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Phil. literature

  2. 2. Bilaan Comes from “BILA” means HOUSE and the Suffix AN that means people .. so that the term may be taken to mean “people living in the House”Other terms that have been used to refer to this group are Blaan, Bira-an, Baraan, Vilanes, Bilanes. Names such as Tagalagad, Tagakogon, andBuluan have alsobeen used; however, these denote the kind of site where some Bilaangroups werelocated. The Bilaan inhabit the southern part of South Cotabato andsoutheastern partof Davao del Sur, as well as the areas around Buluan Lake in NorthCotabato. Other Bilaan groups on this island have been referred to asBalud or Tumanao. The Bilaan share similarities in culture and physicalfeatures withthe neighboring Tagacaolo and the Tagabawa. As of 1988, the Bilaannumbered some
  3. 3. History In the 19th century, the Bilaan inhabited the hilly region behind the west coast of Davao Gulf. Their territory extended all the way into Bagobo country to the north and westward into the Davao-Cotabato watershed. Culturally, the Bilaan are related to the Bagobo and the Mandaya as evidenced by pronounced similarities in architecture, clothing, ornamentation, and socioreligious practices . By 1910, the estimated Bilaan population was about 10,000, of whom some 1,500 lived on Sarangani. Because of the mountainous terrain and environment, there was practically no local group organization; houses were separated by long stretches. Whenever there was a neighborhood, the number of houses was small. Over the years, settlers from the Visayan islands came to Mindanao and occupied the coastal plains and foothills on the western coast of the Davao Gulf, which was traditionally part of Bilaan country. Gradually, the Bilaan were pushed deeper back into the interior, without much resistance on their part. In the distant past, the Bilaan were actively engaged in warfare. Along with the Manobo, Mandaya, Bagobo, and Tagacaolo, they had at one time or another reduced their neighbors in southwester Mindanao to the status of tribute-paying “colonies” (Casal 1986:55). Economy Swidden farming is the main agricultural method used by the Bilaan. In their rather small clearings, they grow rice, corn, millet, sweet potato, sugarcane, banana, papaya, pineapple, vegetables, tobacco, and abaca. What is left after domestic consumption is brought to the market to be sold. The last two commodities are produced as barter items, for which they get the food articles, utensils, and tools they need. The domestic animals include a few chickens, dogs, cats, and occasional fish .
  4. 4. Setting:IN THE FORESTSummary:One morning,a monkey and a turtle who were close friends talked abouttheir situation after a while the monkey said,lets’go to the forest and make a trap for a wildpigs. ” the turtle agreed .when they came upon a dakit tree,they saw the tracks of wildpigs.”lets make a trap here ,said the turtle,pointing to a base of the tree.No let’s make one trap up the tree because pigs go there and gather fruits said the monkeyThe two friends are not agree to each other idea’s…So they make their own trap.The two friends went their separate ways .After setting theirtraps the monkey said that they return after two days but the day after the traps arelaid, the monkey went back in Dakit tree by himself . The turtle trap has a wild pig but themonkey has a bird , to save his face to the turtle, the monkey change the turtle trap into abird and brought the wild pig in his trap on his way home , he met the turtle and he asked“where have you been”? I went to the river to take a bath he replied . As agreed on that daythe two friends are went back to the Dakit tree the turtle was surprised to find a pig up thetree and bird in his trap which was set on the ground.He knew that the monkey trick himwithout saying a word the two friends went home with the pig and bird. When they camenear at the monkey house ,they decided to fight it out wait the monkey said’ Ill buildmyself a fort he proceeded to make a fort out of a banana leaves .He believed themimpregnable.
  5. 5. The turtle said, shoot first if it.where true that my trap caught a bird, pray that I willbe killed at once .The monkey hit the turtle, the monkey rejoiced . The turtle cried“you hit my back but im protected by my shell. They fight and fight until themonkey wife and children has shoot by turtle arrow and then died.The monkeyshout .Why don’t we become friends again and I`ll tell you the truth that your trapcaught a pig . If the monkey did not reconciled to the turtle.The turtle would havekilled him too,they sealed they friendship by partaking of nama from the monkey`schew box.Sometimes later the monkey felt lonely because his wife and children wasdead. “please keep me company the monkey pleaded we can go to the river and fish.They left the river to fish at the river bank they saw a banana stalk lets cut it in twothe monkey suggestedi`ll take the upper half because the leaf and the fruit are too heavy for you .the twofriends went to their respective kaingin and planted their parts.the next visit theturtle saw his plant heavy with fruit and the monkey plant had wilted.The monkeyvolunteered to get the fruit from the turtle kaingin he didn’t care to go downanymore and he ate everything. His made the turtle very mad.silently while themonkey was slept He planted a bamboo stakes around the banana stalk when themonkey turn on his side .He fell and agonizingly died. The turtle feasted on themonkey .on his way home he met a group of monkey ,they saw the turtle ‘s blackteeth and asked for a nama after chewing some nama many throw up;others feltweak and drop dead those who didn’t partake of nama realized that their chew wasa monkey ,they decided to run after the turtle and kill him the monkey found themonkey at the river bank each monkey bit him with a stone the turtle enjoyit.continue beating me so I’ll turn wide and flat and then I will be able to lick you
  6. 6. *all with my tail ,the monkey decided to throw him to the river haha don’t youknow that I can live with water,the monkey were very mad they ask to the deerto drink all the water their sow they could get to the turtle .the deer ask them toput a stopper in his anus they use a corncob to close the orifice .whe themonkey make it to the turtle , tabkuko(bird)pecked on the corn cob and outwent the water again.thrice the deer drew the water,thrice the tabkuko removethe corn cob.three monkeys drowned . They seized the bird and twisted itsneck but the tabkuko didn’t died and he said that if u want o kill me ,pull thefeathers and leave me on that stone near the a week ‘s time you will seeworms feasting on my body . The monkey do what the tabkuko said and theysaw a worms all over the tabkuko body. But the turtle did not gounpunished,when he went out to the water, he met ared-tailed lizard.the lizardoffered t o bring him up to the up the tree they went.the turtle held onto the lizard tail as hard as he could,but he slipped! Down he felwith aloudcrash. The turtle shell was broken into pieces.And while the sun hid behind thetree, THE TURTLE DIED.