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Phil lit

  1. 1. Arturo B. Rotor Arturo Belleza Rotor - AFilipino doctor, pianist, writer andcivil servant. A man of many talents,Rotor was the first to describe arare form of hyperbilirubinaemiathat is now known as Rotor’ssyndrome. Rotor was also a highlyaccomplished pianist, and one of themost important short story writersof the Philippines and his collectedworks include The Wound and theScar, and The Men Who Play God.
  2. 2. • Narrator – Was the one who narrates theflow of the story• The Old Man – The owner of the flowershop•Letty – She was the one who sell flowers• Purita – She was the younger cousin, whowas waiting for some costumers behind thebig counter in the outer room• Margarita Martinez – She was the birthdaycelebrant• Mrs. Lacson – One of the costumers whobought flowers for Miss Martinez
  3. 3. Flower Shop
  4. 4. It happens morning when someone was planningto went at the flower shop of an old man to askconfidential data about the hybridization of roses forhis feature writing story on his magazine. When she went to the flower shop, he sawPurita, the younger cousin waiting for costumers. Hesaw a lot of different kinds of beautiful flowers thatthey had. There were res flowers and yellow ones.While rooming around, he saw Letty who was in thecorner. He immediately ask Letty if she is not busybecause he wants help for his magazine but Letty havesomething to do. He decided just to get a chair and setbeside her so that he could look at her directly. At thattime, he started to write already anything about news,features, ads, sketches, and notes and he made a lot ofparagraph already.
  5. 5. After that, he felt bored that he don’t know what todo except only in observing costumers and noted down somecharacteristics because he think that it could help. He evenanswered the telephone several times and most of themwere for Margarita Martinez’ party. When he drop downthe telephone, there were four men came with theirmotorcycle. Letty asked about their order and they wantplenty of flowers just for the said party. Tom, the driver said that he wants to have a passionflowers. He was very particular about the way they werearranged, the ferns that were used, even the ribbons andthe tissue paper and you could see how he loved flowers.The last box that he ordered is for their companion whomthey called Mike. He put an arm around Mike’s shouldersand whispered something to him.
  6. 6. Letty and he couldn’t look at each other fora long time. It was because they have seensomething that made them feel as if they hadcommitted something shameful. They didn’t look ateach other pretending to be busy. Mrs. Lacsonappeared with the two other women. Mrs. Lacson wants a box of gladioli for MissMartinez and it was a coincidence when the twowomen heard about it because they also want thatfor Miss Martinez. That made them ask if Mrs.Lacson would go to the party but only her husbandwill come. They talk with each other until thewomen mentioned the name of her friends, ofMargot and Don Pepe and the Judge as well. Thatmade him write another story on how in a flowershop a woman can’t be alone with her thoughts.
  7. 7. Suddenly, a senator arrived looking for the twowomen if they have bought already the flowers yet butMrs. Lacson was the first who bought it so, they just go.He said to his self that he got already the word thatdescribes exactly for the two women for his writing. Well, after that he was almost through and helearned a lot about of flowers that day as well as people.All about how some flowers are like human beings. But hecouldn’t leave because there was something more hewanted to tell Letty until there were two men who arrivedat the shop. The courteous one said very politely if he couldhave a box of flowers that is something cheaper. The guychoose cosmos which is the cheapest that cost only tencentavos. The guy have a bright idea to buy a box which ismore expensive than the flowers so that Miss Martinezwould think that the flowers are expensive. He turned hisface to his companion but it just look into the other way.
  8. 8. Environment itself could affect onesdoing as what he/she could observed on it. The flower shop represents as thegreat tool on a person who is doingsomething and it made him easierbecause of the happenings around onhim.
  9. 9. • Sociological Approach – The flowof the story was in the flower shopand the narrator was their for afeature story on his magazine andthe environment and the people’scharacteristics were shown whichhelps him to create many wonderfulideas for the story he was making.