson (cousin)
    My cousin Rayson lives with my great aunt Celia. She is turning eighteen and should be graduating from high school this year. She loves spending time with our cousins Tisha and her baby Carson.
    Ray likes to cook and dance in her free time.
  • 17. Alicia (Toddie) and Sherman
    Toddie was born in 6/7/1960 to Celestine Clipps
    Toddie married a man named Sherman who was in the service for most of their marriage
    Sherman was born 5/5/1960
    They have three children who are named Celestine, Corey, and Cjay.
    Celestine was born on 5-31-1992
    Corey was born on 5-19-1997
    Cjay was born on 4-15-1990
  • 18. Leroy and Terri Clipps
    Leroy was born in 1965 and married Terri Clipps who was born 6-22-1958
    Leroy died several years ago but him and Terri had three children. There is Hakeem, Jamaal, and Karimah.
    Hakeem was born on 7-9-1994
    Jamaal was born 4-30-1997
    Karimah was born on 12-4-1998
  • 19. My Grandparents
    These lovely couple to the right is my grandparents. They have been married 45 years and have two children. Their first child is my mom Lanette who is now 45. Their second child is my uncle Lanon who is 42. My grandpa used to be a welder and teach welding at Riverside community college before he retired. Both my grandparents are retired now and living in Apple Valley, Ca. My grandpa is 63 and my grandma is turning 63 on June 11th.
  • 20. Lanette Davis and Michael Davis (my parents)
    Lanette Davis is my mom who is the daughter of my grandparents Christine and Sherman Atchison. My mom was born on September 2nd 1964. My dad is named Michael Davis and his mother is Gloria Davis. He was born on May 11th 1960. In the year of 1985 my parents met at work one day when my dad was training my mom to become a bus driver. Nine months after they met they were married and living happily together. Two years later my sister Ashley was born on February 19th, 1987 at little company hospital in Torrance California. Then on July 13, 1989 I was born in Little company hospital in Torrance California.
  • 21. Ashley Davis (my sister)
    Ashley is 23 and engaged to Brain Fisher. They have been together for about six years now. Ashley is in college at La Sierra University, while Brain is were with the Apple Computer store. Brian has a bird named Rocco and Ashley has a bird name Napoleon.
  • 22. Napoleon and Rocco
    Napoleon is my sisters bird and he is three years old.
    Rocco is Brian’s bird and he is two years old.
  • 23. Amber Davis (me)
    I am 20 and go to Victor Valley College for the moment. I should be transferring in the fall to Cal State Northridge if everything works out. I am currently engaged to Frank Butler who I have known since junior high school. We both are thinking about going into the medical field, he wants to be a pediatrician and I was thinking about either being a specialized pediatrician or a physical therapist. Physical therapy has been my choice for a while, but I recently started to consider specializing as pediatrician.
  • 24. Lanette Davis (my mom) and Nory Boyce (Step-dad)
    After my parents divorced my mom remarried. She married Nory Boyce who she later had my brother Austin Boyce with. Austin was born on February 20th, 1987 and is now 13 years old. Nory works at FedEx Freight and my mom is currently working as a bus driver in he high desert.
    My moms other children would be our dogs Holly and Jasmine.
  • 25. Austin Boyce (my brother)
    Austin is 13 and goes to Vanguard Prep school in Apple Valley. Also he enjoys playing the Saxophone at school and going on Avid trips. Austin also is looking into going into the Medical field when he gets older.
  • 26. Holly and Jasmine Davis (My dogs)
    Holly is six years old and Jasmine just turned one. These two are characters, because Holly and Jasmine are always having doggie arguments. They will sit in the hall way and bark back and forth at each other and chase each other around the house. Jasmine acts like a baby and likes to mess with Holly a lot. She will lay on the floor and playfully bite Holly’s legs. Holly is my big girl who does not like hugs all the time, she mostly likes to be around you, but loves her time to herself. She will walkout of my room and go lay by herself in “her room”, well its actually my sisters room, but Holly takes over when she is at school.
    Jasmine is the tan colored dog and Holly is the Brown colored dog.
  • 27. Lanon (my uncle)
    Lanon is my uncle who has one daughter named Tatiana. He lives in Los Angeles in the same house my grandparent and my parents lived in when they were younger. He is also 42. MY cousin Tatiana is 17 now and will be graduating this year.
  • 28. Claude Age
    Claude was born on December 19th 1949
    He died on December 10,2002
    He was married once and had one daughter and granddaughter.
    His daughters name is PaCola Age and granddaughter LakiaElelyn Goodrich.
  • 29. Pacola Age
    This is a picture of her after she was married to a man she met in Africa while she was in the service.
    The other picture is when you had graduated.
    Also, Pacola has a daughter named Lakia
  • 30. Lakia Age
    LakiaElelyn Goodrich was born on 7/11/1995
    She is now 14 years old